Master of the End Times - Chapter 538

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Chapter 538: 538

Chapter 538: Who Is in First Place?

“Then let me see just how many people can make it through!” The corner of Qin Feng’s mouth twitched into a smile, his heart began to beat with excitement .

It was because he could not underestimate the potential futures of prodigies that were his age . These were some absolutely top-grade people .

He did not slow down and continued to fight . The seventh floor was cleared very quickly!

Onward, to the eighth level!

The third place Ji Ran looked at the scoreboards and noticed that she had dropped to fourth place, her heart palpitated with shock .

“Who is this Qin Feng guy? He was behind me the entire time, and now he went past me!”

She had originally planned to rest up on the seventh floor before continuing, but after seeing that Qin Feng had surpassed her and that she had regained about one third of her internal force, she gritted her teeth and stood up .

She had to keep going .

“He definitely isn’t someone from the Capital, that means he’s from one of the four regions . I’m a Dragon Capital native, born and raised, if I lose to someone like that it’ll be the joke of the century! Hmph!”

Being one of the prodigies of the Dragon Capital, she naturally had an air of arrogance .

Even if she gave it her all, she still could not keep up with Qin Feng .

Meanwhile, Qin Feng had reached the ninth level in the blink of an eye!

The ninth level was the boundary . Only those truly powerful enough would be able to reach this point .

Everyone in the building that was watching the video all paid close attention to Qin Feng . They had noticed that he was different from the rest .

The ultra beasts that appear in the Dragon Gate Tower were scaled to match the tiers of their opponents . Qin Feng was indeed C2 tier, but even that would not have been enough of an advantage later down the line .

Ever since the beginning, Qin Feng had been having it easy . He hardly used much martial arts when trying to take down anything .

Especially now, even on the eighth floor, Qin Feng did not slow down . As he maintained his pace, the others were still struggling to keep up .

That was the main reason he ended up surpassing Ji Ran .

“This is way too easy for him!”

“Yeah, I first thought him being C2 tier at such a young age was just a tall tale but, I didn’t expect him to be this strong!”

“If someone like that makes it through the Dragon Gate Tower…”


Everyone could not help but take in a breath, but at the same time they felt fired up .

When something like this happened, who would not be as excited?

Back in the Tower, Qin Feng easily passed through the ninth floor .

Meanwhile, in another similar space, Zhuang Sen directed an exhausted white tiger to halt, stopping and panting .

He had absorbed large amounts of energy into his body and had achieved a breakthrough .

“We need to speed up, then we’ll be able to catch up to Long Gan!”

Zhuang Sen lifted his head to look at the rankings, wondering what Long Gan was up to and whether he would make it to the tenth level .

If there were no movements that could only mean that Long Gan was resting .

When he checked the board, he was immediately surprised by what he saw .

“What? How did I drop down to third place? Qin Feng? Where did this guy come from?”

He was annoyed, he had always been rivals with Long Gang and now, someone from who knows where had arrived to challenge him .

This was unacceptable .

With that in mind, Zhuang Sen stepped into the tenth level .

At this point there were only three people who had reached the tenth floor .

It was Qin Feng, Long Gan and Zhuang Sen!

Preparation for the Prodigy Tournament took an excruciatingly long amount of time but the real deal only provided seventy two hours of experience, three whole days .

For a D-tier aptitude user, three days and three nights of sleeplessness was nothing .

This kind of constant battling was necessary training for potential major wars .

The prodigies had managed to reach the top within only 23 hours .

Many spectators were surprised by this outcome when they returned after a day .

“Long Gan and Zhuang Sen have reached the top floor!”

“Dark horse, there’s a dark horse . A Qin Feng from the Northern region . That guy is definitely a top grade prodigy!”

“He’s currently ranked at number 2, does he want to stabilize in first place?”

“G-gone… . He’s gone past!”

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Countless people watched as the dragon scale that represented Qin Feng lit up on the outside of the Tower . It had surpassed Long Gan!

Everyone was stunned by this moment .

This was completely unexpected .

Back within the Tower, on the tenth level, Long Gan was still moving at a calm and steady pace with no intention of looking at the leaderboard .

He was the strongest among his peers in the Dragon Capital . He was powerful and considered to be a miracle . Zhuang Sen regarded him as a rival but Long Gan never thought of Zhuang Sen as such .

His eyes were set on goals much further away .

That was why he used less than twenty four hours to reach the top of the Dragon Gate Tower, breaking the records and stepping onto the top floor .

There was a bright portal at the end of the white jade stairs . It was a spatial passage .

Long Gan quickened his steps with excitement . The place that he did not reach last year was finally in front of him .

It was very spacious and judging from the range it was about the same size as the interior of the Dragon Gate Tower . His ears could even pick up the sounds of exclamation a hundred meters away .

This meant that he had returned back to Earth .

His surroundings were completely white and there was a spatial passage in the center of the area .

Not only that, there were already two people here .

One of them was an A-tier aptitude user who was the guardian of the Dragon Gate Tower, Long Gan recognized him . The other one was actually a young man .

Long Gan suddenly felt his throat become dry .

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“Master Long! Congratulations on being the second one to complete the Dragon Gate Tower!” The guardian said, but when he announced his congratulations he said so in a strange tone of voice .

Long Gan fought as hard as he could in order to achieve first place, he did not expect that he would get overthrown by a dark horse .

This young person was Qin Feng!

When he saw Long Gan, his eyes lit up with recognition .

Long Gan, the strongest prodigy and a direct descendant of the Long family of the Dragon Capital . According to his lineage, the mayor of the Dragon Capital, Long Ting, was his grandmother .

By now, the Long family would have reached its sixth generation .

Besides that, the Long family had many talented people in it . Long Gan was going to be the most powerful .

Before his rebirth, Long Gan had already been reported to have reached S-tier . That meant that none years from now Long Gan would become an S-tier aptitude user!

Such a high ranking and powerful person was actually participating in the Prodigy Tournament . Qin Feng found that thought to be quite insightful .

Meanwhile, Long Gan was thinking more than Qin Feng .

“I’m…I’m second?” He looked around but found nobody other than Qin Feng .

He was a little confused .

“Who is in the first place?”

The tower guardian’s eyes flashed with sympathy as he pointed to Qin Feng . “He is in the first place! Qin Feng from the North Sea state of the Northern Region!”

Long Gan’s eyes immediately locked onto Qin Feng .