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Master of the End Times - Chapter 524

Published at 2nd of January 2021 02:55:14 AM

Chapter 524

Chapter 524: Legion of the Deads

Qin Feng continued to move toward the rift . More and more beasts came across his path . Their tiers ranged from C5 to C9 .

The ranking might have meanings to other people, but to Qin Feng, they were all equal . Equally squishable .

Because he was an emperor .

Even a beast that ranked seven tiers higher than him would not be his match .

After traveling for a day, Qin Feng had only reached half the distance .

The number of monsters that got past Qin Feng became larger and larger too . The defenders at the border were facing immense pressure .

Nonetheless, none of the aptitude users at the wall was seen complaining . They knew as compared to them, Qin Feng was experiencing ten times the danger and pressure . The beast horde had occurred too suddenly this time around . Almost the entire Far Woodland had been conquered by the never-ending beast waves coming through the rift .

“This is bad! It’s getting dark soon!”

“Qin Feng is still inside the woodland . It is too dangerous out there in the night!”

“Have you guys forgotten that Qin Feng is a dark ability user? Maybe the night would be at his advantage!”

They were all praying that Qin Feng would be safe .

If something were to happen to him, the border would only become more fragile defensively . The Far Woodland had now become a crowded colony for the beasts .

As the night arrived, Qin Feng became stronger and stronger thanks to the mountain of beasts that he had killed along the way .

Some beasts had gone dormant during the night but it was now the nocturnal monsters’ turn to wreak havoc .

Soon, Qin Feng came to face a few B-tier beasts .

‘If they are appearing this far from the rift, I bet more beasts would turn up as I get closer . It will waste a lot of time if I keep on fighting them . ’ Qin Feng’s mind spun rapidly . ‘It’s time to give the old trick a rerun!’

Qin Feng quickly set his eye on a B-tier Mammoth .

The mammoth was thirty-meter in height and measured at least fifty-meter long . It moved like a walking skyscraper .

Its large body signified that the beast was probably very durable and vigorous .

“Bai Li, destroy its brain!”


Bai Li and Qin Feng were at least a thousand meters away from the mammoth . The beast did not see them, or it did not care since Qin Feng and Bai Li were two measly C-tiers and too tiny in size for its appetite .

Suddenly, the mammoth appeared to quiver slightly . Unbeknownst to it, a wound had opened up in between its eyes .

It was Bai Li’s doing .

A spatial rift was created inside the center of the mammoth’s skull and mashed the beast’s brain .

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Spatial ability was definitely scary .


The mammoth instantly dropped to the ground .

No matter how powerful it is, the mammoth could never escape such an eccentric attack .


Qin Feng and Bai Li closed in and saw the yellowish plasma spurting out from the wound in between the fallen mammoth’s eyes .

Qin Feng raised his hand and dark runes began to gush into the beast’s head through the open wound .

A while later, the mammoth got back on its feet . But there was no sign of life in its eyes . It was simply a lifeless puppet .

Qin Feng and Bai Li rode the mammoth and began to stomp the woodland .

As they charged forward, Qin Feng would kill the C-tiers while using the same method to turn the B-tiers into his puppet .

Not long after, Qin Feng had amassed a respectable legion of zombie beasts!

In the dark, the drones continued to film the progress with night vision cameras, and people had lost the mood to continue watching Qin Feng’s heroic march . After battling through the entire day, most of them were dead beat and desperately needed a rest .

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Those who took over the night shift, on the other hand, were not told that a crazy man was currently running deep into the woodland to get to the rift .

Qin Feng was now closer to the rift than ever . Around him, a few hundred B-tier beasts were clustering the mammoth and stormed on impressively . He was finally at the cave entrance when the first light of the day broke out .

The aptitude users who got their rest hastily turned on the communicator the first thing upon waking up .

Inside Beihua, Shang Han stayed awake the whole night deploying troops to strengthen the city defense . She sighed in relief when she realized it was already dawn .

“Where’s Qin Feng now?”

Yuan Hao checked the surveillance video and saw Qin Feng entering the rift with a huge legion of zombie beasts .

“Master Qin Feng has just entered the rift of Far Woodland!”

“Gosh! He made it after all! But what does he plan to do there? Don’t tell me he is going to guard the rift and stop the monster from coming out?”

“It’s hard to tell . Who knows what kind of monster might turn up next?”

Shang Han was rather worried too after she learned about the news .

“Even if Qin Feng manages to stabilize the rift there, we are still unable to send him reinforcement at the moment to seal off the place like the Northern Abyss! What is he thinking?” Shang Han said .

After a short pause, Yuan Hao suddenly spoke, “Maybe Master Qin Feng is right . Taking matters into our own hands may be the best solution . Otherwise, we will never free ourselves from this threat . ”

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“So what are you suggesting?”

“Why don’t we push out a little into the woodland and build a new wall further from the current border? We can then slowly extend the wall and runes around the Far Woodland . This way, we could definitely seal the place up in about ten days!”

The Far Woodland was actually a relatively smaller area as compared to the Northern Abyss . But it was still easier said than done . It would take a lot of effort to move the troop into the beast-filled Far Woodland at its current state, let alone build a wall in there!

Of course, it was still a plausible suggestion regardless of the colossal effort needed to execute it .

Shang Han looked solemn . She was making a difficult decision .

Then, she finally nodded determinedly . “Prepare the troops . Once we get news from Qin Feng, we will go all out . I will command the army myself . ”

“Yes, Regent!” Yuan Hao answered unwaveringly .

Inside the rift, Qin Feng actually did not come across a lot of beasts .

Most beasts had immediately left the cave once they reached Earth . After all, the cave was too small for the larger monsters . Thus, Qin Feng had only met some sporadic minions inside the cave . They were crushed mercilessly by Qin Feng’s B-tier zombie legion .

A journey that ought to be dangerous in others’ perception was actually quite easy from Qin Feng’s perspective .

Qin Feng and Bai Li reached the place they had been to before but the middle of the path was currently engulfed by a large spatial rift .

A rift did not always open horizontally . The one in front of them opened up in a weird, disoriented 3D structure .

It was nothing like what they had seen before .