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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:35:37 PM

Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Illegal Underground Fighting

Zhang Haoyang watched Qin Feng intently . Instead of protesting, he said, “It’s all yours, of course!”

Had it not been for Qin Feng’s prompt action, not only would they have failed to catch Viper, but they would all be slaughtered as well .

Qin Feng took the energy core but did not touch the body .

Zhang Haoyang turned in the assignment, making sure to include Qin Feng’s name . Another 100 points were added to Qin Feng’s bounty hunter account .

Since Viper was a member of the anti-human organization, he was widely known, and the bounty on his head was a substantial 8 million!

After it was divvied up to four shares, they received 2 million each . Still, it was a handsome amount .

“Alright, I’ll leave the rest to you . I’ll be leaving!” Qin Feng said .

“Alright . Thank you! If you need any help next time, don’t hesitate to ask!” Zhang Haoyang replied with a smile .

“No problem!” Qin Feng didn’t agree but did not refuse the offer either .

Zhou Hao had gotten into the co-driver seat while the fight was ongoing, reversing the car about 100 meters .

When the fight was over, Zhou Hao drove the car forward .

Soon, Qin Feng walked over, carrying Xiaobai into the car . Zhou Hao was high as a kite – it was an eye-opening experience seeing how strong his good friend had become .

“Remember to send me that neigong when you get home! I’m so excited right now!”

Qin Feng’s strength really gave Zhou Hao a shock, but at the same time, it had also confirmed his adventures in the past month!

“Mm, I’ll send it to you when I get home!” Qin Feng climbed into the driver seat . At the same time, Xiaobai clung to him, begging him to hand over the energy core .

“Alright, alright . Here you go!” Qin Feng relented, although he knew that if he used the energy core for himself, he would improve his strength tremendously .

But ever since he had Xiaobai, he had given all the energy cores he got to it . It was a decision he never regretted .

After Xiaobai had absorbed the energy core, it fell into a deep slumber, signifying the dense energy contained in an F-class beast-general’s crystal core .

Once he got home, Qin Feng began to pen down a B-class skill – Obsidian Gale – from memory . He worked really hard in the previous life to obtain it, sacrificing almost everything he owned . It was also thanks to this skill that he was able to reach A-tier .

While it could not match up to the Asteroid Assimilation, it remained a beneficial tool for Qin Feng .

Having the Asteroid Assimilation spell at hand, Qin Feng did not need to train his Obsidian Gale . It was, however, suitable for Zhou Hao, even coming with a skill called Obsidian Gale Kick .

Since he had learned the skill for several years, Qin Feng knew it inside out, and he made sure to include the slightest details before sending it to Zhou Hao .

Zhou Hao was over the moon as he received it .

After that, as usual, Qin Feng did not rest . Although the absorption ability had strengthened Qin Feng’s physical body, the Asteroid Assimilation failed to absorb Viper’s internal force . Viper had injected himself with the mutant potion before Qin Feng could do it .

“How unfortunate!” he grumbled, being a little disappointed, but in all consideration, it turned out to be a pretty good day after all since his body had reached G9-tier .

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“But I think there’s another place where you can fight Ancient Warriors!” Qin Feng narrowed his eyes .

He did not know where this place was, but he knew that there was one in every colony, and that was the underground fighting arena . A place for venting the worst lust for violence, it strongly advocated brutality in its matches . It also doubled up as a ferocious fighting ring!

Qin Feng did a quick search, and because these places were somewhat popular, he was able to find their locations in no time .

It was late at night; a blanket of darkness cloaked the entire Chengbei colony . But where the darkness could not cover, were the clamor in certain places .

In the most disorderly, poverty-stricken area of Chengbei, the term ‘mess’ was an understatement . There were probably corpses lying in dark corners around the place .

Qin Feng left his combat uniform at home, choosing to go with more casual clothing . It made him look like royalty, in particular, a devil-may-care overtone that he carried around, giving off a really leisurely yet ferocious vibe .

“Boss! Here comes a fat one!”

“Oh?! Are you sure? Does he have an escort?”

“No . It appears that he’s looking for some fun . The communicator he’s holding is at least 100,000 yuan!”

“Damn! It’s him then!”

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All of a sudden, a group of fierce-looking thugs surrounded Qin Feng .

The apparent leader of the group came forth and barked, “Hey kid, if you have any common sense whatsoever, take out 1 million, or you’ll lose your head!”

Qin Feng stopped walking and calmly took a good look at the group . None of them wore any badges, but now that Qin Feng’s consciousness was so strong, he could sense that they were around G2 or G3-tier .

On top of that, their inner force was no better than a speckle or two of smog .

“Hmm . This is better than nothing . They’re just a bunch of thugs anyway!” Qin Feng chuckled .

Then, before anyone could react, the Asteroid Assimilation blew the surroundings with a terrific explosion, and a powerful sucking force hit them before they knew it . Evidently, the group was under the influence of a qi field . One by one, they fell down to the ground, unable to control their bodies .

It lasted only a few seconds . The suction was gone, and now, they were hit by a repulsion force!

Bam! Bam! Bam!



The young men screamed at the top of their lungs as they were flung around like ragdolls, though soon to discover that this was not the worst thing happening to them .

One of the thugs ran towards Qin Feng . “I will kill you!”

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But just before he could plunge the knife in his hand into Qin Feng’s torso, his target vanished! Right after that, a hand landed on his wrist .


The unmistakable sound of fractures filled the air with a frightening snap!


The knife he held hit the ground as the thug howled in pain .

“Do you still want to kill me now?” Qin Feng grinned, pushing the thug to the ground .

“No! I wouldn’t dare! Big brother! I was wrong! I was wrong!” The thug shriveled in fear . He allowed his anger to get to his head just now, but after Qin Feng’s formidable attack, he finally sobered up .

“Do you always hang out here? I’m assuming the answer is yes . So bring me to the underground fighting arena!”

Even though Qin Feng had been in Chengbei since he was sixteen, there were some places that he dared not venture, this exceedingly underprivileged neighborhood being one of them . Only after he had finally set foot in this place, did he realize how complicated the roads were . At least he got someone to show him around .

“Okay! Follow me, big brother!” the thug said, leading the way . His friends fell back, afraid to even come close to Qin Feng .

Soon, they stopped in front of an impressive looking door that was massive in size .

The place was well lit, and the entrance was grand, featuring significant words reading ‘Eagle Clubhouse’ in gold . There were even some luxury cars lining the parking area .

Not only did the Eagle Clubhouse operate the underground fighting ring, but they also hosted betting tables, bathhouses, and various types of entertainment . It was indubitably the money laundering den of Beicheng!

Each and every guard at the door wore a G9 badge across their chest . One of them was an Ancient Warrior, and the other one, a gun strapped to his back, was obviously a Gunner .