Master of the End Times - Chapter 523

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Chapter 523

Chapter 523: The Center of Attention

Qin Feng, who was being accused of being a deserter a moment ago, had single-handedly exterminated an entire wave of beasts in the blink of an eye . There were at least a few thousand beasts in this single horde!

The turnaround happened all too quickly .

Soldiers on the city walls were exhilarated after seeing Qin Feng’s ability . They were mostly made up of E or F tiers . The majority of them had no hope of reaching D-tier for the rest of their life, let alone achieving Qin Feng’s level .

They might not know how good Qin Feng was or how unreal it was for a C-tier to possess such tremendous power .

But they did feel the glimpse of hope that Qin Feng had brought to them .

“So this is the true strength of an ability user . The beasts were wiped clean in just a single blow!”

“We need more elect like him here!”

“Mr . aptitude users, show us more of your power! Exterminate those beasts!”

The soldiers shouted at other aptitude users with worshipful sights .

Though the other aptitude users knew such reverence stemmed from Qin Feng’s heroic act, and that the soldiers were probably worshipping Qin Feng and not them, they still could not help being motivated after hearing the cheers .

“Okay, my turn next!”

“These beasts are nothing in front of my power . Tornado!”

“Earth Dragon!”


Normally, ability users would use the least possible effort in a battle like this to save their consciousness . They needed to reserve some strength to deal with potential unforeseen circumstances . Who knew what kind of unreal beast might pop up the next instance?

At the very least, they would need enough energy to keep themselves alive . They always felt that minions in beast hordes such as this one were not worth their all-out effort .

However, under Qin Feng’s lead, these aptitude users had shaken off their mental shackles .

One after another powerful ability was being unleashed . The terrific potential of an entire troop of ability users was finally in full display today .

The strongest post-apocalyptic job class, the ability users, revealed their ferocious maws .

Instantly, those beasts that were ravaging earlier were being tamed by the unceasing abilities landed upon them .

“Warriors, charge!” Not to be outdone, the ancient warriors triggered their enormous inner strength .

They fought ferociously without holding back .

The battered beasts had no strength left to resist and were being run over mercilessly .

A battle that initially may drag on indefinitely was wrapped up in less than half an hour thanks to the sudden burst of attack .

Everyone was deeply enthused . Though many had exhausted their consciousness and stamina, the satisfaction of the battle greatly outweighed the lethargy .

Most importantly, such a worn-out battle had successfully minimized casualties . More soldiers and aptitude users had survived the horde than expected .

After that, some beasts still appeared sporadically but they were easily dealt with by other defenders .

Most aptitude users now set their sights on the communicator . That was the only channel for them to get a vision of Qin Feng .

Drones released by Beihua city were now tracing Qin Feng’s movement and synchronized the recording onto everyone’s communicator .

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Ten thousand meters away from the border, Qin Feng dashed forward determinedly .

It took him three hours to reach Far Woodland using a hover copter previously . It would take a lot more time now that he was on foot .

As he marched forward, more beasts appeared in front of him .

A loud bang erupted in front of him . Qin Feng’s irises shrank and he looked toward the source of the commotion .

It was a horde of Demonic Goliath .

These goliaths were not very bright . Their IQ was lower than that of a three-year-old child . However, they were born lusting for blood and kills .

Each goliath stood at five-meters tall, whereby a human adult would normally only be at its knees’ height . More horrifyingly, some goliaths could even grow as high as ten meters .

The group of hideous goliaths was coming at Qin Feng aggressively . The primitive weapons in their hands were already stained with blood . Several beasts were seen fleeing frantically in front of them .

Apparently, they had been killing incessantly along their way here .

‘C6-tier Demonic Goliaths!’ Qin Feng glanced at them coldly . This Far Woodland was certainly full of surprises .


Qin Feng once again landed with force . But this time, he did not release Fire Wall .

There were about two thousand goliaths in sight . Nonetheless, they moved in a cluster and did not cover too many grounds .

Thus, Qin Feng decided to use another signature ability of his .

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“Decaying Rain!”

All of a sudden, a dark pillar raised from Qin Feng’s hand and broke through the cloud . It turned the cloud dark and dimmed the sky .

The Demonic Goliaths glanced up but saw nothing other than the suddenly appearing dark clouds .

Hence, they did not slow down and continued to pace forward uniformly .

Qin Feng did not hesitate and brought the cloud lower .

The Decaying Rain did not hold for too long and began to bathe the land underneath it . The area soaked by the rain was instantly corroded .


A giant tree instantly wilted after it contacted the rain and recoiled into deadwood .


Goliaths began to shriek out of pain . Their skin was corroded wherever the raindrops hit .

“Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!”

Miserable screeches were continuously heard .

Even some drones that flew into the vicinity were melted by the rain . Other drones at farside could not get a clear view of the goliaths but could still transmit the terrifying ability through to the communicator .

“It’s a dark ability! Qin Feng is a dual-ability user?”

“He is too powerful!”

“Can he stop the goliaths?”

The other aptitude users who were watching the transmission held their breaths .

They watched nervously as some goliaths at the perimeter of the ability area lunged out hysterically . Bloods and perforating wounds were seen all over their bodies .

These goliaths fled in all directions after they escaped the ability as if they had just experienced a dreadful assault .

Only about a hundred goliaths had managed to escape . Most beasts were still trapped under the cloud .

Ten minutes later, the dark cloud finally disappeared . Two figures shot into the sky and continued to charge forward . The two blurry silhouettes were clearly Qin Feng and Bai Li .

While the place that was supposed to be woodland was now emptied . The land was entirely black and it seemed like a mud pool or a horrifying abyss .

Other than that, there was nothing in there . Not a single sign of goliaths, as if they had never existed .

The elects at the border had no words to describe their current feelings .

After a prolonged silence, a B-tier finally spoke, “Prepare for battle . I can see a few dozens of goliaths coming our way . ”

Not many were worried by that statement and remained unmoved .

A few dozens of goliath? There were at least a few thousand C-tiers and more than a hundred B-tiers around . Who cared about the goliaths? They were not the primary concern now .

They were more intrigued to see to what extent Qin Feng could go . ‘Does he really plan to enter Abyssal Rift?’

Qin Feng, of course, was a man of his words .