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Chapter 69

Chapter 69: The Corpse Corps

The footage was clearly captured using a drone . It was taken from the top of a mountain range at a time near the end of summer, right before spring began . The plants at the perimeter were still growing vibrantly without any signs of wilting . Yet, huge dark spots were seen spreading out from the center of the mountains . The affected land was stained with a dark brown color, indicating its infertility . Plants there appeared black as if they had been scorched .

That was not the end of it . The movements spotted on the mountain top were far more unsettling .

It was swarm after swarm of zombies .

The drone flew in deeper . Right at the center of the mountain peak, a dark knight riding a skeleton horse stood out from the legion around it . The flaming soul burning within its skeleton rose and stared directly into the camera .

In the next moment, the javelin in its hand was tossed into the air . Inch by inch, the crowd could see the spearhead closing in on the screen until finally, the video blacked out and there was dead silence .

“Gasp!” Those with a weak mind were unable to refrain from crying out in horror . They felt like the javelin was going to break through the screen and reach them .

Though it was just footage, many students were actually relieved that they were still alive .

‘What is that surreal creature? How can it be so powerful?’

Qin Feng was equally restless . He realized that the location of the video was exactly where the Hell Stone had crashed .

No wonder the kids from the orphanage were infected by the dark rune again .

Though he had gotten rid of the dark stone, the colony was still in great peril just like in his past life . Only this time, the menace was not from the corrupted beasts but a legion of well-organized zombies!

‘The skeleton knight must be at least an F-tier beast king . ’ Qin Feng thought to himself .

Deng Nian’s voice rose again . “Currently, we need to unite all available forces inside Chengbei to defend against the powerful beast . All G-tier aptitude users in the second and third years, as well as the supporting aptitude users, will be deployed to the field . ”

“This marks the end of the 69th grand assembly of the university . Dismiss!”

The initial joy in the jubilant students at the beginning of the assembly had now been replaced by deep thought and fear .

Cheng Chao shook his head and murmured, “Looks like the freshmen are truly frightened . As far as I can remember, they would usually show milder content like a documentary in the past years . ”

Those documentaries were equally daunting but it was less traumatizing than this one .

The university was not going to cut the students any slack . It was not like they were able to stay protected inside the colony after they had entered the school . They would not be able to step out of their comfort zone this way .

On the contrary, the principle of the university was to let the students battle as much and as early as possible . The teachers would encourage the students to explore the wild, either through direct influence or indirect persuasion .

Otherwise, things like Li Yaoyao forming an expedition team would never have happened .

While Cheng Chao was in his own train of thought, Qin Feng approached him quietly .

“Sir, I wish to join this operation . ” Qin Feng volunteered himself .

Cheng Chao thought that he had heard him wrongly . “Qin Feng, you should not act out of impulse . Focus on your studies and training first . You can join when you are truly ready . Besides, you won’t be allowed to join since you are not a support member . ”

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Qin Feng thought about it and asked, “What if I have earned the G-tier aptitude user badge? Will I be qualified then?”

Cheng Chao was unable to rebut . “Theoretically, yes . But practically, it would be impossible with your current skill set . ”

Qin Feng did not insist and took his leave . His classmates looked at him like he was a madman .

‘You want to join the operation fighting those scary zombies? Dream on with that useless talent of yours!’

Qin Feng operated his communicator and called Zhou Hao . “Do you want to join the zombie-cleansing operation?”

“Sh*t! As much as you do!” Zhou Hao answered without any hesitation . He had trained painstakingly for this day . He wished to fight!

He hardly saw Qin Feng recently . Luckily this best buddy of his had not forgotten him .

“You got an idea?” Zhou Hao asked curiously .

“Yes . Meet me in the evening on the day after tomorrow . ”

Zhou Hao was very excited .

The day ended after the grand assembly was over . He grabbed a quick dinner at home and went straight to bed after that . He needed the rest badly after the busy week . More importantly, he still had a difficult fight waiting for him at night .

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At 10pm, Qin Feng once again appeared at the Eagle Clubhouse . Not only that, he was accompanied by Bai Li in the human form this time .

The place went pin-drop silence wherever Bai Li appeared . The people around the clubhouse were stunned by her beauty and were lost for words .

Qin Feng had no choice but to order Bai Li to put on a pair of sunglasses .

“Why should I wear sunglasses when it’s dark?” Bai Li asked .

Qin Feng did not know how to answer . He was not going to tell her that he disliked other people looking into her beautiful eyes .

“Just do as I say . ” Qin Feng patted her head . Bai Li pouted her lips but still did as her master said .

They did not know that their every action was currently being watched . The stalker was Jiang Shaoyang who was sitting comfortably inside the manager’s office .

Someone had informed Jiang Shaoyang the moment Qin Feng set foot into the clubhouse . The clubhouse had surveillance cameras in every corner . He pressed a few buttons to bring up the right angle and was equally astonished by Bai Li’s elegance .

That astonishment was immediately replaced by rage and jealousy . He felt violated when Qin Feng touched Bai Li’s hair . In his twisted mind, Jiang Shaoyang perceived that only he and not the lowly Qin Feng deserved someone as beautiful as Bai Li . He vowed to take the girl away from Qin Feng who was going to die inside the arena tonight .

“Has all the arrangements been made?” Jiang Shaoyang uttered rather wickedly .

“Yes . Don’t worry, Sir . He wouldn’t make it out alive tonight once he steps into the arena . ” The guy from the other end spoke confidently .

Qin Feng entered the ring around 11 pm .

The Eagle Clubhouse held multiple fights in one night so Qin Feng had to wait for several rounds before his turn .

A lot of attendees today were audience members from the day before . They did not want to miss out on Qin Feng’s match so they came again since he had promised to turn up today .

Five straight wins were no easy feat . Many would have backed away from the sixth match .

However, Qin Feng had defeated Arm Breaker, who had a seven-streak-win, in his last match . The audience was expecting to see more of Qin Feng .

The emcee’s voice soon resonated inside the arena .

[The next person is a newbie in this ring . Yet, I believe most of our audience already know him from yesterday . He is our five-straight-wins contestant, Mad Fox! He is entering his sixth game now, can he keep his hot streak going? Let the match begin!]

Qin Feng’s opponent this time was a G7-tier ancient warrior .

The odds of the two fighters were almost on par . Nevertheless, many placed their bets on the challenger after being incited by the emcee . The Eagle Clubhouse would still be the biggest winner regardless of the match outcome .

Qin Feng defeated his first opponent of the night with ease . He then consecutively put down a G8 and two G9 challengers .

Qin Feng did not get carried away and could almost smell the foul plot .

‘This is too easy . Something is not right . ’