Master of the End Times - Chapter 529

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Chapter 529

Chapter 529: The Great Undead Army

Such an item would at least be ranked at S-tier, and it was a much higher rank than the Armor of Vajrayana that was worn by Qin Feng .

Qin Feng looked at the points, and the required points to exchange for the item was set at five hundred thousand .

However, to Qin Feng, it was nothing .

“Alright, I’ll take on the mission, however, I do not need any of these people to remain here!” Qin Feng glanced through the B-tiers .

Shang Han was struck dumb, and she continued to voice out her disagreement, “Although you do have capabilities that are higher than the B-tier aptitude users, however, what if there is appearance of ultra beasts that are similar to the B-tier beast emperor? You could still use some of their help!”

Qin Feng thought differently . “It is unnecessary, I do not want them to share the points!”

The B-tiers who already had grudges against Qin Feng were agitated by the straightforward statement from him, anger was seen on their faces while all of them glared at Qin Feng .

“Qin Feng, you might be very powerful, however, do you really think that you can handle all tens of thousands of enemies by yourself?”

“That’s right, you are being too arrogant, do you really think that you are already an A-tier?”

“Although the aircraft might help in withstanding some of the attacks, the B-tier beast emperor could still tear you into pieces, by that time, you will not have time to react and defend yourself!”

“Save the effort, since he does not appreciate our help, we can just exclude ourselves from this mission, this little brat will definitely regret his decision!”

All of the B-tiers were infuriated by Qin Feng’s behavior!

Qin Feng glared at the B-tiers without raising his head, and his Verdant Emperor Saber was instantly drawn out .

Everyone was struck by a cold chill that ran down their spines .

They thought that Qin Feng had had enough of them and was about to teach them a lesson .

In their minds, they knew that Qin Feng had killed Guang Wei, hence, they were being extra cautious about Qin Feng’s action .

Qin Feng was being very disrespectful toward all of them .

It was at that moment, Qin Feng swayed his saber and aimed his kill toward a far distance .

A ray of fuchsia glow exploded and instantly pierced through the skull of a C-tier ultra beast .

It was an unlucky C-tier ultra beast to crawl out from the spatial rift right after the death of the Pyric Wyvern Emperor, it was left stranded on a flat area without any shelter to take cover; with the lingering scent from the dead corpse of the beast emperor, it was instantly alerted by the danger of the surroundings and was about to escape .

Obviously, Shang Han and the other B-tiers were decomposing the corpses and were not aware of the appearance of the ultra beast .

Unexpectedly, it was Qin Feng who secured the kill with an instant attack that had annihilated the C-tier ultra beast!

Then, a ray of dark light shrouded around the ultra beast and summoned it to Qin Feng’s side .

“Regent, it seems like you have missed out on this one!”

The dead corpse of the ultra beast was still lingering with its dead scent while most of its capabilities still remained, the blood red eyes were glaring at the crowd .

Everyone was struck speechless .

Shang Han broke the silence and continued, “Right, I have forgotten that you do have the puppet control ability, however, I will still station five B-tier aptitude users here as your support, and they will not act and storm the front unless you allow them to!”

“If you insist, your call!”

Shang Han insisted on leaving five people with Qin Feng as she had to be extra cautious when it came to matters relating to the entire Far Woodland border .

Despite all five of them who were amazed by Qin Feng’s skills, they still had hard feelings toward him and even wished for the appearance of a horrifying ultra beast so that Qin Feng would suffer a hard time!

Shang Han then led the remaining B-tiers toward the Far Woodland border, discussions on setting up the perimeters of the Far Woodland had already begun during the journey on the hover copter, and decisions were instantly made .

Meaning to say, after all those years, it was Shang Han’s first approach to resolve the threat of horrifying rifts in the area .

Hence, she had even involved herself in the ground operations and ultra beast hunting to ensure the completion of the facilities .

It was also the most secure option to place Qin Feng at the frontline of the Far Woodland rift .

There was a constant stream of appearance of C-tier ultra beasts, and as soon as they were killed by Qin Feng, they were being summoned by dark abilities as puppets to continue the slaughter and contribute to the growing number of the undead army .

From the first day, the undead army only had a thousand troops .

Then, it had ballooned to two thousand, three thousand, and even five thousand!

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It had already been a week, and Qin Feng had already dominated his conscious energy control onto ten thousand undead puppets .

It was at that moment, Qin Feng realized that his conscious energy had arrived at a bottleneck stage .

Meanwhile, all five aptitude users that were sent by Shang Han expressed their intention to excuse themselves .

What else was there for them? Were they supposed to witness Qin Feng’s summoned army and his wastages?

To them, the undead army summoned by Qin Feng were flesh of ultra beasts that were not meant to be collected, in other words, it was a huge temptation for them to just witness the ten thousand C-tier ultra beast materials and not be able to own them .

However, ultra beast hunting was no longer the profit earning method for Qin Feng as he could just benefit from the profitable operating cycle from his organization .

Furthermore, to him, wealth was just numbers .

Qin Feng had something else in mind!

“The powerful conscious energy would still eventually be restricted by its limit! Also, it was the Godwill Atlas that had allowed me to accurately dominate my conscious energy onto such a huge number of ultra beasts!”

Qin Feng resumed with his approach, he eliminated and replaced the wounded and less powerful puppets to newer ones .

Soon, Qin Feng endured the toiling work and consolidated his undead army to a majority of C8-tiers, and more than a thousand B-tier ultra beasts .

The massive capacity of the undead army could easily annihilate and take down an entire city .

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The unexpected Far Woodland beast wave that had commenced in advance had lasted for half a month, with exception on the first round of casualties, the remaining period of the beast wave was in total control . The Far Woodland was in an extremely safe state and uninterrupted by any ultra beasts .

It was because all of the ultra beasts were being intercepted and contained by Qin Feng within a one-kilometer radius of the Far Woodland rift .

The drones were also there for information transmission and situational backup, however, the aptitude users noticed that they were no longer needed as soon as they had seen the horrifying undead army .

“Qin Feng was the one who killed Guang Wei, and yet still received such special treatment from Regent Shang; from my previous presumption, I thought that it was a retaliation move from the regent against Guang Wei’s mistake that had caused the death of Fire Lord Cui Lian, however, it seems like…”

“Regent Shang still has her sharp and merciless point of view, and if Qin Feng were to remain in Beihua City, he would certainly become an influential figure in the future!”

“Perhaps, a horrifying wave of influence is in the making!”

Of course, despite the views from the B-tiers, they were only being cautious toward Qin Feng, and none of them had the intention to suppress him from moving forward .

Obviously, the first reason was because of Qin Feng’s horrifying capabilities, and secondly, Qin Feng had no intention of shifting his Fengli Organization to Beihua City at all .

Some of the ancient warrior families had also joined the discussion .

“Qin Feng has yet to be a threat, despite his strong capabilities, he does not have enough C-tier aptitude users under him to push for greater achievements . ”

“That’s right, he is just a single powerful person, it does not mean anything, and there is nothing to be worried about . ”

“However, if he were to achieve B-tier, his capability might even surpass the regent!”

“Perhaps, such a Hero Class would most likely remain at the Dragon Capital!”