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Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Threats

“Mad Fox, here’s your prize money for today . Looking at your ability, it seems that you still have a few tricks up your sleeve . Why not come back tomorrow? By then you’d be worth more than this!”

They did not know that Qin Feng had bet 5 million on himself and in one night he had raked in 40 million .

Now, they were giving him 2 million, including the audience’s betting money, which made it a night where he struck gold .

“If you can win five matches in a row tomorrow, you’ll be able to earn more than 10 million . I admire you, so young and yet so powerful!”

While the man was still trying to think of what to say, Qin Feng confirmed the amount of money inside his account and nodded . “I will come again tomorrow . ”

“Haha, please do!” The person at the reception smiled . “It would be better to stay at the clubhouse for the night, get a massage, and have a nice rest . There are plenty of pretty ladies here!”

Qin Feng immediately rejected his offer .

“No! I still have things to do, I’m off!”

Stay at the club? That would mean being monitored and maybe even poisoned at any time . Naturally, Qin Feng could not agree to such a thing, and not to mention, he had to go to class tomorrow!

The man’s expression changed, believing that Qin Feng was deliberately shying away and deciding to not come tomorrow!

Still he could not stop Qin Feng .

When it came to something like this, it was not easy to tempt someone .

Qin Feng had already made up his mind .

In the manager’s office, Jiang Shaoyang received a call again . His face was ignited with fury .

“Get someone to follow him, and when necessary, give him a warning . Isn’t he from that orphanage? It’s said that that old coot Lin Derong is highly respected by the little scamps there!”

For Jiang Shaoyang however, Lin Derong was nothing but an old goat ready to be slaughtered for food at any time .

“Yes, Manager!”

After the man hung up, he quickly broadcasted a wave of communication, leading the Eagle Club escort team to dispatch a small squad .

In this squad, there were only five people, but their strength was the same as what Qin Feng had seen at the front door . They probably had the same power level as someone in the G8 or G9 tier .

Such combat abilities were already terrifying enough!

Not even two hundred meters away from the Eagle Clubhouse, Qin Feng could already feel that someone was watching him!

He was in the slums with the towering buildings covering the sky . At night, there was almost no light and there was darkness everywhere .

The five were obviously very familiar with their surroundings and managed to surround Qin Feng in a small alleyway, cutting him off from the front and back .

“Mad Fox, your ability is quite decent . How about you join our Eagle Club?” said a young man .

Qin Feng frostily replied, “I don’t have that kind of intention!”

After his rebirth, both the garrison and the patrol team tried to recruit Qin Feng but he had decidedly ignored them .

The Eagle Club? What a joke!

Not to mention, he would not possibly join the Eagle Club anyway because it was part of the deputy mayor’s business .

“Boy, you dumb?!”

“Yeah, don’t think that just because you have some power that you can start waving your tail feathers up in the air . The Eagle Club’s strength isn’t something you can ignore!” The others threatened Qin Feng with a lofty, condescending attitude .

The first person who spoke before, probably their captain, said, “Now now, don’t freak out the kid . Mad Fox is only sixteen years old, young and frivolous . That’s normal . ”

He changed the subject again before continuing, “It’s true . You really would not be able to mess with the Eagle Club anyway . Remember to come back tomorrow . Otherwise, you can run all you want but we’ll find you eventually, not to mention, you can’t be all alone with no friends right? I’ve heard that you came out from that orphanage, even your dean would have to bow his head when he meets our Manager Jiang!”

Qin Feng suddenly looked solemn .

His expression was terrible to say the least, and under such dim lighting, it could only be vaguely made out, making it feel as if Qin Feng was absolutely furious right now!

This was the effect they wanted!

The captain chuckled and stepped forward to pat Qin Feng on the shoulder .

“Remember to come tomorrow! Otherwise we dare not guarantee that something unpleasant will not happen!”

After the captain finished speaking, he gestured for the rest of the squad to move out .

How could Qin Feng just let them walk away like this?

“That sucks, right now I want something unpleasant to happen to you!” Qin Feng said, raising a hand and instantly grabbing the captain by his neck .

“You’re dead!”

The captain did not expect Qin Feng to fight back . He might have killed Arm Breaker but he would not be able to stand a chance against him .

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After all, he was a G9-tier ability user . Yet, this was not a threat to Qin Feng, who could go head to head with an F-tier ability user, what was a G9 tier supposed to do?


Qin Feng and the captain’s wrists collided with one another, and the captain felt a great force coming from Qin Feng’s arm .

“Sh*t, boy, you don’t know the meaning of life and death!”

The rest of the squad roared and started to attack .

“Dark Shroud!”

Qin Feng’s consciousness pulled from the core of his power and his ability burst out . Dark runes enveloped the entire alley .

At that moment, the four of them were lost in that infinite darkness, even losing all of their five senses as they panicked and started frantically attacking whatever was around them .

Their attacks did not land on Qin Feng, but instead hit each other .

“What’s going on?” The captain was trying to process the scene in his mind but in the next moment, a palm came close toward his abdomen .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

The assimilation activated, bursting forth!

In an instant, the G9-tier Ancient Warrior’s internal power felt like it was being pulled away by a vortex, many years of hard work was lost just like that!

“Ahh!” The captain roared but found that he had no strength left to resist .

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Qin Feng reached down and bent the captain’s neck like a twig .

In the same manner, the other four had their internal powers absorbed by Qin Feng before he dispatched them in an utterly ruthless fashion .

These people died without knowing what happened to them . Dark ability users were incredibly rare and Qin Feng’s ability was extremely powerful .

At this time, Qin Feng felt that the threads of his internal power had expanded the Dantian . It felt as if it was ready to burst at any given moment .

Not only that, the five cadavers seemed to be giving off a burst of unknown energy . The energy that they have had while they were alive, of their flesh, was all absorbed into Qin Feng’s body, thus strengthening it even further .

Qin Feng suppressed the immediate feeling of ranking up . As his consciousness was pushing further, his power surged once more .


Five gouts of flame fell onto the five bodies, and in mere moments the flames consumed the bodies completely!

It left no trace behind except for the dispersing ashes . Hellfire was such a useful skill!

Qin Feng once again activated his power, Shadow Travel, and even with the countless possible forms of surveillance . Nobody would have been able to detect him while he took on the guise of darkness .

After escaping the slums, Qin Feng was finally able to relax . After finding an unoccupied spot, he sat down in a cross-legged manner .

Upon gaining insight of his Dantian, he learned that it was in a mess .

The internal power he absorbed today, in addition to his own, had become well over hundreds of threads .