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Master of the End Times - Chapter 539

Published at 6th of January 2021 02:45:15 PM

Chapter 539: 539

Chapter 539: Hapless Prodigy

It was truly a surprise .

Not long later, another door beamed with flashes .

A person came right out of it . He was riding a tiger, which emanated the aura of a D-tier beast king . The man was none other than the prodigal summoner, Zhuang Sen .

Qin Feng remembered him too .

‘Zhuang Sen, the man who popularized the summoner class in the future . It all started with his Sacred Tiger breaking through the Emperor Class and evolving into Deity Class . Though he would only reach the A-tier, his power is equivalent to that of an S-tier because of his formidable contracted beast . ’

As Qin Feng recalled Zhuang Sen’s achievement, he subconsciously rubbed Bai Li’s fur, who was lying on his folded arm .

Once he had attained A-tier, he would have Bai Li evolve into Deity Class too .

Zhuang Sen nudged his beast once he entered the tower and the Sacred Tiger leaped graciously through the air . They landed right in front of the three persons that were already there .

Zhuang Sen acknowledged the other two with a slight nod and fixed his gaze on Qin Feng .

“So, you are Qin Feng?”

Long Gan had not checked the rankings at all during the race . But Zhuang Sen had been peeking at it throughout after he was overtaken by Qin Feng . He wanted to reclaim his position .

Surprisingly, Qin Feng even overtook Long Gan at the last minute and passed the test first .

In other words, Qin Feng was the indisputable best prodigy this term .

“I am . It’s nice to meet you,” Qin Feng replied politely .

He was a man in his second life . If he had not reclaimed his lost talent in this reiterated life, there was no way he would ever get the chance to interact with these top prodigies .

Perhaps due to the hardship he had experienced in his past life, Qin Feng was a man with confidence now . He would not bow down to or flatter the others just because they were going to be respectable elects in the future .

He believed he would be at that level someday too . Probably, he would even reach it earlier than these so-called prodigies in this reborn life .

“Er… Nice, nice to meet you . My name is Zhuang Sen . ” Zhuang Sen initially talked to Qin Feng from a rivalry standpoint . But to his surprise, Qin Feng had greeted him back politely . Such a friendly gesture had the summoner stuttering .

Though he still felt an imbalance emotionally, Long Gan was back to himself on the outside . He appeared calm and greeted, “Hi, I am Long Gan . ”


They shook hands and Long Gan finally asked the question that had been bothering him, “Your surge is definitely a surprise to all of us . What tier are you at now? Why don’t you carry a badge with you?”

Zhuang Sen was eager to know the answer too .

Qin Feng answered, “I am just trying to be low-key and avoid attention . ”

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Zhuang Sen and Long Gan were speechless . Not that he would attract more attention than them, who were probably the highest tier at D6 in this competition .

“That’s not right . Prodigies like us are destined to be the center of attention . There’s no need to avoid that!” Zhuang Sen said .

Long Gan nodded in agreement . “The attention usually comes from the envious ones . There’s no need to be bothered by them . You should always display your true capability . Not only is it a way to fend off unnecessary battles, but it’s also a sign of respect to your rivals!”

Long Gan would not let it go easily until Qin Feng had revealed his rank . He could not accept losing to a complete stranger that came out of nowhere .

Both Long Gan and Zhuang Sen were guessing that Qin Feng must have used some special trick to win the race . For instance, he might own a God Weapon or overpowering runic equipment .

However, it was not like Long Gan and Zhuang Sen were lacking such items . They had carried a fair share of great items with them in this tournament .

Qin Feng felt that he no longer needed to hide . After all, not many would make it to the top of the tower .

“You are right . ” Qin Feng took out his badge and pinned it onto his chest .

Zhuang Sen and Long Gan were baffled when they figured out the truth . The tower guardian was the only one unsurprised as he had known it beforehand .


It was a C-tier aptitude user badge .

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Qin Feng spoke again, “Let me introduce myself again . My name is Qin Feng . I am a C2 aptitude user and currently the governor of North Sea state . At the same time, I am also the president of the Fengli Organization . Feel free to inquire if you are interested in buying guns or hover aircrafts . It’s a pleasure to meet you both so I am feeling generous in giving out a 20% discount on any item . ”

The two of them were still searching for words to respond .

Qin Feng had yet to certify his tier but he was already a C2 . After the D-tier, it became extremely difficult to even raise a sub-tier . They were considered fast after attaining D6 at this age, but Qin Feng was even more unbelievable!

Furthermore, he was also a governor and a president at the same time!

As a prodigy, they had been working their butts off 24/7 to rise through the ranks . How on earth did Qin Feng manage to squeeze out time to work on not one, but two important positions?!

How did he achieve so much at such a young age?

As they were lost for words after listening to Qin Feng’s surreal resume, the spatial tunnel blinked once again .

Apparently, another prodigy had passed the test .

It was Ji Ran . She was only 19 years old and was largely considered the most talented female prodigy in her age group . None of the princesses in the entire Dragon Capital could match with her . She might not be better than Long Gan and Zhuang Sen but she was not that far off either .

Ji Ran was excited to see the four men .

She was infuriated when Qin Feng first passed her . When Qin Feng overtook Zhuang Sen, she had almost given up . But as soon as Qin Feng beat Long Gan as well, Ji Ran could not wait to see the disappointed faces of her two fiercest competitors .

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Thus, she was pacing toward them with a lightened mood . However, when she was close enough to make clear of the alphabet on Qin Feng’s badge, hopelessness once again suffocated her .

After a long while, Ji Ran was finally able to squeeze words out of her mouth . “You, you are a C-tier?”

“C2, to be exact . He is pending certification . ” Zhuang Sen corrected her .

Ji Ran could not help but curse loudly . “How did you even train? How old are you? Where the hell did you come from?”

Qin Feng’s outrageous strength greatly intrigued Ji Ran .

Qin Feng looked back at her and recalled her future .

Ji Ran was no doubt a capable aptitude user . If he remembered correctly, Ji Ran would become an A-tier in about six years . Qin Feng had even joined forces with her several times in the past .

She had three ex-husbands but none of them had lived long .

The Ji family was different from the Longs . They were just a small family in Dragon Capital . To boost their family reputation, Ji Ran was used as leverage and forced into political marriage again and again . The strong ones were usually those facing the most dangers in this unforgiving world . After she lost three husbands, Ji Ran’s personality had twisted drastically, and was no longer the straightforward teenager Qin Feng was seeing now .

“I am your age . As for my training, let’s just call it a personal secret of mine . ” Qin Feng did not tell them he was actually only seventeen years old . In fact, his actual age was much, much older than the rest of them .

“Damn! Stop being so stingy!” Ji Ran was obviously dissatisfied .

The tower guardian finally faked coughs to announce his presence . “Candidates, I suggest you take a good rest after the long battle . There would be a surprise for the four of you six hours from now . ”

They complied with the tower guardian’s suggestion and immediately went into meditation to restore their internal strength .