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Master of the End Times - Chapter 544

Published at 13th of January 2021 07:04:18 PM

Chapter 544: Massive Shade

Chapter 544: Massive Shade

The several Sea Tribe creatures were alerted by the vibrations from the battle, they assumed that it was the powerful presence from the machine that they had moved earlier, and perhaps they might even take advantage of the situation to their own benefit .

However, it was a totally different scene from what they had in mind .

The Sea Tribe creatures were reluctant to show themselves .

Of course, Qin Feng had sensed their presence; however, since they had not shown themselves, Qin Feng did not wish to expose them either .

Due to the suppressed conscious energy and the horrifying gravitational system of the region, Qin Feng had decided not to use his Sky Dweller and Silver Bolt .

However, the situation was much more dangerous than Qin Feng’s expectation .

Perhaps, it was due to the numbers of the tribes being much greater than the number that Qin Feng had expected .

A short moment later, Qin Feng was able to identify the appearance of some intelligent species, some of them were those that had invaded Qin Feng’s region before, hence, they were instantly recognized by Qin Feng .

“Skeletal Fiend Tribe!”

Qin Feng looked toward the group of creatures that were in charred-black skin color, and had piercing bones that had extended out from their spines .

They were battling against the Shades with their elongated blood-red spines on their hands, and their waving attacks had crushed the Shades into pieces .

“It is a C2-tier emperor!”

Qin Feng immediately surrounded and concealed himself with a layer of dark runes . Although he was unafraid of such an opponent, it was unnecessary for him to be involved in such a time-consuming and meaningless battle .

Then, Qin Feng was also surprised to see Wraith Devils, Sky Feather Tribe, Necrosoul Tribe, and others .

Most of the intelligent species were still maintaining their human forms, and only some of them were exposed in other forms, however, their numbers were unexpectedly high .

They were merely a hundred meters apart from others .

Of course, encounters of different tribes would eventually lead to on-the-spot battles, and it had intensified the blood stench around the abandoned spot .

Qin Feng continued to roam around with his dark ability and looted on some technological items, and it was impossible for the other tribes to detect his presence .

Without noticing, the sky had gradually turned dark .

It was a pitch-black night without any stars above in the sky, it was like a deadly sky .

Everyone that Qin Feng had encountered earlier were all hidden, Qin Feng had also sensed the unusual atmosphere and immediately entered into a half-collapsed tall building .

It was unknown how long the Shade tribe had died, however, the building still remained intact, from the facade of it, it used to be a building with more than thirty levels . Yet, there were only eight levels left, and it could be the battle that had left the place to be a barren land, there were no signs of any plants around .

Qin Feng stepped into the dusty building that had not been visited by anyone for years, he swept across the surroundings with his internal strength and cleared up a clean spot .

Bai Li jumped out from Qin Feng’s embrace and stretched her body, then she turned into her human form while wearing a dress and a pair of high heels .

Meanwhile, Qin Feng looked out from the window while being hidden in the dark, it was already another world .

Rays of white glow appeared and roamed around in varied sizes .

Surprisingly, all of those were Shades .

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It was not a problem for Qin Feng to view in the dark, also, the semi-translucent and glowing Shades could easily be seen .

Qin Feng initiated his internal strength to fill his pupils, he was able to observe the external surroundings more clearly .

Then, he was prompted by an idea and immediately reached out to his communicator .

Although it has lost its connectivity, the camera recording was still functioning well, Qin Feng immediately recorded the surroundings .

If the sizes of the Shades were in accordance with the treasures controlled by them, it would be easier to identify their treasures during daytime as all of the Shades would recede!

Of course, Qin Feng was not the only one who had thought of such an idea .

However, not everyone had such dark ability as Qin Feng .

While he was still recording, battle waves were heard from a building that was a hundred meter away .

Every Shade on the street was alerted and immediately turned and drifted toward the torn down building .

Instantly, screams, roars, and scared noises were heard .


Walls of the building were shattered into pieces while several dashes of shadow rushed out from the building .

The body size of the tribe was shorter and they were only slightly above a meter in height, they had well-built physique and bulgy backs, and they were travelling very fast!

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“Bane Frogmen!”

It was an intelligent species that had visited Earth before, from Qin Feng’s previous encounter, he was familiar with the tribe although he had not seen them often . Obviously, they were not powerful enough to invade the region where Qin Feng was at, and there were only several of them that had come .

However, the Bane Frogmen were all exposed .

Unfortunately, even if they were to freeze their movements, their lingering scent and their noises would easily expose them from the surroundings .

The frogmen sprinted at high speed and started going toward the direction Qin Feng was at!

Qin Feng was instantly shocked as he realized that his arrival earlier was seen by the frogmen!

Their intention was to have Qin Feng cover their backs .

The frogmen were speeding up and about to arrive at the building where Qin Feng was at!


A ray of black light was shot out from the window and landed on the dusty ground, and a corroded hole was instantly formed on the ground!

One of the frogmen immediately stopped, however, the Shades that were behind were still chasing after them and showed no signs of slowing down .

With that in mind, the frogmen made a wild choice to continue to rush forward .

However, within a split second, Qin Feng’s dark ability had already landed onto the body of the frogmen .

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The first shot was a warning, and the second shot from Qin Feng was aimed for the kill .

As soon as the frogmen were hit by the black light, their speed was greatly reduced and they were soon caught by the Shades, horrifying energy exploded and landed onto the frogmen .

Certainly, the frogmen would not compromise to be a sitting duck . However, Qin Feng’s dark ability was too powerful and it had greatly weakened their capability to fully perform their combat energy, they were only left with half of their total energy .

“Wa! Wa!”

The frogmen let out their raging roars and showcased their deep hatred toward Qin Feng, however, they had no choice but to be hunted down by the Shades .

Meanwhile, Qin Feng’s pupils gradually widened .

He noticed that the frogmen that were killed by the Shades did not suffer much injuries, however, all of their energy had disappeared while the Shades had gained a little more in size, and their translucent body glowed even brighter .

Surprisingly, the Shades were able to absorb energy from the body of the intelligent species .

Could it be the reason for the massively sized Shades?

Meanwhile, a glittering light was seen from afar .

It was from a very far distance, as if it was at the end of the visible distance, it was a hollow shadow that was about to extend into the clouds, it was extremely vague and like a translucent jellyfish in the waters .

“Such a big one!”

Qin Feng was struck dumb .

How many people had it killed to achieve such heights?