Master of the End Times - Chapter 528

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Chapter 528: 528

Chapter 528: Alluring Rewards

“Phew!” Shang Han panted heavily from her intense consumption of internal strength, being an A-tier herself, it would at least take a week for her to recover from such a huge energy drain .

Hopefully, there would not be any horrifying ultra beasts anymore!

Meanwhile, she looked toward Qin Feng with an idolizing smile on her face .

“Qin Feng, Bai Li, we are so lucky to have you here!” Shang Han expressed her gratitude .

Not only did Qin Feng counter the Pyric Wyvern Emperor with the attacks from Fengli Aircraft, he had also played a crucial role during the post battle that followed .

Shang Han was also saved by Bai Li’s teleport several times to get away from being severely injured .

Surprisingly, even after the battle against the beast emperor, there was only a small number of people injured, and nobody had died from the battle .

It was a huge success!

“Don’t mention it, Regent!” Qin Feng answered with a delighted mood and a thin smile .

Shang Han looked toward Qin Feng and was about to continue with her compliments, however, she was instantly shocked by the view and immediately paused .

Shang Han was surprised by Qin Feng’s low energy consumption, and he seemed to be having a blushing healthy look .

‘Could it be that Qin Feng had a larger pool of internal strength than mine? How could it be possible?’ Shang Han sank into her thoughts and was struck dumb by the impossible .

In fact, although Qin Feng did not have the same amount of internal strength as Shang Han, as soon as the Pyric Wyvern Emperor was killed, Qin Feng’s body had soaked up large amount of energy, it had almost filled up half of his physical strengthen, and he was about to achieve C3-tier!

Certainly, Qin Feng’s complexion would definitely blush from such horrifying amounts of energy replenishment .

Without knowing Qin Feng’s mighty Absorption Ability, Shang Han decided to set her doubt aside and bring up something else to Qin Feng . “Could it be that the Fengli Aircraft is currently on sale by your organization? If so, I would like to have ten of these with the same specifications!”

Certainly, Shang Han was serious about it .

However, Qin Feng shook his head helplessly and answered . “The Fengli Aircraft had been modified from the operating system on the Floating City that was affected by the spatial passage during the first landing of the Grans, hence, it is equipped with such a massive amount of output force that is not commonly found in other ordinary aircrafts that are on sale . However, it is still an overpowered output to put it against a C-tier beast emperor!”

“Operating system of the Floating City?” All of a sudden, Shang Han reminisced about Cui Lian, an A-tier aptitude user who had been united with her in their marriage, she seemed to be able to remember the moments when the recordings were being transmitted back, the body that was being penetrated by white light rays was still vivid in her memories .

“No wonder it looks familiar to me!” Shang Han let out a bitter laugh, then, she insisted with her unwavering will, “Although it might be overpowered to have it go against a C-tier beast emperor, it is still quite useful, more importantly, compared with any ordinary hover copters, its massive capacity to bring along aptitude users during attacks will still be a great feature to have! I’ll place my order!”

Qin Feng smiled . “Alright, Regent, your order will be prioritized!”

“I’ll look forward to the delivery!”

In fact, the massively sized aircraft was indeed a good fit for the beast wave, compared to other light-weighted hover copters, it was more intimidating . At least, unlike ordinary hover copters, the aircraft could still withstand the insane crushing force of ancient giant hawks .

With his memories from the past ten years, Qin Feng certainly knew his selection of machines to cope up with battles in the future .

Right after the deal was done, Shang Han continued with her offer, “This round, I will still grant you the double scores, and you can have seven layers from all of the materials obtained from this Pyric Wyvern Emperor, and I will have the remaining three layers, what do you think?”

Certainly, Qin Feng had accumulated a significant amount of achievement scores from the battle, without any doubt, he had contributed a lot!

Although it might cost Shang Han a huge amount, she did not hesitate to fulfil her promise at all!

The B-tiers that were behind were left with no choice but to remain silent as Qin Feng’s capability was too overwhelming and he had contributed the most, therefore, everyone felt that it was unnecessary for them to claim their share .

Hence, the amount of loot that was left for them was greatly reduced .

Of course, there were still dissatisfactions among them .

“It would be impolite for me to reject this!” Qin Feng felt that it was only right for him to redeem his share, after all, he earned it by himself and he did not care about others’ thoughts!

Hence, Qin Feng selected the core, blood, and a portion of flesh and dragon scales from the Pyric Wyvern Emperor for himself .

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The remaining was left behind for Shang Han!

The beast emperor core was certainly the most valuable item from the beast emperor, and a single core would already cost half of the total worth of the beast .

‘Well, I can certainly speed up my enhancement with my mighty Absorption Ability, however, I should do it gradually to firm up my foundation . ’

Qin Feng was planning to absorb the beast emperor core slowly .

“Oh yes, Qin Feng, Bai Li, right now, I have a favor to ask!” Shang Han then said .

“Please go ahead, Regent!”

“The Far Woodland beast wave eruption would mostly likely last up to half a month, although the commencement has been brought ahead and the spatial passage has been stabilized, I would still hope that you can station your people here to deter the appearance of much stronger ultra beasts, until the beast wave is over that is!”

Shang Han was serious about the matter, meanwhile, she had also looked toward Bai Li simultaneously .

She could still remember the moment when Bai Li wiped out the spatial rift instantly and annihilated the beast king ultra beast .

Despite not knowing the reason behind the release of the beast emperor ultra beast, Shang Han would still acknowledge Bai Li’s powerful capability .

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“Of course, I will not let you be alone, I will retain some of my people with you to defend against the enemies, should there be any undefeatable enemies, there will still be spatial passage available for immediate escape!”

“If that’s the case…” Qin Feng was interested to take up the offer from Shang Han .

After all, even if Qin Feng had chosen not to stay within the Far Woodland, he would still have to go to the Northern Abyss to face the same situation .

Shang Han noticed Qin Feng’s doubt and presumed that he was unwilling to take up the offer .

“Qin Feng, with your accumulated points from the previous mission, you will at least have three hundred thousand points that allow you to exchange with anything you want, it seems like it will be quite a huge sum for me to pay!”

Despite the fact that the payout was definitely a pain in the neck for Shang Han, she would still have to endure it and focus on the crucial task of building up the Far Woodland .

Hence, Shang Han clenched her teeth and gave her offer, “I do know that you might not be interested in the items from point exchange, however, I can grant you with higher access during your exchange, and there might be something that you might want to have!”

Shang Han accessed her communicator, soon, Qin Feng was alerted by his beeping communicator .

Qin Feng raised his arm and browsed through the exchange page of Beihua City, his access was instantly granted to a higher level that enabled him to top up his exchange limit from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands .

“Fifty years ago, a foreign meteor landed on Beihua City, it was a fire element meteor that was named as the Sacred Flame Meteor by the aptitude users, it was the meteor that had allowed Flame Lord Cui Lian to advance as an A-tier aptitude user!”

Qin Feng looked into the exchange list that showcased the hologram of the Sacred Flame Meteor that was about the size of a fist, and it was emitting an endless number of fire runes .

Surprisingly, it was similar to the attributes of the Hell Stone .