Master of the End Times - Chapter 532

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Chapter 532

Chapter 532: Dragon Capital

Just who was this Qin Feng?

Well, he was a prodigy that had recently made his appearance at Beihua City . And now, word had it that he was the one who stopped the ultra beast wave—and he did it alone .

The man was an absolute beast!

After hearing this news, many felt as though they were listening to a fairy tale .

“No way? That Qin Feng?”

“Could it be it’s just a guy with the same name?”

“Holy Cow! This guy is only a C-tier!”

Everyone’s jaw was rolling on the ground .

In a short time, Qin Feng was now a household name . The ones who were wary of Qin Feng, thinking that he might actually make his way to Dragon Capital for the Prodigy Tournament, now did not know what to expect next .

If Qin Feng were to venture to Dragon Capital, it would be a good outcome for them . However, if he were not able to attain the glory he wanted and came back to Beihua City, there could be a huge tremor in the current distribution of resources in the city .

Still, when they thought about it, there was no way Qin Feng would not be able to perform when he went to Dragon Capital .

In the tournament, most of the participants were merely D-tier!

It would be a piece of cake for Qin Feng to beat them .

In fact, it would be like an adult bullying toddlers .


After the feast was over, there was very little time left before the next match in the Prodigy Tournament . There was only one-day left . Thus, Shang Han activated the city’s long-distance teleportation device and brought ten men with her to Dragon Capital .

Back then, this was all Cui Lian’s job .

Originally, Shang Han wanted to just assign a B9-tier aptitude user to Dragon Capital on her behalf . However, this was Dragon Capital—a place where A-tiers and B-tiers were literally everywhere .

On top of that, Qin Feng was part of the team on this trip . As such, Shang Han decided to go to Dragon Capital herself .

After beaming their conscious energy into the device, the aptitude users were able to activate the Dimension Runes before a huge, complicated dimensional tunnel started to bridge the two cities .


As a flash of silver light beamed up, a dimensional portal appeared before them .

“Let’s go!”

Shang Han was the first to step into the portal . Then, it was Qin Feng and Bai Li’s turns before the other nine members tailed behind .

It was dark inside the portal . There was no light source whatsoever; however, everyone could feel a tenacious pressure pressing on them from all directions .

And then, in the blink of an eye, they were able to see a huge plaza appearing before them—they had now stepped out of the dimensional tunnel .

There was nothing in the plaza . Not a soul or transportation at all .

However, Qin Feng knew this was the teleportation zone just outside of Dragon Capital . He turned around… and there it was—a gigantic construction appeared before his eyes . From afar, the structure looked like a rising eastern dragon . The structure was so tall that it seemed as though it was indeed a real dragon, trying to fly up and shear through the sky .


The nine other members cried out in astonishment when they saw this .

“So… So this is Dragon Capital?”

They did not expect that the Dragon Capital would be shaped like a real dragon!

It was then, a man walked toward the group from afar . He appeared to be a B-tier, wearing a unique uniform—an indication that he was part of the patrol units of Dragon Capital .

“Identifications, please?” The man opened his mouth as he scanned the group . When he saw the D-tier and C-tier badges on their chests, he could not help but frown .

However, when he saw Shang Han, his brows curved up in surprise . “Oh! Greetings, Regent Shang!”

There were only four regents in the Huaxia region—each taking up their own territory in the north, east, west and south side of the region . As such, it did not take long for the B-tier patrol to recognize her .

“Greetings . I’ve brought the participants for the Prodigy Tournament . Here’s their identification . ” Shang Han answered before showing the patrol some digital documents .

After a brief check, the patrol nodded . “Identification verified . Here’s the Entry Pass for the Dragon Capital . Every transaction inside the city is done via Power Credits . In order to gain entry into Dragon Capital, you’ll need to pay 1000 Power Credits . ”

1000 Power Credits was equivalent to 10,000,000 . These participants were all D-tiers; hence, they had the money . In less than a minute, they all took out their wallets and paid the fee . In less than a second, the number “1000” appeared on the Entry Pass .

“Okay, you may now enter . Just following this road will do . It will lead you straight into the city!”

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“Alright . ”

Shang Han waved a hand and summoned a hover tank . Seeing this, Qin Feng too summoned his Silver Bolt so Bai Li, Zhou Hao and Jin Fei could ride with him in the same ride .

The others too summoned their own transportation . These were all prodigies after all —it did not matter how lowly their background was before this, right now they could all afford to own their own hover tanks—even Han Jun had his own ride!

“Wow, the fee to enter Dragon Capital is so expensive . Now I understand why people say that the living cost inside Dragon Capital is really high!” Zhou Hao took a good look at the Entry Pass in his hand before putting it in his pocket dimension .

“That’s Dragon Capital for you, my friend!” Qin Feng gave him a casual response and did not say anything further .

When they entered the city, they would know just how different this city was!

“Still, Dragon Capital is quite a place! Even a patrol is a B-tier . It seems that there are a lot of powerful people in the city!” Jin Fei said .

Qin Feng responded with a smile . Again, this was the Dragon Capital . If one did not have powers as great as that, it would be very difficult for one to live in Dragon Capital .

Qin Feng activated Silver Bolt’s lock-on system and had it follow Shang Han’s tank . As time went by, Zhou Hao and Jin Fei had stopped chatting as they realized just how long it took for them to even get near the city .

Even Bai Li was surprised to see how long the journey was . She poked out her head to check the end of the road .

Despite how near it looked, it took half an hour for their vehicles to get near the city .

As they got closer and closer, the structure they saw from afar was now no longer a dragon .

It was now a gigantic, fortified wall . The wall was so huge that it seemed like it was extending endlessly to each side of the horizons .

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And each of the dragon’s “scale” was actually massive, impenetrable boulders .

From the looks of it, it was unthinkable just how gigantic Dragon Capital was .

Raising their heads, they could not see just how tall and wide the city was .

Qin Feng looked at his friends and opened his mouth, “No one knows just how huge Dragon Capital is . However, I do know that Dragon Capital is around 3000 meters tall . Each 100 meter is a level . The higher you go, the more powerful the people are!”

“What??” Zhou Hao and Jin Fei were bewildered by Qin Feng’s words .

This Dragon Capital… it was a mortifying place indeed .

Qin Feng beamed up with a smile . “The leader of Dragon Capital is Long Ting . She’s currently 130 years old and an S-tier ancient warrior . There’s also another leader—Du Nian . He’s 150 years old and an S-tier earth-type aptitude user . ”

“The Dragon Empress and Heavy Earth Emperor!”

Zhou Hao suddenly blurted out their titles . He could not believe what he had heard . To him, these two were myths in their hometown . And yet, his friend was telling him that they were real .

As they got closer and closer to Dragon Capital, Zhou Hao and Jin Fei were petrified by what they had learned .

The city itself was already so majestic and mortifying . Now, just how powerful were these two persons if they were the ones who founded the city?

“Dragon Capital!”

A smile curved up on Qin Feng’s face as he mumbled the city’s name, “It’s been a while!”