Master of the End Times - Chapter 536

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Chapter 536: 536

Chapter 536: The Dragon Gate Tower

On that day, a very lively opening ceremony was held .

The prodigies from all four regions, combined with the D-tier prodigies in the Dragon Capital numbered at more than a hundred people .

Many of the D-tiers in the Dragon Capital were under twenty years old . Even the strongest among them had reached D6-tier . As such, the other prodigies from the other regions were all overshadowed by them!

The central plaza of the Dragon Capital was extremely large . There was a multicolored tower in its center that shone with a unique light . If one looked up, they would only see the blue skies above .

Qin Feng felt as if he was like a frog at the bottom of a well at this moment . He could only look up at the sky above and would never get out for a lifetime .

Perhaps, humanity was just like this . Most people could only live behind the walls due to the threat of ultra beasts .

While the Dragon Capital was divided into ten different layers, it did not mean that it was the same as a normal building . Its most central area was hollowed out, spreading out at a kilometer wide with the special Dragon Gate Tower situated in the middle of it .

The Dragon Gate Tower was shaped like a miniature version of the Dragon Capital . It had a glittering lusture, as if it was covered in golden scales . Each scale was in fact a door .

There were a hundred doors that were wrapped around the Tower and as they cleared the levels the Tower’s scales would light up .

At this moment, the prodigies all approached the Tower!

“Who do you think is gonna win?”

“What kind of question is that? The Long family showed up, young master Long Gan would definitely win!”

“Long Gan’s only eighteen years old this year and he’s already a D6 aptitude user . He just reached D-tier last year . Maybe he wants to surprise people, which was why he didn’t participate in the preliminaries . ”

“Yeah but Ji Ran’s also here too . It’s going to be a really intense battle this year!”

“Don’t forget, Zhuang Sen is good too . He has a D-tier ultra beast!”

“Three D6s can definitely climb to the top!”

As for the other participants from the other regions, they were only here to increase their knowledge . It could be said that they were just coming along for the ride .

Naturally no one paid attention to the rest, since they were not in their home ground and everyone was unfamiliar with them . That naturally meant that they did not have a warm reception .

These prodigies knew that they would not be as powerful as the other prodigies from the Dragon Capital .

The gap was just too big .

“Now, contestants enter the Dragon Gate Tower!”

All of a sudden, a hundred something contestants took a step forward and entered the Dragon Gate Tower .

Qin Feng put on a large windbreaker . Since the current weather had that November chill in the air such an outfit was not uncommon, but nobody noticed that this windbreaker also had a snow-white little five-tailed fox inside it .

It was Bai Li who had turned into her beast form .

Not only that, besides Qin Feng, there was also something perched on Zhou Hao’s shoulder . The Golden Ant Queen that exuded the aura and majesty of an ultra beast king .

The secret realm of the Dragon Gate allowed all the means an aptitude user had, that included contract beasts .

Qin Feng looked to his left and he could see a prodigy far away who was riding on a large white tiger .

That was also a D-tier beastmaster .

This meant that if Qin Feng were to expose Bai Li, he would not look out of place!


Going with the call, Qin Feng began to walk straight ahead .

He immediately felt a force putting pressure onto his body, squeezing him before he entered the Dragon Gate Tower .

When his sight resumed, Qin Feng found himself inside the realm and this realm seemed to contain an immeasurable amount of energy .

There was a kind of ripple that he could feel wash over him, as if peering into his very being .

Bup .

He could hear a strange noise as a breeze blew past his neck .

Qin Feng flicked his hand and the Verdant Emperor Saber appeared in his grasp in an instant . With a quick sweep, he dispatched the ultra beast that came out to ambush him .

A multi-colored tiger was immediately cut in half by his attack .

After the tiger was slayed, instead of bleeding it transformed into a stream of energy that flowed into Qin Feng’s body .

There was no sign of this energy escaping from him .

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Of course, other people did not have an absorption capacity as powerful as his and were only able to absorb one-tenth of the energy from the force that made up these ultra beasts . It was still pretty amazing .

The absorption was much faster than the process of absorbing energy from crystal cores over a period of time .

At this moment, the prodigies of all four regions, the Southeast, the North and the Northeast that had not experienced the Dragon Gate Tower before were all excited .

“No wonder the guys in the Dragon Capital can get strong so quickly, just so long as you can challenge the Dragon Gate Tower and keep going forward . It’s like that story about the carp that leapt over the Dragon’s gate in order to ascend into a Dragon!”

“Kill the ultra beasts! Kill them all!”

“If this goes on, I’ll get a rank up right?”

The prodigies were very excited .

If they kept hunting down and killing ultra beasts, more and more ultra beasts would be unleashed upon them . Meanwhile on the outside, the Dragon Gate Tower displayed scenes of the fighting inside the tower as well as the gates connected to the scales as the golden lights on them winded upward .

“Look! Young master Long Gan’s light had reached one third and would soon reach the second floor!”

“That’s fast! They just started five minutes ago!”

“There are others who are pretty quick too!”

They had not yet noticed that one of the lights was gradually scaling upward in an unhurried fashion, as if it was encountering zero obstacles .

That was Qin Feng’s light!

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In the secret realm, Qin Feng hunted and killed the ultra beasts as he moved forward . He eventually found a white jade staircase and continued to press on . His surroundings changed and more ultra beasts began to appear in his way, wanting to consume this human in a single bite .

While these ultra beasts were made of energy, the damage they could do was definitely real if they managed to land a blow on their targets .

This was not any kind of hologram projection .

What was more, Qin Feng’s strength was in the C2-tier . Which meant that the ultra beasts that he faced would be tuned to match his C2 tier and would increase in numbers as he battled on .

Among the prodigies in the tower, they were all trying their best .

Only Qin Feng was moving forward unhindered, Bai Li did not even need to step out .

Soon, the stairs gave way to a flat platform . When he stepped onto the platform, a transmission suddenly rang out near Qin Feng’s ears and a virtual display appeared in front of him .

[Beep . Clear time: 13 minutes, First Level of the Dragon Gate Tower . Opening leaderboard, your current ranking is : 4!]

Qin Feng was not in a hurry and was obviously behind the prodigies who were D6 tier .

This was what he wanted . The Dragon Gate Tower was only just a test, what truly mattered was at the top of the tower .

The realm only opened once per year . The Dragon Capital forbade other people from entering and only allowed prodigies to enter, which greatly increased the success rate .

Qin Feng did not need to reveal his true power, he just needed to make it to the top ten and that was it .

He stepped onto the white jade stairs again and another group of ultra beasts rushed in to attack him .