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Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Bai Li the White Fox

“Those scums from the Coalition . Pfft!” Lin Derong took a good look at Xiao Bai and figured that she was too unique to be considered a normal human being . He could not hold back his anger recalling the rumor that the Dark Coalition was experimenting on human-beast hybrids .

“Worry not . I will get you an identity . ”

Even if Qin Feng were not one of the orphans that had lived here before, Lin Derong would still happily lend him a hand .

After all, he was the generous philanthropist that had donated the beast general’s meat to the orphanage .

Thus, Lin Derong had no reason to reject when Qin Feng came to ask for his aid .

“So, what’s your name? Do you have one?” Lin Derong asked .

Xiao Bai blurted naturally, “I’m Xiao Bai!”

Lin Derong was irritated . Was that not more like a dog’s name?

Despite that, he forced a smile and said gently, “Let’s use a more elegant name, shall we?”

Xiao Bai turned to Qin Feng, who was equally embarrassed . The name “Xiao Bai” was made up by him . At first, Xiao Bai did look like a Hiromi dog and she is theoretically still a canine after she transformed into a fox . But this name was indeed inappropriate for the pleasant young lady she appeared to be now .

Looking into the glossy pair of eyes on Xiao Bai’s face, an idea popped up in Qin Feng’s mind .

“Let’s call you Bai Li* . ”

“Bai Li?” Lin Derong gave it a thought and nodded . “This will do . Let me key this in . ”

While Lin Derong was busy editing the info, Qin Feng stroked Xiao Bai’s long hair . Though it was not as fluffy as her fur, it was still silky smooth .

“From now onward, you should introduce yourself as Bai Li, Qin Feng’s girlfriend . Just tell them I am your boyfriend if someone asks about me, okay?”

“Yes, master . ” Xiao Bai, also known as Bai Li now, nodded obediently . She comprehended that Qin Feng did not want her to address him as master anymore .

‘Is it a taboo in the human world? No wonder the two-legged female creature was overreacting just now . ’

In her mind, Bai Li had automatically registered “boyfriend” into the same category as “master” .

Shortly afterward, Lin Derong had completed the registration and uploaded the data into the new communicator bought by Qin Feng . He then passed it over to Bai Li .

Beep beep beep!

The communicator that belonged to Qin Feng rang abruptly .

“Qin Feng, why are you not in school today? Skipping class on your very first day?” Zhou Hao asked in a concerned manner . He wondered what had happened to stall his best buddy from coming to school .

He went to the university by himself today . Though Qin Feng owned a hover car, Zhou Hao knew just how bad the traffic could get inside the colony in the mornings . It would be very troublesome for Qin Feng to pick him up so he politely refused his kind offer to fetch him when they parted the day before .

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After all, he was just a buddy and not his girlfriend .

To his surprise, Qin Feng was nowhere to be seen when he went to look for him after class . He asked around and found out that he was absent today . That was when he decided to contact Qin Feng .

“I have some urgent errands to run,” Qin Feng answered ambiguously and did not provide the details .

“I see . Please do remember to come in the afternoon . I heard that there will be an important assembly . ” Zhou Hao reminded him .

“Okay . I will be there . ”

He hung up and then took his leave from Lin Derong’s office . However, before he stepped out of the room, he could not help but turn back . “Old man, I took part in the illegal arena to strengthen myself not long ago . Those men there tried to blackmail me with this orphanage . I might have accidentally caused you unwanted trouble . But be rest assured, I will sort it out quickly . ”

After he had witnessed Lin Derong’s influence before, Qin Feng no longer saw the dean as a helpless old man . The dean had his connections and considerable authority around here so he thought that it was best to be honest with him .

“The illegal arena, eh?” Lin Derong tensed up but did not rebuke Qin Feng for his actions .

After the previous battle, Qin Feng was not the only one who had changed his perception of Lin Derong . Lin Derong was equally impressed by Qin Feng’s capabilities .

“Qin Feng, if you have the confidence, then just go ahead and do whatever you deem necessary . As for the potential trouble, leave it to me . Those gangsters’ threats are nothing but trash talk . Even with that fella Jiang Shaoyang backing them, they still would not be able to touch me,” Lin Derong said .

“Jiang Shaoyang?” The name did not ring a bell . However, since it was coming from Lin Derong, Qin Feng believed that he must not be a small character .

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“Yes . He is an F7-tier Ancient Warrior in charge of the Eagle Clubhouse though his power is slightly weaker than those in the same rank . He is a narrow-minded man and behaves unpredictably . Please be careful if you ever come across him . ” Lin Derong warned .

“I will take note . Thanks, old man . ”

Qin Feng and Bai Li headed to the university after they left the orphanage .

“Xiao Bai, can you turn back into the fox form?” Qin Feng asked . Xiao Bai had been exposed once inside the university . Besides, he could not smuggle her into the university in broad daylight .

Bai Li rolled her eyes . “The humankind sure is problematic . ”

Xiao Bai instantly shrank and returned into the fox form that was only as large as the size of two palms .

Nonetheless, this was actually Xiao Bai’s most frightening battle form .

Xiao Bai crawled out of her clothes . The bra was still clinging on her head .

Qin Feng smiled and picked up Xiao Bai, and he placed her on his shoulder . Only then, he came down from the car and walked toward the university .

He bumped into Cheng Chao, the lecturer who tested him during the entrance exam halfway to the university block .

“Qin Feng, why didn’t you attend class this morning?” Cheng Chao asked without hesitation .

Qin Feng was surprised that the teacher was aware of his absence . He had long graduated in his past life . The adult mind in him was still not used to being supervised and lectured by an educator in this way .

Qin Feng answered awkwardly, “I had something to attend to . How did you know?”

Cheng Chao laughed . “I thought that you were not going to show up . I am your class teacher, that’s why I was told about your absence . Let’s go . We still have a lecture about elements followed by the grand assembly later on . Please don’t run away from school again . Though the syllabus in this university is considered easy, it’s still pretty hard for you to graduate if you keep skipping the important classes . ”

Cheng Chao’s expertise was none other than the introduction on abilities . Thus, it was not surprising that he had been assigned as their headteacher .

When they reached the lecture room, the sixteen-year-old teenagers who had just graduated from middle school were sitting quietly on their seats waiting for Cheng Chao .

Cheng Chao grinned when he saw all the young blood in his classroom .

‘Teenagers are indeed the most adorable ones!’

“Qin Feng, please introduce yourself . The others have already done that this morning so you would have to get to know them on your own . ”

Qin Feng nodded and scanned his classmates . The number of students in this batch was even fewer than that of the previous years . There were only twenty one of them . Qin Feng memorized all their faces with only a single glance despite not knowing their names . He knew that these people would be the best combatants in Chengbei Colony one day in the future .

“My name is Qin Feng . I graduated from Tenth Middle School . There’s nothing special about me except for my pet . ” Qin Feng tapped the fox that had recoiled into a ball of fur on his shoulder .

“This is my contractual beast . She is extremely powerful . I hope that none of you will touch or approach her out of curiosity in the future . I will not be held responsible if something terribly unfortunate were to happen to you . ”

*Translator note: 璃 (Li) stands for 琉璃 (glaze, glossy) in this context . In addition to that, the second chinese word of fox (狐狸) also has the same pronunciation as Li, thus the association in naming of Xiao Bai as Bai (白, white) Li (璃, also a wordplay for fox, 狸) .