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Master of the End Times - Chapter 550

Published at 13th of January 2021 07:04:08 PM

Chapter 550: Taking Advantage Of The Chaos

Chapter 550: Taking Advantage Of The Chaos

Nobody could figure out where the Sacred Gauntlets were, not even Bai Li . As such, she started to open up small spatial rifts, sticking her hand into them to go ‘fishing’ .

As for the prodigies of the other tribes, some were trying to hide while some were charging forward and fighting for their lives!

When Bai Li’s spatial rift spread out to about fifty meters, the white light of the Lesser Sacred Armor finally disappeared .

“Got it!” Bai Li felt the Sacred Armor appearing within her space and immediately contacted Qin Feng via her consciousness . .

“We start looting, after all its chaos everywhere . If we leave now it’ll look suspicious!” Qin Feng said .

“Oh I get it! We’re taking advantage of chaos!” Bai Li smiled before beginning to stay close to Qin Feng, guarding him from anyone that might come to attack them .

The moment the white light disappeared, the prodigy closest to it was immediately the subject of scrutiny .

“He took the Sacred Armor!”

“Hand it over and you won’t die!”

“Nonsense! Charge him!”

The consciousness rolled like a violent storm, heavily disorienting the mind . The prodigy was absolutely confused and found himself suddenly being attacked from all sides .

“No, I didn’t! I didn’t take it!”

It was unfortunate that nobody believed him .

As numerous attacks were thrown in his direction, he did not even have time to use his spatial beacon before total annihilation .

He had completely turned into Bai Li’s scapegoat .


A bolt of lightning crashed into the prodigy’s body and another prodigy that knew martial arts delivered a swift punch .


In an instant, the prodigy’s corpse was turned into ash .

Seven or eight spatial rune equipment was revealed .

Of course, any top-tier prodigy would naturally carry more than one spatial rune equipment, it would not be enough to carry their things . It was just that nobody knew which one contained the Sacred Armor .

“Mine!” A wyaird snatched up the spatial rune equipment and quickly looked through them with his consciousness but he could not find the Sacred Armor .

“Damn! Not here!” Just as he looked up, he found himself getting mobbed by the others around him .

“Go away! There’s nothing here!” He called out via his consciousness but just like the last guy, nobody bothered to listen!

Qin Feng smirked, at the same time, he reached out with a dark ability . He crippled the prodigy’s combat effectiveness .

Under siege from all directions, the prodigy could not hold himself from coughing up a mouthful of blood .

“Just take it!”

He raised a hand and quickly threw away the spatial rune equipment .

“Don’t believe him! Who knows which one he threw?”



This group was absolutely bloodthirsty . For a moment, they did not seem to care about the Sacred Armor and killed whoever they saw, fanning the flames .

The entire area had become a bloody mosh pit, blood misted the air and the wind carried the scent of death .

Qin Feng could feel the absorption ability feeding on the energies of the dead . These prodigies were not normal people, each one that died was as if he had killed a beast king and because of this he hoped that this carnage would continue .

Hundreds of powerful individuals fighting against one another . The scene was terrifying .

When he snatched up four or five spatial rune equipment, he immediately got targeted by other prodigies .

A bloodthirsty prodigy of the Wild Tribe rushed over and viciously slammed a fist onto Qin Feng’s internal force shield .

Boom! His internal force trembled and seemed to have gotten weaker from the impact .

Just as quickly, the layers reapplied themselves and remained intact .

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Qin Feng sneered, swinging the Verdant Emperor Saber and slashed at the Wild Tribe prodigy .

Dong dong dong!

As he fought, seven or eight people around him began to launch their attacks .

“Get away from him! Die!” Bai Li exclaimed, cracking the whip in her hands as spatial rifts appeared around them . The prodigies were taken by surprise, using their energy to seal the rifts so they would not get hit by this attack .

Qin Feng bore the brunt of the attacks from seven people and began to wildly swing his weapon .

“Blooming Flame!”


A fuchsia light erupted outward as the prodigies tried to defend themselves from it .


One prodigy could not defend himself and instantly became a dried husk the moment Qin Feng’s fuchsia light hit him .


Qin Feng swung his saber and the person immediately turned into ash, dropping all six spatial rune equipment into his hands .

The surrounding prodigies were enraged .

“Kill him!”

“He’s got a lot of good loot on him!”

“Qin Feng, it’s him! Use this chance to get rid of a strong enemy!”

They cried out with fury when they saw Qin Feng .

“Fire Wall!” Qin Feng put on a chilling grin as he unleashed his ability .

But these were prodigies, none of them were easy foes .

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“Thunder Wall!”

“Water Barrier!”

The ones who could use runes activated their strongest abilities as well .

The warriors were not weak either .

“Martial Enchantment: Unstoppable Force!”

“Martial Enchantment: Speed of Light!”

“Martial Enchantment: Immovable Object!”

The Ironvein Tribe member that followed Bai Yu around earlier unleashed a terrifying aura around him, taking on a form that resembled a moving fortress as it charged directly toward Qin Feng .

Qin Feng’s grin widened as the runes formed into a vortex in front of his brow .


In an instant, a terrifying planet-like orb flew out from between his eyes and suspended itself above his head .

It was the Sacred Flame Meteor .

Qin Feng’s Fire Wall began to quickly expand from a hundred meters range!

Two hundred meters, three hundred meters, four hundred meters!

Even the prodigies that were hiding before were shrouded by Qin Feng .

The others who were using similar abilities were overpowered by his attack despite their powerful attacks .

“Die!” He pointed toward the Ironvein Tribe prodigy .


The Sacred Flame Meteor shot forward, crashing into the Ironvein .

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The fortress-like body of the Ironvein shook as if it had been hit by a cannonball bombardment . It began to crumble from the attack as it got consumed by the flames and reduced to ashes .

More than a dozen spatial rune equipment fell from his hands and Qin Feng scooped it all up with a wave of his hand .

He raised his hand and sent the Sacred Flame Meteor flying around, nobody could withstand the force it carried in its wake .

All became but ash .

In just a moment, six died .

None of them went down easily, trying to use their trump cards in order to save themselves .

None of it proved strong enough to defeat Qin Feng! It was useless!

They all saw the horror that was Qin Feng .

“Impossible! Run away! Flee!”

“He can’t be beaten!”

“It’s just a human! How is he so strong?”

The prodigies could not believe it, but they knew that it was impossible for them to fight back and began to make their escape, their eyes full of unwillingness to do so .

All of them possessed a level of pride, but what was pride when it got crushed under Qin Feng’s boots?

Qin Feng just killed a good number of them .

These prodigies had proven their strength, if they wanted to escape he did not bother chasing after them .

He had already gained a lot from just looting the battlefield and killing off a few that tried to face him .

“Let’s go!”

He receded the Fire Wall and left the area with Bai Li .