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Master of the End Times - Chapter 525

Published at 30th of December 2020 03:00:07 PM

Chapter 525: 525

Chapter 525: Speaking of the Devil

“Bai Li, can you close it this time?”

“You bet!”

Bai Li did not take out her whip this time .

The weapon actually held her back . It was actually a disguise to conceal her true power .

Her whole body glowed in silver light and her hair drifted up .

Silver runes began to surround the dark rift in front of them . The rift gradually shrank in size .

The cave area that was initially engulfed by the rift slowly revealed itself . There was no sign of collapse but Qin Feng was not paying attention anyway . He was focusing solely on the spatial rift, fearing any unexpected circumstance that might occur when Bai Li was using her ability to close the rift .

Well, speaking of the devil .

Though the rift had become substantially smaller under Bai Li’s effort, it still left an opening at about three hundred meters wide . They then heard an angry roar coming from within the rift .

Following the roar, the head of a familiar figure suddenly busted through the rift .

It was another Pyric Wyvern .

Judging by its aura, this wyvern was a beast emperor .

A B2-tier beast emperor, which ranked ten tiers higher than Qin Feng .

Qin Feng had never felt so threatened . He shouted, “Bai Li, we gotta run!”

Even Bai Li was startled by the sudden entrance of the beast . “No, it’s too dangerous to stop now . ”

The rift would recoil and become highly unstable if she were to halt the process now . It might extend even larger than before in that case .

The head of the Pyric Wyvern alone was around fifty meters wide . They could foresee how huge its body would be .

In front of such a tremendous beast, Qin Feng was just another powerless human .

He was still too weak to take on such a colossal being!

“Charge!” Qin Feng knew the top priority now was to protect Bai Li so he immediately sent in his zombie legion .

The beasts obeyed its master’s orders and charged at the wyvern’s head fearlessly .


The Pyric Wyvern bawled and spitted fire through its mouth . The flame was like scorching lava and instantly incinerated the entire legion .

The heatwave expanded and blew straight at Bai Li .

Qin Feng immediately stepped in front of her and maneuvered fire runes into his hands .

Fire Shield!

Promptly, a three-meter-high giant fire shield appeared in front of Qin Feng and split the incoming heat waves sideways .

However, Qin Feng could still feel the heat coming from the other side of the shield . He even had his internal force shield on but could barely withstand the burning sensation . The beast emperor was truly formidable .

“Fire Dragon Style!”

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Qin Feng raised his hand and tried to poke the emperor with his fire ability . The Fire Dragon went against the heat current and swiftly crashed on the monster’s jaw .

Nonetheless, the attack had little effect . The scale on the wyvern’s head remained unscratched following the impact .

The Pyric Wyvern twitched slightly as it turned its sight on Qin Feng, a pesky worm that was still moving around annoyingly .

Its huge eye was even larger than Qin Feng standing straight . The wisdom within its eyes belonged only to a creature with great intellect .

As if it was mocking Qin Feng for using a fire ability in front of the true master of fire runes .

“This won’t cut it . ”

Qin Feng was simply trying his luck . Now he knew his fire ability was completely handicapped .

If Bai Li were to use her spatial ability on the wyvern when it was crossing the rift, they might have a chance to cut its head off . But that strategy did not seem to be possible at the moment .

Qin Feng could only do his best to keep the wyvern from hurting Bai Li .

“Dark Laser!”

A force of concentrated dark runes was shot at the wyvern emperor . Simultaneously, the Hell Stone beside Qin Feng’s ability core began to spin insanely quickly .

Ten times amplification .

Instantly, the dark rune force was boosted and blasted on the wyvern emperor .

The red-glowing scale on the Pyric Wyvern suddenly dimmed a little after it took the hit . This indicated that the beast had been weakened .

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‘This might work!’

Hell Stone was, after all, an S-tier product .

At the same time, the Pyric Wyvern was shocked after sensing that its power was being taken away . This greatly enraged it .

It was just like how a human would want to squash a mosquito after they got bitten .

‘How dare you challenge me, pity little worm!’

The Pyric Wyvern was mad! It pushed itself through the narrow rift and stretched its front claw out of the rift .

About eighty meters of its body was out of the rift now . It was only less than fifty meters away from Qin Feng and Bai Li!

In such a close distance, the wyvern could easily blow Qin Feng away with a sneeze .

“Get you fat a*s back in there!”

“Dragon Step! Dragon Slam!”

Qin Feng stepped forward courageously to face the wyvern and landed his palm on the wyvern’s face .

The palm attack instantly evaporated ten layers of internal strength pools from Qin Feng’s dantian . In other words, the force unleashed is equivalent to that of a B-tier ancient warrior .

Immediately, a thirty-meter-high golden dragon claw appeared out of Qin Feng’s palm and slammed hard on the wyvern’s head .


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Upon the impact, the B-tier Wyvern emperor was forced back by a step . That was about twenty to thirty meters backward, which was good enough for Qin Feng and Bai Li .

“Bai Li, how long more?”

Bai Li knew they were trapped in a dire situation now and was rushing the spatial rune output .

“Three more minutes! Hang on!”

‘Three freaking minutes?! That’s too long!’

Qin Feng looked at the B-tier beast emperor . This was a monster that even his A-tier old self would not challenge alone .

But after he was reborn, such an encounter where he was forced to face far greater opponents had happened numerous times .

Qin Feng’s sclera turned pitch-black .

‘Well, let’s do this then!’

His physique, internal strength, and conscious power had all been pushed beyond his limit .

‘Come out!’

Qin Feng summoned a horrible thing out of his consciousness realm . A pure black stone materialized in front of Qin Feng .

The stone spun rapidly and was emanating dark runes at all times . It was like a condensed planet of dark force!

It was none other than the legendary Hell Stone .

‘Fly!’ Qin Feng pointed his finger at the Pyric Wyvern!