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Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Help Wanted

“Of course, you shouldn’t be discouraged . As your consciousness continues to strengthen, you can cultivate longer than others . It’s not possible to have a high-tier special ability now anyway . Continue to work hard!” Cheng Chao encouraged on .

“Mm… thank you, sir!”

Qin Feng scanned his test results again . His eyes were drawn to the word ‘pass’ on the bottom of the sheet . All he needed to do right now was pay to the fee, and he would officially become a student of the Chengbei Advanced Academy!

Qin Feng did not immediately leave but walked up to the Ancient Warrior testing area instead .

The machine was similar to the one Qin Feng had used in the hotel . It was finally almost Zhou Hao’s turn . Only a few people were left in the line before his turn .

“Start the test!”

“Hah!” the person undergoing the test roared, swinging a punch!


“Attack: 279 . You can give it another try!”

“Thank you, teacher! Thank you!” The student nodded, then proceeded to swing another punch . This time, he only managed to get 256 . He had completely wasted his opportunity .

If the criteria for an ability user to enter an advanced academy was considered lenient, then the requirements for Ancient Warriors to enter were rigorous .

Their attacks had to reach at least 300; their speed and responsiveness having to meet specific stringent standards .

Of course, this did not mean that those who scored lower than 300 could not become Ancient Warriors . It only meant that their future prospects had significantly reduced .

It was soon Zhou Hao’s turn .

“Watch me!” Zhou Hao focussed his view, bounced a little and threw an impressive punch!

Back in the intermediate academy, he was among the top in the institute with an astute flair for combat .


The punch was extremely powerful, and the number on the machine danced wildly, seemingly unable to stop!

“516!” someone in the line suddenly shouted .

“That’s more than 500! Isn’t that in the territory of G-tier strength?”

“Wow! That’s impressive!”

“I’ve been cultivating for so long and I barely made 300! He exceeded 500!”

This quickly drew the attention of the teacher overseeing the test . As he was very impressed, he urged the student further . “Go try other tests!” he said .

Zhou Hao flexed his hand, excited . “Hey, you’re done? Let’s go, come with me to try out the other tests!” Zhou Hao pulled Qin Feng with him .

Having plenty of time, Qin Feng obliged and went with him .

Zhou Hao had shown sterling results for the series of tests . He was pleased, but Qin Feng was even happier .

“He died because of me in my previous life . This time, I was able to change his fate – not only did he live, but with his promising talent, there’ll be endless opportunities for him! It would be my honor to fight by your side in the coming days!”

Qin Feng was in a pleasant mood .

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After settking the 50,000 yuan needed for the school fee, they were given the academy’s uniform .

The uniform in deep purple was steam-pressed and tidy, even doubling as a combat suit . The mountain boots added a really professional touch to the entire outlook . Wearing an outfit like that in the colony was a symbol of a promising future .

“Classes start tomorrow! I can finally learn the art of neigong!” Zhou Hao exclaimed excitedly .

Qin Feng looked a little surprised . “What’s the unified neigong that the advanced schools had adopted?”

“Hunyuan – an F-class neigong!”

“When we go back later, I’ll give you another neigong that can also cultivate the Hunyuan skill . It won’t delay anything! If you have any questions, just ask me!” Qin Feng said .

Zhou Hao gave Qin Feng a strange look .

“How is it that you have so many good things now? Did you find some secret treasure I shouldn’t know about?”

“Does finding a dead body count?” Qin Feng made up the perfect lie .

Zhou Hao’s eyes suddenly lit up!

“Wow! You simply came across an elect’s space equipment in the wilderness with the ultimate skill, powerful rune weapon, and a pile of treasure?” Zhou Hao’s let his imagination run wild .

Qin Feng simply smiled in response .

As if on cue, his communicator rang .

Qin Feng selected auto-answer and a man appeared on the screen . It was the same person he’d just met yesterday, the man in charge of the bounty hunter network, Zhang Haoyang .

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“Qin Feng, are you free right now? We’re trying to catch a fugitive criminal . I saw that you’re nearby, so I’m wondering if you come and help us . Once it’s done, you’ll get a quarter of the reward!”

Zhang Haoyang sounded really anxious, and Qin Feng could hear the ear-piercing screeches of the emergency handbrake in the background! They were obviously in the middle of a pursuit .

“Sure . Just send me the suspect’s location!” Qin Feng answered .

“Alright . Thank you!” Zhang Haoyang immediately forwarded the suspect’s details and location to Qin Feng . It was in his vicinity! The suspect was only three blocks away from Qin Feng .

“Haozi! Get down the car first!”

Qin Feng wanted Zhou Hao to have no part in this dangerous chase . The felon that Zhang Haoyang was after was at least F-tier, not a person to be trifled with .

“Was that the bounty hunter network? You guys are hunting a wanted criminal? Bring me with you! I’ll just stay in the car!” screamed a very thrilled Zhou Hao with his eyes wide with eagerness .

“Okay, okay . Sit tight!” Qin Feng put the car in hover mode, and it began to float off the ground . The wind runes were promptly activated, and the vehicle soared to a certain altitude .


The car zoomed off at an incredible speed! In a blink of an eye, they had flown past the three blocks and the suspect’s car was soon in sight .

It was a dark blue truck swerving recklessly, knocking everything in its way! Traffic had come to a halt with the madman on the loose .

Qin Feng spotted Zhang Haoyang’s white racecar . Perhaps it was because he only drove around the city; it was not a hovercar . It would cost a few million to equip his car with runes .

Right now, though, Zhang Haoyang was at a disadvantage .

Qin Feng’s car raced past the buildings at lightning speed .

“Switch to automatic drive . Lock onto the blue vehicle!” Qin Feng opened the sunroof, then stood up on the driver’s seat .

The wind hit his face with fury as he reached to retrieve the energy gun strapped to his waist .


A bright flash shot out of the energy gun, and the wheels on the blue truck made a loud ‘pop!’

Then, the blown tires deflated rapidly .


Qin Feng discharged the weapon again .

The rear of the truck collapsed, its bare rims noisily scraping the road, sending sparks flying everywhere . Thankfully, it caused the vehicle to slow down, eventually drawing to a halt .

A figure jumped down from the driver’s seat .

[Attention bounty hunter! Criminal: Viper is here . ]

The name resembling a serpent was obviously a code name!

Code names were uncommon, but there was also a possibility that the suspect’s real name never appeared in the human alliance database before .

Qin Feng glanced at his communicator and saw that ‘Viper’ was a member of an anti-human group, and was involved in numerous murder cases .

“Go to hell, you son of a bitch!” Viper sneered, grabbing a small car parked by the sidewalk . Channeling his inner force, he lifted the automobile and threw it towards Qin Feng!

Qin Feng jumped down from his hovercar and sprinted towards the projectile that hurtled toward him .