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Master of the End Times - Chapter 530

Published at 2nd of January 2021 02:55:05 AM

Chapter 530: 530

Chapter 530: Establishing Far Woodland

Despite the wild guesses from the others and Qin Feng being put under the spotlight, Qin Feng remained unbothered by the others’ views .

In fact, it was Qin Feng that had caused the advance commencement of the beast wave during his first exploration into the Far Woodland rift . The dead corpse of the Pyric Wyvern Emperor had triggered the explosion, which was then followed by the regular ultra beast migration .

Hence, the duration of the Far Woodland beast wave was much longer than expected!

It lasted for about a month .

Within the month, Qin Feng’s kills on ultra beasts had spiked tremendously along with his points .

Soon, there were about ten thousand B-tier ultra beasts that had appeared, when combined with C-tier ultra beasts, there were two hundred thousand of them in total .

The Far Woodland rift had turned into a slaughter place, the greyish-black solidified lava-ash ground had also been covered with fresh red blood .

“Nobody is harvesting this ultra beast, quick!”

“Drag it away, and don’t stay close to the battlefield, are you not afraid of dying?”

“Quick, the aircraft from the organization is here, move up the cargo!”

There were three aircraft that had arrived at the edge of the Far Woodland rift, the massively sized aircrafts equipped with large conveyor belt and warehouse were meant for cargo shipping, and it was there to ship ultra beast materials that were obtained by Qin Feng .

Although Bai Li might have unlimited space for usage, it would be inappropriate to reveal such capabilities . Knowing that the materials would require processing, Qin Feng had decided to allow Xue Xinfu, E-tier aptitude users sent from the Fengli Organization, professional harvesters, and even some of the ordinary people to help with the material processing .


A deafening roar echoed in the surroundings as a gigantic ultra beast exited from the spatial rift .

Qin Feng activated his conscious energy and identified a group of ultra beasts that was at least ranked at B-tier, he immediately rushed toward the direction and forced all of his energy onto the ultra beast that had just come out . He was then being aimed at by a slash attack from a gigantic ultra beast with its swordlike arm, the ultra beast that had just come out did not even have the chance to have a clear view on the surroundings and it was instantly annihilated .

It was like a scapegoat that had sent itself onto the path to death .

“This is the fourteenth kill of the day, however, from the frequency of the appearance of the ultra beast, it seems like the Far Woodland beast wave is about to end!” Guo Guan stood before Qin Feng and pointed out humbly .

Qin Feng nodded . “That’s right, fortunately it is about to end as the Prodigy Tournament will begin in several days!”

“Beep beep beep!”

Qin Feng checked on his communicator and answered the call .

Shang Han appeared before him .

“Qin Feng, the protection barrier will be activated in half an hour, the aircrafts from your organization have to evacuate earlier!”


“Hmm, watch out on your timing!”


The call ended and Qin Feng looked toward the group of workers who had rushed toward the dead corpses again, they were ignoring the horrifying bearings of the puppet army and were fully committed in their decomposing job while smiling .

The beast wave had earned Qin Feng a great fortune .

“Prepare for closing, everyone has to return to the aircraft after decomposing this ultra beast!”

Qin Feng instructed using his internal strength, it had allowed everyone within the radius of tens of thousands of meters to receive the instruction .

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“Affirmative, Director!”

Almost everyone shouted and acknowledged the instruction .

They were even ignoring the fact that Qin Feng might not hear from their low volume shouting .

However, everyone had great reverence and adoration toward their director, the one who had single-handedly hunted down such a great number of ultra beasts and their valuable materials .

Soon, the last ultra beast decomposition had ended within twenty minutes, and everyone had stepped onto the aircraft .

Meanwhile, there were no new ultra beast appearances from the rift anymore .

The beast wave has ended, and any other new ultra beast appearance would only occur by random accidents .

Qin Feng looked toward the undead army that he had commanded for the past month and activated his conscious energy again .

Without any signs, the undead army was swept across by a wave of turbulence .


A C8-tier puppet ultra beast was the first to take the hit from the turbulence, its gigantic decayed and withered body instantly collapsed onto the ground, ashes scattered around as energy began to leave its body and its bone structure shattered into pieces .


The ultra beasts were like dominos that collapsed simultaneously .

Even those B-tier puppet corpses were only left with their skeletal structure .

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It was an extremely astonishing view, and it was like the true depiction of the land of buried bones .

Qin Feng waved his hand and countless numbers of energy cores flew up .

The remaining energy from the ultra beasts that were polluted by dark energy had consolidated into cores that were formed on their chests, it was the cores that had commanded the corpses to continue with their battles .

Also, the cores were the last bits of wealth that the puppets could provide, and Qin Feng would certainly not miss out on those .

Qin Feng collected ten thousand energy cores for himself and then entered into the aircraft .

“Let’s go!” Qin Feng gave his order, meanwhile, instructions were given by Guo Guan to all of the gigantic hovering aircrafts to ascend simultaneously .

The gigantic aircrafts could even be seen from a far distance .

Shang Han noticed the aircrafts that had ascended and gave her last order .

As soon as the aircrafts had risen up to the sky, the giant city wall from afar had also come into sight .

The insane construction process for the past one month had resulted in city walls that were a hundred meter in height that stood around the Far Woodland rift, the walls were even equipped with countless numbers of defense barrier projectors .

At that moment, the projectors shot out explosive energy simultaneously that formed into light rays that intertwined and circled around each other, a quarantine wall was then gradually shaped .

The skies within the Far Woodland rift had turned pitch-black as countless amounts of dark energy swarmed the entire area .

The presence of dark energy within the Far Woodland rift would absorb every source of energy in the environment, regardless of flowers and plants or ultra beasts .

Such energy would gradually transform the environment into a barren land, and it would be like the Northern Abyss rift .

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By then, ultra beasts that appeared would disfavor the inhabitable environment and begin to leave the area . However, with such a passive approach, it would at least take ten years, twenty years, or even hundreds of years for success .

Compared to ages ago, the control that the Northern Abyss had was already much better, however, it had still yet to achieve complete prohibition of ultra beasts .

Qin Feng kept his serious expression as he stood in the aircraft and surveyed the Far Woodland rift that had been turned into complete darkness .

There were still a lot of undiscovered massively-sized rifts!

When would the rifts be totally controlled?

Qin Feng pondered and sank into deep thoughts; he knew there would not be any major changes within the next ten years .

However, would his rebirth bring changes to all of these and overturn the outcome?


The aircrafts departed from the Far Woodland rift and indicated the total completion of the mission given by Shang Han, Qin Feng had chosen to exchange his points for the Sacred Flame Meteor that he wanted, and he had taken away an important item from the treasure vault of Beihua City .

To the entire Beihua City, it was considered a huge loss!

To Shang Han, it was all worth it to hand it over to Qin Feng .

However, to the Cui Family, it was an unfortunate event for them to lose their family-inherited Sacred Flame Meteor that had consistently allowed them to awaken aptitude users .