Master of the End Times - Chapter 542

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Chapter 542: Guardian

Chapter 542: Guardian

“Argh! Come over here and kill the human now!” The creature bellowed .

Despite Qin Feng’s clear dominance, this creature from the Dragon Tribe had refused to comply and stared at Qin Feng unbendingly .

Its comrades clearly heard its cry and looked over in Qin Feng’s direction . The outcome of the encounter was not how they would have expected .

“Retreat first!” One of them shouted and fled decisively .

The others ran with him and covered more than one hundred meters within seconds . The Shade did not move as quickly and returned to the machine after losing track of the Dragon Tribe .

This was when the Dragon Tribe creatures turned back and surrounded Qin Feng .


They did not say anything and assaulted Qin Feng simultaneously . They did not seem to care about the one held hostage by Qin Feng .

Qin Feng sneered and let go of the defeated creature . He prepared his stance to brace for the incoming attacks .

Five creatures came in all directions to completely shut down Qin Feng .

“Asteroid Assimilation! Absorb!”

Qin Feng triggered his internal force and generated a great pulling field around him . The five assaulters were being involuntarily dragged toward Qin Feng . They were being pulled off course by the abrupt force and their five-man formation was no longer intact .

Qin Feng pumped his internal force and leashed out a force equivalent to that of a B-tier aptitude user .

He slid forward and approached one of the creatures . Then he hit the target with his elbow .


Qin Feng’s elbow hit right at the creature’s chest .


Following the bone-shattering sound, the creature spewed blood and flew out .

Qin Feng maneuvered his force field and pulled in another dragon creature near him .


Qin Feng’s heavy punch landed right on its face . The creature was sent back flying with most of its sharp fangs detached from its mouth .

The same happened to the rest of them . Qin Feng wasted little time and energy to put down all five assaulters .

They were just a bunch of toothless dragons!

The creatures could hardly accept the fact that they were being beaten so easily by a single human .


Almost instantaneously, they transformed into a giant lizard and roared exasperatedly .

This was obviously their true form .

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Qin Feng was shocked to witness the transfiguration .

‘So these are actually C-tier beast kings? Is this not an intelligent species but rather a mutated creature that has taken the human form?!’

At the same time, Qin Feng did not waste time and summoned his Verdant Emperor Saber .

“Sword Glare!” Qin Feng’s blade instantly caught fire . Any form of defense was futile in the face of this God Weapon .

Nonetheless, Qin Feng was facing five ferocious dragons at the moment . Their true form was at least three levels tall . The surrounding ruins were further destroyed as their bodies became incredibly huge .

The human form had seemingly suppressed their true power . They now looked and felt completely different than before .

Qin Feng’s expression turned serious . Those five were all beast kings . Even Qin Feng would need to deal with this carefully .

“Fire Wall!”

All of a sudden, a flare burst out around Qin Feng .

The five beast kings were burned by the fire but that only made them more aggressive . They wished to tear Qin Feng into pieces .

However, Qin Feng had cunningly hidden within the Fire Wall . The bright burning flame made it difficult for the creatures to locate Qin Feng .

“Roar!!!” The five beast kings growled helplessly .


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Qin Feng used his consciousness to activate the fire trap . Numerous fire dragons emerged from the wall and drowned the weird-looking dragon creatures in a sea of fire .

The struggling and groaning of the dragons could be heard afar . But gradually, the noise died down into an eerie silence .


Qin Feng held out his hand and the flame danced back into his palm and disappeared . There were only five charred corpses left at the place where the wall was initially set .

The five dragon creatures could not be more dead .

Under the control of his mind, one after another fist-size power core burst out from the dragon’s chest and flew to his hand .

This unique creature might not have as many precious materials as other dragon or wyvern species but their power core was pretty compact .

After that, Qin Feng paced slowly toward the only dragon-borne alive—The one who got beaten the hell out by him earlier .

The dragon-borne was terrified when it saw Qin Feng approach him .

In its entire life, the human race had always been viewed as a pathetically weak species . The dragon-borne had never thought that one day he would be afraid of a human .

Qin Feng used telekinesis to deliver his question once again . “Now, I think you will be more than willing to answer my question?”

“Yes! Yes! What’s the question again?” The dragon-borne apparently did not pay attention to Qin Feng’s question earlier .

Qin Feng had to repeat his question but this time he did it in an even colder tone .

The dragon-borne answered quickly, “Human is a very mysterious species among the dimensions . Their genes allow them to deliver offspring with most of the intelligent species . Some species may be very powerful but can’t reproduce properly . So, they would extract the human genome or their talent to merge with their own . For instance, we, the Dragon Tribe, are created in such a manner . But the mixed-blood usually has the same fertility problem as their forefather . So pure-blood humans are our most precious samples . ”

Qin Feng’s face was stone cold . He had never heard of such nonsense in his past life .

But he was just a commoner back then . His biggest achievement was surviving the wild and attaining A-tier with his own effort . It was never his privilege to enjoy the type of resources and opportunities that he had in this life as a prodigy .

He might not be as powerful as he was in his past life at the moment but this new privilege had allowed him to learn more about different dimensions at a much younger age .

“You are saying that dimension inhabited by a human is usually the target by most other tribes or species? What usually happens to this dimension then? Are they all your slaves in the end? Or are they just a source of DNA material that you can kill at will?” Qin Feng’s voice became sterner and sterner .

Qin Feng had just been reborn for one year . He now remembered that as time passed on in his previous life, more and more intelligent species arrived on Earth and enslaved the humans . They usually kept the female and killed most of the male .

This realization enraged Qin Feng .

“How is that possible? The human species, as I said, is rather mysterious . Some are very weak but there are also those being protected by guardians . We usually won’t be able to touch the latter . ”

Other species usually had equivalent power between individuals when they grew up . For instance, all Grans were C-tier at adulthood . They could only get stronger by evolving into general, king, or emperor .

But humans were different . They could grow indefinitely into A or even S-tier .

Then again, before a human had been awakened, they were extremely fragile . Even the lowest tier mutated creature could kill a normal human with ease .

This was in fact peculiar in the eyes of other species .

“Guardian?” Qin Feng mumbled . He suddenly thought of Long Ting and other S-tier aptitude users in the Human Alliance .