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Master of the End Times - Chapter 537

Published at 5th of January 2021 03:05:05 PM

Chapter 537: 537

Chapter 537: Only a C2-Tier

Qin Feng fought through the incoming horde of ultra beasts in an unhurried pace!

Meanwhile outside the realm, several A-tiers were also in a building around the plaza, watching everything that was happening .

There even was a screen directly broadcasting scenes in front of them . What they were seeing now was not going to be aired to the public, whatever was recorded would be edited to focus on the uniqueness of each aptitude user before being aired throughout Huaxia as publicity for the Prodigy Tournament .

Especially at the end where the participants received their awards .

That was how the Dragon Capital attracted the talented ones .

Even if someone only managed to pass one floor, the rewards they would gain would still be incredibly extravagant . For example, if they were to pass the first level, they would earn 1 million power credits .

That could be converted to about 10 billion usable currency .

For a D-tier, this amount of money was beyond imagination . Not to mention, this was only the reward for completing the first level .

Basically speaking, any prodigy would be able to obtain it .

The higher one climbed, the more resources one would be able to get .

“This time, Zhuang Sen, Ji Ran and Long Gan will definitely be able to reach the top floor . I can’t say for the other prodigies . Have there been any prodigies appearing in your four regions?”

A Dragon Capital A-tier aptitude user was the one who asked .

Although the four regions were not as prosperous as the Dragon Capital, they had a high population and any grassroot genius was going to astonish people .

Nan Gongshi shook his head and said, “We haven’t found any good sprouts on our side!”

The person in charge of the Eastern region, a large swarthy dark-skinned man said in a deep voice, “The Eastern region’s conditions have not seen much improvement . As you know, it’s a difficult time and there hasn’t been a prodigy there for years!”

“That’s not right, prodigies should aim for the top . If they reach the top floor they would receive a huge amount of rewards and when you return, you would be able to push the Human Alliance of Huaxia into another level!”

The large man smiled bitterly . “The regent’s children and kin all went, you forgot to mention that they did not come back . ”

Climbing to the top was like the carp that leapt over the Dragon’s gate, but the risk factor was equally just as high .

Among all of the prodigies that went, even if only one out of ten would survive it would still be considered as impressive!

Nan Gongshi quickly changed the subject, turning to Shang Han instead and asking, “I heard Han Mou’s son is in there . Think he’ll make it?”

“I’d doubt it . He’s only D1 tier!” What’s more, after being beaten by Qin Feng, he had lost all of his arrogance . As the situation got more and more dangerous, it was likely that he would voluntarily give up and fall back .

Shang Hang did not mind that, this time the Northern region’s prodigies were not what she had expected!

“Oh yeah, what about Ge Lang’s team?” Someone piped up and asked Ge Lang .

The corner of Ge Lang’s mouth twitched . Had it been like before he would have readily showed off, but after getting one of his own taken out by Shang Han’s prodigy he lost his flame .

“There’s this one guy, D3-tier . Not sure if he’s going to make it though . ”

The people around him had a glint in their eyes .

“D3 tier is already really good, there’s a possibility!”

“Yeah, after Zhuang Sen and the others who have good background and high talent!”

“Without a lot of resources, reaching D3 below the age of twenty is amazing!”

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Everyone was going on about how impressive Ai Duo was .

It would not have been bad if he had not faced Qin Feng earlier, Ge Lang would have been extremely proud of him time and time again . Now, he just felt embarrassed .

When he saw Shang Han with a smug smile on her face, a teasing look that only goaded Ge Lang into getting angry .

“However, Shang Han’s team not only has Han Mou’s kid . This time there’s another guy who’s also really powerful . ”

Ge Lang turned everyone’s attention back to Shang Han again .

Shang Han let out a light chuckle before casually saying, “They’re alright, they’ve just awakened last year!”

Everyone was suddenly feeling energetic .

“Awakened last year? Based on the calculations that would only make 18 months before coming to attend the Prodigy Tournament! That’s incredible talent!”

“Yeah, even a D-tier this year would have needed at least 2 years of training before they could make it here!”

“What level is this prodigy now? Don’t tell me you broke the rules to bring them here!”

Shang Han just smiled and said, “Their rank’s not bad, they have the power of a C2-tier!”

“Oh, yeah that’s not bad, being only C2…Huh? Hang on, what? C2-tier!”

The one speaking was left with his jaw hanging open .

“Shang Han, you’re joking right? You mean D2-tier?”

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“It’s C2-tier!” Shang Han said, not wanting to say any more about this matter .

Although Shang Han was shocked by Qin Feng’s strength, he was just such a monster .

And to think that this monster appeared in her own territory, crushing all the other prodigies in its wake . Even now, he was the Honorary Deputy Mayor of Beihua City . One of her own . That was an incredible feeling!

As for the rest, they were all shocked . Even Ge Lang looked like he had eaten something foul, his face turning pale .

C2 tier?

That was like some kind of divine intervention!

Qin Feng did not know what was going on outside, so he kept his slow pace and killed ultra beasts one by one . He could see that the others ahead of him were struggling to climb the steps .

He had a stable position in 4th place and Ai Duo, someone he recognized had managed to reach 10th place .

Although Ai Duo was defeated by him in a single blow without receiving any damage, his defeat was so inexplicable that it only strengthened his mental resilience .

Upon seeing that Qin Feng was in 4th place, he gritted his teeth and frantically chased after him .

“It seems that Qin Feng isn’t as strong as I imagined . If not, he would have surpassed the Dragon Capital’s prodigies!”

“In other words, he’s only a D5 tier aptitude user! Hmph, I haven’t used my trump cards just yet, I will beat this opponent!”

“Faster! I need to go faster!”

While Ai Duo’s ignorance made him fearless, Han Jun on the other hand felt immensely frustrated when he saw that Qin Feng was only in 4th place .

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“Bastard, you’re clearly a C-tier why the heck are you hiding it and staying in the 4th place?”

“Why aren’t you crushing the competition? Show off your power!”

“This time I came here only for the experience so I don’t need to work so hard . Otherwise, I would have been overshadowed by Qin Feng!”

Thinking of this, Han Jun naturally reserved his strength . His speed gradually began to decrease, not wanting to use up all of his energy .

Of course, Han Jun was only one of the few people who were like that . There were many others still trying as hard as they could, even if they knew that they would not reach the top level .

These prodigies could only keep going up in an effort to prove themselves .

First level, second level!

Third level, fourth level…

In the blink of an eye the top people had reached the seventh level while the rest were on the fifth and sixth level .

Qin Feng was naturally on the seventh level as well . There were a large number of ultra beasts here and their ranks had reached the terrifying point where all the ones that were spawning were beast kings .

For Qin Feng, this was not enough .

“Looks like the first and second levels were probably similarly leveled ultra beasts . Their ranks will increase once every two levels, beast soldiers, beast generals and beast kings! Those facing them would be normal aptitude users, elites, generals and kings!”

Therefore, the one who could truly reach the top would be the Emperor!