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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:35:17 PM

Chapter 66

Chapter 66: The Dark Plague

“Stop fussing . She is a user with transfiguration ability . This happens all the time,” Qin Feng explained .

Xiao Lian was hardly convinced . She looked at Qin Feng suspiciously .

“Stop sticking your nose in matters that you are not supposed to know . Get out of here,” Qin Feng ordered .

“My apologies, Mr . Qin . ”

To Xiao Lian, this man was full of mystery .

She knew that Qin Feng was an orphan that had only awakened about a month ago . However, his unparalleled growth in strength and the peculiar girl by his side were highly unusual . Could he be some sort of secret human weapon developed by the authorities?

Xiao Lian created all sorts of headcanons regarding Qin Feng’s identity without knowing that her idol, too, was having a headache inside the fitting room .

“What on earth happened?” Qin Feng could not help but ask .

Xiao Bai answered, “That female human was being funny . She said I must first grow before I am allowed to serve you . She even criticized me for looking awful in this dress!”

Xiao Bai had just learned how to put on human attire . The V-neck gown on her generously exposed her deep cleavage . Qin Feng touched his nostril to make sure he was not having a nosebleed .

What kind of nonsense did Xiao Lian just utter?

“Your current look does not match such a body shape . Ignore what she had just said . ”

Qin Feng did not care about the child-like look on such a sexy body .

“Is that so? But I think I look better this way . ”

Xiao Bai did not seem to be easily persuaded .

“If that is so, then at least reduce the size . ”

“Alright then…” Xiao Bai agreed reluctantly .

“Smaller!” Qin Feng ordered with a hoarse voice .

“How about this?”

Qin Feng reached out and felt it with his hand . He then nodded . “Okay, this should do . ”

Xiao Bai looked into the mirror and examined herself .

“I see . So the size is a little exaggerated just now . I get it now!”

Qin Feng was speechless .

The embarrassing shopping spree finally came to an end after Qin Feng personally picked a bra and brought a few more clothes for Xiao Bai .

‘Is it because my body is still very young right now?’

Qin Feng suppressed his inner desire gushing through his blood vessels . He had been fighting a lot after he was reborn and he now realized that he might have other needs to fulfill…

However, he soon discarded the thought once Xiao Bai’s charming yet naïve face came before his sight .

“Let’s go . We need to go get you an identity . ” This idea came into Qin Feng’s mind when Xiao Bai had taken the human form .

There should not be much of a hassle for her to get one now with a human appearance .

Qin Feng led Xiao Bai back to the orphanage . Those threats by the gangsters the day before were still lingering in his mind . He was worried and figured that it was best to pay the orphanage a visit to check on the kids .

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The orphanage was as crowded as always . Nevertheless, the kids were not as lively . They appeared lethargic and seemed to be shrouded by a gloomy aura .

Qin Feng furrowed his brows .

“This is odd . What’s the matter?” He was perplexed .

The kids were still excited to see Qin Feng . A lot of them recognized him from before . “It’s the big bro that brought us a lot of meat!”

“Brother Qin!’

“Hi, Brother Qin!”

“Hi, kiddos! How are you guys today?”

Qin Feng dragged a kid closer to him and patted his head .

“Have you all eaten the meat that I brought over?”


“How many?”

The kid in his arm was only three to four years old . He did not really know how to count yet . Besides, who would have counted how much meat one had eaten?

Despite that, some older kids responded, “We had ten slices . We are much stronger now after eating the tasty meat!”

Qin Feng pinched the kid’s shoulder and nodded . Indeed, the kid’s build had grown larger from the last time he met him . The dark aura on his face was less prominent as well .

“Master, they are infected by the black plague,” Xiao Bai informed him .

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Qin Feng was stunned . He frowned and said, “How’s that possible?”

He did experience the same incident before his rebirth . The kids in the orphanage were infected by the contagion and none of them survived the epidemic . He had already absorbed the Hell Stone beforehand and had hunted down numerous Corrupted Ultra Beasts to stop the spread . What was the source of the contagion this time?

“Nothing is impossible, my dear master . However, all you need to do is simply absorb the dark rune of this plaque with your ability and the kids will be safe,” Xiao Bai suggested . This was a natural phenomenon for Xiao Bai, who had an ultra-beast inheritance .

Xiao Bai may be ignorant toward the human social code but when it came to knowledge about runes, human beings’ hundreds of years of research would still be dwarfed by Xiao Bai’s heritage .

Qin Feng hence followed Xiao Bai’s instruction and activated his ability .

The kids did not understand the conversation between them and looked curiously at Xiao Bai . All of them were stunned by her beauty .

“Big Sis, you are just like an angel!”

Xiao Bai returned the compliment with a mesmerizing smile and the kids immediately ditched Qin Feng for her .

Qin Feng did not stop them and focused on sipping in the dark force .

He did not close his eyes . Even without the Inner Vision, he could tell that the dark rune representing death was detaching from the younglings bit by bit as it rushed toward his mind .

The smiles on the kids’ faces were growing larger and larger . It was as if their discomfort and lethargy had evaporated, being bathed by Xiao Bai’s gracious presence .


Finally, the dark cloud around the kids had completely vanished . Qin Feng was relieved and troubled at the same time .

There must be some explanation for this . Otherwise, these kids would not have fallen prey to the contagion .

Qin Feng decided that he would go back and check out on the place where he had previously found the Hell Stone .

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“We should go in now, Xiao Bai . ”

They waved goodbye to the children and marched toward the director’s office .

“Qin Feng, it’s you!”

“How are you, my old director?”

Qin Feng greeted the director and was pleased to see that the old man was in good shape .

“I am fine . Who is this pretty lady? Don’t tell me she is your girlfriend?” Lin Derong was surprised by Qin Feng’s company and took a jab at him .

“Er… Where should I begin…” Qin Feng wanted to deny it at first but realized that it might actually be just the plausible decoy he needed .

It was not like he could tell the director that Xiao Bai was his pet!

Similarly, would it not be weird if Xiao Bai were to tell others that Qin Feng was her master?

Apparently, that was exactly what Xiao Bai had just blatantly told the director .

“The thing is, I found her in the field . She might be an experimental subject of the Dark Coalition . See!” Qin Feng removed Xiao Bai’s hat and revealed her silver eyebrows and hair .

“In short, she knows nothing about human society and greatly depends on me now . I have decided to shelter her and give her an identity . I hope you can help me out . ”

Qin Feng had made up the lies on his way here . This helped explain her unnatural hair color and why she was unfamiliar with human beings .

Xiao Bai acted innocently and looked at the old man . She had already met Lin Derong before without him knowing . She was peeking from inside the bag back then .