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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:35:34 PM

Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Getting into the Ring

Xiao Lian’s eyes widened, gawking at Qin Feng in disbelief .

“Er, Mr . Qin . This is no joke . Entering the ring is serious business . That’s something only daredevils would do!”

There were all kinds of strange and unusual people who had visited this place, but one thing linked them together . They were all destitute and poverty-stricken . Qin Feng looked like he was born with a silver spoon, so why would he do such a thing?

“That’s not for you to worry about . Just bring me in!” Qin Feng took out another wad of cash and flung it at Xiao Lian .

When the girl saw the money, she knew that this young master would never take no for an answer . With clenched jaws, Xiao Lian cursed under her breath . She pretended to be polite . “Well, if you insist, please come with me then, young master . I must inform you that Arm Breaker may not accept your challenge!”

Qin Feng followed Xiao Lian to the registration desk .

When the person at the desk saw the young man, he looked astonished . Qin Feng did not look like he needed the money at all .

“Excuse me, young master . Going into that ring is not something that should be taken lightly . Our rules here are that once you enter the competition, you will have to compete in 5 battles before you are allowed to decide whether or not you want to continue . One person can compete in a maximum of 35 battles . From the second day onward, all the opponents you’ll be fighting against will be way stronger than you and much more experienced! Not that we’ve never had people your age come along, but it’s just that most of them can’t even last three rounds!”

The person hoped that his brief anecdote would discourage Qin Feng from joining .

Qin Feng, however, merely nodded, obviously unperturbed . “What about the prize?”

He had come to strengthen his martial arts’ internal force, and it would be an added bonus if the prize were big too!

When the man at the registration saw that Qin Feng wasn’t about to change his mind, he decided that he would not care less if Qin Feng was dead or alive . He then proceeded to look up Qin Feng’s particulars . If Qin Feng hailed from an influential family, all they had to do was to tell his opponent to keep him alive . That was the way things ran over here .

“If you win the first battle, you’ll get 10,000, then, 50,000 for the second battle, 100,000 for the third, 500,000 for the fourth, and 1 million yuan for your fifth!”

The total prize money for winning all five battles was 1 . 66 million . Unsurprisingly, most people got nothing as the prize money was only given out at the end of the fifth round . Take Ruthless Tiger, for example . He won the first four battles, but instead of taking home 660,000, he lost his life in the ring!

“Also, you can take home 10% of the audience’s donation !”

Qin Feng nodded . “What about the prizes after the six consecutive wins?”

At the question, the man at the registration table nearly fell off his chair .

This young man had no idea if he would even be able to survive today, and here he was, thinking about winning six battles in a row?

“For every round of battle won after that, the prize would increase by 1 million! That means 2 million for winning six rounds, 3 million for seven, and 4 million for eight . If you win thirty-five successive battles, the total reward would be more than 30million! By then, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem for you to win 100 billion if you wanted to!” The man spoke the last sentence in sarcasm, spitefully jostling Qin Feng with something impractical .

Any typical youth would have become drunk on the idea of success, engrossed in wild fantasies they had fabricated up their heads .

With all things considered, 100 million yuan was an astronomical figure!

“Not bad!” Qin Feng nodded again . A prize like that was worth taking the risk!

Qin Feng took out his communicator and displayed his personal information . “Sign me up!”

Since he insisted on going down the path of self-destruction, the man decided that there was no point in trying to stop him . After he reviewed Qin Feng’s details, the guy exhaled and had this look on his face, as if he finally understood .

“You’re an orphan? You only received your awakening injection last month!”

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When Xiao Lian heard Qin Feng’s answer, she was stunned for a moment . This boy was three years younger than her!

She inspected Qin Feng’s clothes and communicator, and she suspected that he probably earned some money in the wilderness, then squandered all of it when he came back . Someone must have egged him on to join the underground fight .

This was usually the case . The Eagle Clubhouse had to expand their business anyway, so they would often exaggerate the overnight fortune that people stood to make by participating in their underground fights . Numerous youngsters had been deceived into signing up, eventually ending up losing their lives .

That was precisely what the guy at the registration thought .

“You seem to be pretty confident in yourself . Fine, I’ll sign you up! What code name will you be using?”

Code names like Ruthless Tiger and Arm Breaker…

Qin Feng thought about the little fox sound asleep at home and answered, “Deranged, Crazed, or Mad Fox!”

Mad Fox .

… . .

[The defender is a candidate called Mad Fox, and he’s only sixteen years old . Hahaha! You heard that right – this is a young man who has only awakened a month ago . Of course, his opponent isn’t very strong either . We would never do something so barbaric!]

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The audience exploded into fits of laughter .

If the underground fight was not barbaric, then what was?

[His rival is… Black Psycho!]

When the audience saw Black Psycho’s details and noticed that he was a pretty decent fighter . Even though it was no professional assessment, the screen showed that he was the kind of man that could dish out a 1,000 attack punch, which was to say that this Black Psycho had G2-tier strength .

Black Psycho was one of Eagle Clubhouse’s own thugs . He worked as a hired henchman on regular days, but whenever the chance to enter the ring presented itself, he would jump at it . They even got paid 10,000 for winning, and more if he put on a great show . After all, Black Psycho was, in actual fact, simply average in terms of strength . Even so, Black Psycho had a pretty stellar record . As a challenger, he had taken the lives of 11 people and only lost three battles in his career .

“This is a no brainer! Black Psycho is going to win for sure!”

“Black Psycho! Go… let me see you torture your opponent!”

“I’m betting on Black Psycho winning!”

Qin Feng’s odds were 1:1 . 3, whereas Black Psycho’s odds were 3:4 .

If the people wagered on Qin Feng, they would have to risk 100 to win a mere 103, and if they bet on Black Psycho, they would have to risk 300 to win 100 . In short, the profit margin for the first round wasn’t the most enticing . No matter who won the battle, only the gambling house would be making any substantial earnings .

For that very reason, old-time gamblers would not choose to place any bets on this round .

It was an unspoken fact that this first round was just for observation .

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[Both candidates have words that mean ‘crazy’ in their names . So, let’s see which of these two is crazier! The competition starts now!]

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The bell rang, and the energy force field rose, effectively locking them in . Qin Feng and Black Psycho stood facing each other . Both of them were topless, wearing only a pair of shorts and combat shoes .

Black Psycho was a massive guy, towering at a tall-ish 1 . 9 meters with coal-black skin and bulging muscles, brimming with vigor .

Next to him, Qin Feng’s skin was a healthy tan, and the tone of his muscles was well-defined . With a lean physique, he looked like a growing young boy, and at 178 cm, he was a good head shorter than his rival .

“Hey, kid, I will tear you apart!” Black Psycho bared a mouthful of white teeth, looking more like sharp fangs . “After that, I will bring your body back so that I can cook and eat your meat . Soft skin and tender flesh like yours should taste pretty good!”

Qin Feng’s face darkened, taking on the look of a murderous killer .

It increasingly looked like he did not need to be merciful this round .

Black Psycho attacked first, his fist unrestrained .

Qin Feng could kill him with one strike, but he did not want to reveal his actual strength . That, however, did not mean that he would go soft of him .


Qin Feng took the chance to throw a punch at Black Psycho’s face . Black Psycho’s head shook a little as it bore its brunt . As blood splattered from his mouth, a few of his glimmering white teeth were flung 2 meters away!