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Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Little Forebear

From the beginning, Qin Feng had absorbed 15 threads of internal force from the gangsters in the slums .

However these internal force threads were very mottled, as thin as a cow’s hair, though for Qin Feng, it was really better than nothing .

And then, in the ring, Qin Feng managed to defeat a G2-tier, G3-tier, G4-tier, G5-tier and then the latest G6-tier Arm Breaker . The first few were just appetizers, but Arm Breaker’s internal power was extremely dense, netting him up to 20 threads of internal force .

As for the security squad from the Eagle Clubhouse just now, their team captain was fully G9 tier while the other four were also G8 tiers, which added up to a total of 41 internal force threads .

The difference in thickness and internal force properties resulted in the mess he had to deal with now .


Qin Feng activated his swallowing ability, causing his ability core to spin quickly as he gulped down the internal force within his dantian that did not belong to him .

The internal forces were quickly absorbed and finally integrated into his own body . The meridians expanded once again, almost to a level that would cause astonishment .

Even if he were to stop absorbing people’s internal forces, his training speed would probably still be ten times faster compared to others .

At this time, most of the threads had been consumed, having been refined to be extremely pure as they were spat out by the power core and absorbed into Qin Feng’s dantian .

The original 27 internal force threads suddenly rose exponentially to a total number of 62 . Qin Feng’s strength had more than doubled .

“It was a good decision to come after all!” Qin Feng felt quite excited .

However, when Qin Feng looked at his dantian with his internal vision, he noticed a problem .

“Even though my dantian is strengthened by internal force, I’m afraid it can only withstand an internal force that has ten times the number of internal force threads . In no more than a few days, it seems like my Ancient Warrior level would be promoted to F tier!”

This was fortunate since he had gotten himself a terribly strong enemy like the deputy mayor . How could he not attempt to quickly improve his strength?

Having withdrawn his internal vision, Qin Feng dropped his cultivation state and left the alley .


It was already 2 o’clock in the middle of the night .


Qin Feng opened his door to find the house in pitch black darkness, with only a round ball that was dimly emanating silver light appearing by the doorway .

Qin Feng was stunned for a moment, but upon closer inspection, it was Xiao Bai!

“Xiao Bai? You’re awake?” Qin Feng said in surprise, and in the next moment, he felt the ball move and dash toward his feet at a very fast speed .


Xiao Bai’s sharp teeth came down and bit into Qin Feng’s leg . He sucked in his breath as he felt a sharp pain erupt from his lower leg .

“Arf arf!”

Xiao Bai dragged Qin Feng by the trouser leg, biting down hard . The high quality pants could not help being torn off just like that, and with another rip it was finally reduced to rags .

In the blink of an eye, Qin Feng’s pants were shredded and Xiao Bai retreated for a moment before he hopped up and down on its remains .

“Arf arf arf arf!”

Xiao Bai was very angry, no, absolutely fuming .

Qin Feng and Xiao Bai had signed a contract so he could naturally feel its emotions, he was dumbfounded at the sight before him .

“Did it go crazy?”

Qin Feng thought about the moniker he had in the Eagle Clubhouse, was that name perhaps prophetic?

“Xiao Bai! I’m sorry! You need to calm down!” Qin Feng quickly uttered to comfort the animal . Xiao Bai let out a frustrated yowl, turned its head and dashed up the second floor .

“Xiao Bai!”

Qin Feng chased after it, seeing Xiao Bai darting into his bedroom just as the door was closing behind it . The door closed with a click, it had actually locked itself inside!

Qin Feng . “…”

This fox was getting too smart for its own good! It actually managed to lock him out of his own room! For a moment, Qin Feng did not know whether to despair or be amused!

“Xiao Bai, why are you angry?” Qin Feng could not help but think about invoking the contract between person and fox . At that moment, Qin Feng sensed a crisp and tender voice .

“Bad Master, leaving me alone in the house . I’m so mad!”

“And not letting me use my abilities . ”

“Probably went to go play by himself . ”

“Not even a gift when he comes back . ”

“Don’t come back, stay out . This bedroom is mine . ”

Qin Feng was a little stunned .

He had not expected Xiao Bai to think as such . He was not surprised by the fox’s thoughts but rather surprised by the fact that these thoughts were so clear .

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After the contract, communication between the two had always been based on a vague understanding of either one’s consciousness . The invocation of the contract was also a form of communication with an application of consciousnesses, used by beastmasters to facilitate clear commands to their ultra beasts .

Ultra beasts did not normally understand human thinking .

Xiao Bai was different, perhaps it was because of its high intelligence or because Qin Feng had been taking very good care of him, it had caused it to understand more and more, and to have more sensitive emotions .

It was because Qin Feng told Xiao Bai to not use his spatial manipulation in the colony that Xiao Bai did not use it in order to find Qin Feng after it woke up . After waiting for a few hours, Qin Feng returned empty handed, with no present for the fox . It was for that particular reason that Xiao Bai was angry .

“This ain’t good . I need to have the little ancestor calm down!’

Qin Feng let out an indulgent laugh before opening his communicator . Tonight’s winnings had been a total of 42 million, which was a huge sum of money for a G-tier person . If he wanted to, he could even buy himself a set of silver light rune equipment .

That was not necessary though .

Qin Feng opened up his browser and searched for energy crystal cores!

The energy crystal nucleus had different values due to varying strengths, the Neapolitan Mastiff was worth 20 thousand .

Beast king level crystals were worth ten times more than that .

Qin Feng directly searched through Chengyang’s Thousand Batches Auction House,

[G8-tier Twisted Lynx King crystal core, priced at 8 . 3 million! ]

[G7-tier Blue Ripple Mantis King Crystal Core, priced at 7 . 21 million! ]

[G5-tier Minotaur King crystal core, priced at 5 . 8 million! ]


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After refreshing the page, Qin Feng took a closer look and chose some crystals with reasonable prices and relatively high energy before paying for his purchases .

“Using the sky pigeon express delivery, delivery within 10 minutes!”

Qin Feng paid an extra 50 thousand .

The sky pigeon was an extremely fast contract ultra beast, its gentle personality made it easy to tame . While it had no fighting power, it was used for quick communication and goods delivery .

In less than five minutes, Qin Feng’s communicator rang . “Dear VIP, your goods have arrived . Please open a window or accept it in an open area . ”

Qin Feng went to the roof and from afar he saw a huge pigeon .

The pigeon had wings over a meter long with a round but strong looking body . It was carrying a package in its claws

“I see it! This way!” Qin Feng waved his hand .

“Roger, I’ll land the pigeon immediately!”

The sky pigeon had a communicator around its neck, the beastmaster was using it to direct the pigeon to land and Qin Feng successfully obtained the package .

Only the Wanzong Auction House was able to deliver items so quickly, and it was early in the morning too!

Qin Feng had gotten the items, and the more-than-40-million that was on his communicator was gone .

Translator’s note: i think i felt something in the last part, i just can’t figure out if it’s despair or adoration .