Master of the End Times - Chapter 527

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Chapter 527: 527

Chapter 527: Formidable Feng Li Aircraft

A thousand meters away from the rift, a spatial tunnel of about ten meters wide appeared abruptly . Swiftly, one after another elect with a powerful aura walked out from it .

It was Shang Han and her troop . The weakest among them was at least B2-tier . Though a B2-tier might be instantly crushed by the B2-tier beast emperor, it was considered safe with Shang Han leading the line .

“Qin Feng!” Shang Han shouted with great internal force and her sound traveled far . Eventually, it reached Qin Feng’s ears .

“Bai Li, over there!”

Bai Li immediately held Qin Feng and they instantly teleported about a thousand meters .


The two of them appeared instantaneously in front of Shang Han .

It took Shang Han by surprise . She thought that they were trapped by the wyvern and did not expect them to come to her so effortlessly .

“So this is the power of spatial rune!” Even Shang Han was amazed by the unparalleled ability .

The Pyric Wyvern roared ragingly after Qin Feng and Bai Li vanished into thin air . The beast swung its tail and collapsed more mountain ground around it . As a result, a huge pothole, where the cave originally resided, was revealed and the stabilized rift inside immediately caught Shang Han and everyone’s attention

Shang Han was astonished . “The rift… It has been stabilized?”

“Yes!” Qin Feng replied .

“Okay . Then let us focus fire on that freaking beast!” Shang Han could not wait to slaughter the beast emperor .

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The five hundred meter long Pyric Wyvern rushed at them intensely .

“Long-range bomber, on my mark!”

“Yes, Commander!” Five gunners responded .

But this was when Qin Feng chipped in, “It would not be necessary . ”


They did not understand why Qin Feng said that but in the next moment, they saw a large spatial tunnel open in the sky not very far from them .

The spatial tunnel was at least three hundred meters wide . It was even larger than the rift that Bai Li had sealed earlier . The rift blocked the sun and greatly impaired the visibility around the area .

‘What’s the matter? Perhaps the rift has not been properly stabilized, thus resulting in the opening of another rift?’ Shang Han was distressed and concerned . She could not imagine the consequence if another gigantic spatial tunnel from a different dimension was created .

The spatial runes in Far Woodland were highly volatile . Maybe closing one would trigger the opening of more dangerous rifts!

Just as Shang Han was still bothered by the possibility of a second rift, what happened next had her and the elite guards baffled .

A huge aircraft came right through the spatial tunnel . On its side, there were two golden words—Fengli .

The aircraft had a sleek design . It slid out from the tunnel smoothly and the tunnel immediately closed up after that . Within seconds, numerous guns were seen extending out from the aircraft body . Its main gun in the middle had a ten-meter-wide muzzle .

Then, white lights were seen whirling around the guns’ muzzles and gradually concentrated into blinding blue energy balls .


The sound of a heavy turbine was heard and right after that, the blue laser was shot out across the air .

The laser landed straight down to none other than the ferocious Pyric Wyvern . The beast was stopped short and retreated after it was hit . A large perforating wound was seen on one side of its body .

The cut was so deep that its bone was left bare . Some parts of the bone were even melted by the laser .

Lub dup!

The Wyvern’s internal organs had also been exposed . The pumping sound of its beating heart could be heard even from afar .

One strike was all it took to heavily injure the B-tier emperor .


Understandably, the Pyric Wyvern was enraged . But in its roar, one could tell that there was also a sense of panic .


Flames began to cover the Pyric Wyvern’s body as a form of self-defense .

“Okay . It’s hunting time!”

Qin Feng was the first to dash out .

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Shang Han regained herself only after she saw Qin Feng move .

Those B-tier gunners finally understood what Qin Feng meant earlier .

Their firepower had indeed become unnecessary with the aircraft hovering above them .

Shang Han quickly followed behind Qin Feng .

“Gravity Punch!”

Shang Han raised her fist . Strengthened by the heavy runes amplified through her armor, her punches landed down like raindrops .

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Numerous heavy punches were thrown at the Pyric Wyvern . Shang Han’s internal force could penetrate the exterior armor and reach the internal organ of the target, including the brain .

A beast’s strength usually grew proportionally to its size . But the human size was generally fixed so they could only turn to maximizing their internal force .

The higher tier an aptitude user got to, the area and force of his or her attack would become exponentially greater too .

Qin Feng had reached A-tier before so he was aware of such a logic .

He did not use the Hell Stone this time . It had been retracted back into his consciousness realm .

Qin Feng concentrated his internal force and unleashed an attack that was on par with Shang Han’s punches .

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“Dragon Slam!”

A dragon claw of about fifty meters in size appeared in the air and slammed down mightily on the wyvern’s side body .

The sharp tip of the claw directly clamped onto the open wound on the wyvern .


The Wyvern shrieked desperately .

Fire spilled out from its wound along with fresh red blood .

“Die now, filthy beast!” Shang Han continued to pounce . Other B-tiers joined in on the battle too . They attacked whenever the beast was distracted by Shang Han and Qin Feng’s merciless assaults .

The Pyric Wyvern continued to roar angrily . The ground that it stood on had been turned into a magma pool . Despite that, the injuries on its body kept piling up while the human fought tactically to avoid being harmed by the wyvern’s ineffective counter .

As a result, the powerful B-tier emperor was eventually exhausted and succumbed to the joint attack by multiple human elects .


The large body finally fell to its death .

Scorching magma around its body disappeared rapidly . The fire runes were retracted back into the monster’s glabella . Qin Feng knew it was a sign that the runes were returning to the monster’s ability crystal core .

The scene around this area had changed drastically too .

The woodland was initially occupied by a mountain range that ran beyond the horizon . Now, the place had been mostly flattened after being wasted by the Pyric Wyvern .

Everything the eyes could see had turned charcoal black . It was the color of molten rock formed after the magma had hardened up . The mountain where the rift occurred had disappeared as well . Only a thin line of the stabilized rift was seen hanging in the middle of the air!