Master of the End Times - Chapter 526

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Chapter 526

Chapter 526: Demolished Mountains

If the Hell Stone were to drop naturally, the result might be calamitous .

But if it were being controlled, the stone could serve as a mighty weapon .

The original owner of this terrifying item named it the Sacred Stone of Darkness .

After spending a year with the stone inside his body, Qin Feng clearly understood why the Hell Stone was called a sacred item .

This was his final trump card to stop the Pyric Wyvern Emperor .

The rich dark runes around the materialized Hell Stone were all under Qin Feng’s control . In the blink of an eye, the small stone expanded rapidly as it flew toward the Wyvern .

One meter, to two meters, then inflated to ten, twenty meters…

It was thirty meters large when it finally hit the beast emperor .


The dark stone forcefully pounced the mighty B-tier emperor back into the rift .

A large band of dark runes immediately surrounded the wyvern and drew the life force away from every cell of the monster .

With a single hit, Qin Feng could sense that a large chunk of energy was gushing into his Diamond Starglobe through the dark runes, which then spread down to his limbs .

The energy pool of a B-tier beast emperor was no doubt colossal . It was too much to bear for Qin Feng at his current tier .

Obviously, one hit was not enough to scare the beast emperor away . But Qin Feng had bought enough time .

Three minutes had passed .

“Seal!” Silver light once again burst out around Bai Li . The once large opening was now only a thin line of about a hundred meters wide .

Grey materials were seen on four corners parallel to the narrowed rift . These were the spatial stones that sparked the occurrence of the rift .

“Phew!” Bai Li retracted and landed back on the ground .

This was when both of them saw the dark rift ripple and a horrible creature soon appeared on the outside .

It dashed out unbelievably fast, like a cannonball caught in a fire . It was none other than the Pyric Wyvern .

Theoretically, the large-size wyvern would not be able to pass through the rift after Bai Li had shrunk it thin .

Unfortunately, beasts above the emperor tier normally know shapeshifting .

Hence, it was not difficult for the Pyric Wyvern to compress its body to be smaller than the rift opening and pass right through .

The wyvern moved too quickly for Bai Li to react .

“Back off!” Qin Feng shouted and both of them retreated rapidly .

Qin Feng got a better look at the Pyric Wyvern’s full body as he fell back .

The beast’s entire body was covered in flames . It looked like a giant lizard with a long tail that occupied more than half the size of its body . The fire scorched vibrantly along its tail .

The Pyric Wyvern changed back as soon as it came out of the rift . Shapeshifting was a very demanding technique . The bigger the change, the more energy it would consume .

Maintaining shapeshifting for a long period of time may help in the micromanagement of one’s energy but a B-tier beast emperor had no such need . They often run over their enemy through brutal force . A beast in the pinnacle of the food chain would hardly face any crisis that might urge them to sharpen their skills .

Thus, the wyvern did not hesitate and canceled its shapeshift instantly . Its colossal body was suffocating .

Its body was ten times the size of its already large head . Qin Feng estimated that the monster at least measured five hundred meters long .

That was about the size of two large city squares .

Even though Qin Feng and Bai Li had backed off by two hundred meters with one jump, the Pyric Wyvern closed the gap in one step and could kill them anytime .

Bai Li acted reflexively and covered them with spatial runes without being told . They disappeared from the spot the next instant .

When they reappeared, they were already out at the top of the mountain .

The entire area suddenly quaked violently .

A tremendous power was looming underneath them . Qin Feng held Bai Li’s waist and launched to the air with a pair of blue flame wings on his back .


The power blasted through the mountain peak like a volcano eruption . Magma erupted from where they were standing earlier up to more than three hundred meters into the sky .

Qin Feng was shocked .

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Once the magma pillar subsided, the peak was shattered into pieces after the damage .

Even the mountain began to crumble due to the cracks caused by the powerful eruption . A giant beast slowly crawled out from the mountain ruins .

As soon as the drones caught the signal of the B-tier Pyric Wyvern, its warning signal beamed rapidly and the message was transmitted quickly back into the base .

“Beep! Beep! Beep! Great biological force detected ahead . Danger level, S tier . A-tier aptitude users, please head to the location immediately!”

The danger level was not determined based solely on the beast’s tier but rather its threat to the surrounding colony . A B-tier beast emperor could wipe out Beihua in seconds if it were not stopped in time . So it was understandable that the Pyric Wyvern was being graded as an S-tier threat .

Shang Han who had not napped for more than 20 minutes opened her eyes as soon as she heard the warning .

She stood up decisively and put on heavy armor as she walked out . This time, she had to take matters into her own hands .

“Elite guards, follow me!”


In less than a minute, at least fifty B-tier aptitude users had gathered behind Shang Han as she walked out from the building .

It was one hell of a troop . Everyone was ready to kill .

In the center square of Beihua, numerous individuals in white robes stood under the giant spatial stabilizer and worked painstakingly . After a while, the spatial stones and beast cores were well aligned .

“The spatial scaffold is set!”

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“The spatial tunnel is formed!”


“Positional test, check!”

“Drone position, check!”

“Prepare to transport!”

“Regent! The tunnel is good to go!”

Once the tunnel was secured, Shang Han and her troop marched impressively into it .

Humans actually already possessed substantial knowledge about the usage of spatial runes . However, it was still challenging for it to be used consistently . This was because a single tunnel would consume a lot of precious energy .

Shang Han and co . disappeared once they stepped through the spatial tunnel .

On top of the Far Woodland rift, Qin Feng and Bai Li were hovering in the air . Qin Feng watched the giant Pyric Wyvern and delivered an order to his crewmate through the communicator .

“Open a spatial tunnel and send Fengli Aircraft over!”

“Roger that!” Guo Guan, the captain of Fengli Aircraft, punched the button in response .