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Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Gigantification

Qin Feng had Xiao Bai properly disguised with her hair curled up, hat over her head and even a pair of sunglasses covering her face .

The only thing was that the sunglasses were a bit too big, then again, it was technically what he bought for himself the last time in case he needed to cover his own appearance .

After Xiao Bai had ranked up to beast king tier, the time was already 7am and there were already people going about their business downstairs . As Qin Feng took Xiao Bai from the elevator to the underground parking lot, he heard many people discussing what just transpired as he passed by .

“Did you feel it just now? That terrifying bearing . ”

“Yeah . Probably a beast king . ”

“My alarm didn’t go off so it probably wasn’t a threat . ”

“It’s probably too fast, that’s why it didn’t get picked up, some terrifying beast king probably just zipped past or something . ”

“Thank goodness it’s just passing by!”

Everyone seemed relieved . Only Qin Feng, who had Xiao Bai the initiator, did not attempt to participate in the discussion as he got into his hover car and drove out of the basement .

Due to the store they shopped from before having a good impression on Qin Feng and Xiao Bai, this time they directly went to the branded store .

“Welcome… Ah, Mr . Qin!”

A surprised voice sounded and Qin Feng looked up . It was Xiao Lian who he had met at the Eagle Clubhouse yesterday .

Qin Feng was also a little bit surprised .

“Why are you here?”

Xiao Lian put on a customary smile before glancing to the side for a moment, and said, “I work here, that stuff at the Eagle Clubhouse was only just my part-time job . I don’t do it anymore!”

Qin Feng knew at first glance that she was lying .

Xiao Lian indeed was not telling the truth as she had been working at the Eagle Clubhouse since she was sixteen and could be considered one of the veterans there . Having worked there for so many years, she naturally had several powerhouses backing her up, though the job required one to be young . Also, if someone were unhappy with them they might even turn up cold the next day .

Even though Xiao Lian had worked there for three years, she had experienced matters of life and death, and she had to use her own money to buy therapeutic drugs to survive . As she was without a skill, she did not want to give up that job .

What happened the day before managed to change her life .

Including the money Qin Feng gave her, Xiao Lian had accumulated a total savings of 1 . 4 million yuan, enough to buy a house in the civilian district .

When you think about it, was not wanting a shelter over one’s head the reason why one would work hard?

Xiao Lian made the decisive action to leave the Eagle Clubhouse . Fortunately, she had been sensible and obedient . The Eagle Clubhouse also had a lot of public relations with the local tyrants so she was happily released .

With the money in hand, she briefly thought about how to squander it before remembering the brand of Qin Feng’s clothing that was bought from this store .

As soon as she came over, she discovered that it was hiring employees . Xiao Lian immediately decided to work here, hoping to meet Qin Feng someday .

Who would have known that she was this lucky to have arrived ten minutes before Qin Feng did .

“Huh . Not bad . ” Qin Feng nodded, not bothered to pry into her lie .

It was certainly best to not have to work in that wretched hive of scum and villains like the Eagle Clubhouse .

“It’s good that you’re here, now help her find a set of clothes . Include sets of undergarment!” Qin Feng sounded a little embarrassed before pointing to Xiao Bai who he had been dragging around .

Xiao Bai was not paying attention, glancing all around .

The last time she came here, she was still a tiny fox . Naturally she only found the wedding dress that little foxes could wear . Today, she decided that clothes for two-legged beasts were much more pleasing .

Though, the sunglasses made everything around her too dark . She reached up and pulled down her sunglasses to reveal her devastatingly beautiful face .

“I want this one, and that one and this one!

Without holding back, Xiao Bai started to choose what she wanted .

“Yeah, tell her what you want . You can go take a look!” Qin Feng put Xiao Bai in Xiao Lian’s hands before shuffling off to the sofa to rest .

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Perhaps he was truly exhausted as he was unable to stop his eyes from closing as he recuperated .

Xiao Bai did not cling onto Qin Feng, instead she started picking up clothes that she wanted and dashed into the fitting room .

When Xiao Lian saw Xiao Bai, she developed a strong sense of jealousy .

This girl had very beautiful looks even though she looked like a child . Yet, she was very alluring and even her voice sounded nice .

Not only that, Qin Feng’s indulgent attitude hurt Xiao Lian’s feelings, he treated her like an attendant, yet when dealing with this other girl, he was unconsciously spoiling her .

“Miss, over here please, what are your measurements? We have all sizes here!”

“What size? I don’t know? Didn’t the Master say that you were supposed to help me?” Xiao Bai said as a matter of factly .

Xiao Lian felt like her heart was getting squeezed .

Xiao Lian smiled and said stiffly, “Then let’s try it out, here please!”

The two women entered the fitting room . While Xiao Lian had money and power, in comparison to this other girl she felt like an old fox .

Xiao Lian was jealous deep down, and she could not stop herself from being sharp and unkind with her words, perhaps even thinking about some minor bad intentions .

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“Xiao Bai, you call Mr . Qin your master . Are you his servant?”

Xiao Bai gave the other a strange look before thinking about how she got along with Qin Feng and said indifferently, “No, more like he serves me! He prepares food for me, and will buy me presents when I get angry!”

It really was Qin Feng serving her!

Xiao Lian’s face contorted a little .

This girl was deliberately showing off!

Xiao Bai was an ultra beast and had very keen senses . At this time, she would no longer stand Xiao Lian’s hostility and lost it for a moment .

Her tone became chilly, not bearing any fury but full of prestige, sort of similar to the aura that Qin Feng gave off .

“What do you mean?”

Xiao Lian was dumbstruck . After gasping, she screamed, “…Aaah! A monster!”

Qin Feng who had been resting his eyes to recuperate immediately opened his eyes and rushed toward the fitting room in the fastest pace he could physically perform, then his eyes widened as he found a terrified Xiao Lian and an innocent looking Xiao Bai .

He wanted to slam his head into the wall at that moment .