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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:35:08 PM

Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Martial Arts vs Abilities

At this time, Qin Feng already had nine straight wins . And with the appearance of the next contestant, the bet results were also announced .

The ratio had actually reached 7:8!

In spite of this, some people who had been stunned by his victory had fiercely pounded in their cash . The funds in the gambling pool might have exceeded 800 million!

If Qin Feng were to win, the casino would naturally lose a hefty sum .

However, if Qin Feng were to be defeated, the casino would be able to make a fortune!

Qin Feng looked at the opponent in front of him and finally understood why the casino did this .

The opponent was actually an F2-tier Ancient Warrior!

If Qin Feng were just an ordinary Ancient Warrior, even if he defeated those of the G2-tier, he would not be able to beat an F2-tier Ancient Warrior . This Ancient Warrior, in particular, had a stable and concise aura, he was obviously a pro .

“Your winning streak is over, boy!” The Ancient Warrior’s finger swiped across his neck, which was obviously the sign of decapitation .

What he meant was self-evident .

Those Ancient Warriors before were just goofing around and there to build the desired momentum; the real killer was at the end!

[It seems that Barbarian is full of hostility toward Mad Fox, and he wants to behead him! Barbarian is a decent fighter, with ancient martial arts parallel training being his greatest strength . With a body as strong as iron, and strength that is extremely powerful, will he be able to overturn Mad Fox’s status?]

The host gave a brief introduction but many people did not care .

He only had a strong body, and not many people would focus on honing this kind of skill to the highest level . There was no way he would be able to rival Mad Fox .

Mad Fox was fast and strong, he was probably no weaker than Barbarian!

Probably because Barbarian focused on training his physical strength, the aura he exuded was not particularly potent, so he did make people feel like he was one fierce towering giant .

Very few people could see that his strength was that of an F2-tier .

He did not make much of an appearance in the past, after all, he was a hidden trump card . He had only won three rounds, but each of his opponents died very miserably .

However, in the ring, people who had died tragically were nothing new . The prestige of Barbarian might not be as high as the previous Arm Breaker .

Ding ding ding!

The bell sounded, and the match officially started .

“Come on, Mad Fox!”

Barbarian blatantly taunted Qin Feng with a hook of his finger .

He was actually very smart . Speed was not his forte so he wanted Qin Feng to attack first, and then counterattack when he was in close range .

“As you wish!”

Qin Feng did not attempt to dodge; he also wanted to know how strong his own body was now!

Qin Feng’s Absorption skill was much more powerful than it was before his rebirth . Qin Feng’s physical strength did not require much cultivation, and was comparable to those Ancient Warriors who had practiced parallel training!

The timing was right for him to have a proper comparison .

Qin Feng stepped forward and swung his fist .

Barbarian did not dodge his attack . He also swung his fist and punched Qin Feng’s body . As for Qin Feng’s oncoming fist, he did not even care .

It was merely a wound for a wound . Barbarian did not believe that Qin Feng could cause any harm to him . However, if Qin Feng did not avoid Barbarian’s fist, then he would receive a penetrating strike on the heart .

Qin Feng striked first so his fist was the one that landed first on Barbarian’s chest .

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At that moment, all Barbarian felt was a huge incoming force, so much so that he could not even contend in order to overturn him . His body was pushed back and he was forced to step backward, the fist he launched did not even have the chance to touch Qin Feng .

Barbarian stepped three steps backward before stabilizing his figure .

“Ahh! Mad Fox, go on, kill him!”

“Get rid of him, beat him to death!”

“Good one!”

With the audience cheering excitedly, Barbarian felt a surge of rage rushing to his head .

He had been careless, and he did not expect to be knocked back by Qin Feng .


Barbarian suddenly roared out loud, and a yellow light shrouded his palm .

“Barbaric Fist!”

Qin Feng’s eyebrows twitched visibly .

“It’s martial arts!”

After all, Ancient Warriors not only knew how to use their neigong, their martial arts skills were sometimes as powerful as abilities .

Qin Feng had also mastered a lot of martial arts skills in his previous life . However, with his current reflexes and experience, he could respond to any threat without having to waste this internal strength .

However, he would have some losses!

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Qin Feng did not intend to forcefully resist, as he dodged extremely fast .

With a strike from Barbarian, there seemed to be a translucent fist shadow bursting out . The shadow lengthened with a gust of wind, and reached a meter high in the blink of an eye . Even the surrounding area was swirled up in the gust of wind as a chaotic energy burst out .

The punch ended up smashing nothing!


Barbarian’s fist directly hit the ground, smashing the sturdy ring ground into a wrecked state . The force was so great that the energy force field was not spared, causing the translucent force field to fluctuate and ripple .

The audience shouted suddenly, and all of them stood up from their seats .

At that moment, it did not matter whether they were betting on Qin Feng’s victory or not, they were still very excited!

‘Martial arts! This is martial arts!’

They came here to watch the match and were actually able to see a fight that involved martial arts, as such it was certainly well worth its value!

Barbarian missed his strike but he was not perturbed as he approached Qin Feng again .

The two clashed head-on once more, but this time they were evenly matched . Qin Feng was guarding against Barbarian .

Soon, Barbarian’s Barbaric Fist erupted again, and Qin Feng could only passively avoid it .

On the ring, it seemed that the battle outcome was rather apparent!

At the backstage, Jiang Shaoyang was rather pleased as he watched the fight unfold, taking a sip of wine and then switching to another camera’s feed .

The camera was facing Bai Li who was standing in a corner .

Despite wearing sunglasses, her perfect posture still attracted the attention of many people . There was a group of people around her, preventing other people from getting close to her, they were naturally sent by Jiang Shaoyang .

He already regarded Bai Li as his own property .

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The moment Mad Fox dies, he would go and personally greet this beauty!


On the ring, Barbarian was panting heavily .

No one knew how much energy he had consumed .

Barbarian had been practicing his parallel-training skills . Although the Barbaric Fist was said to be driven by one’s internal strength, its energy outburst was ten times more than one’s physical strength .

If one were to get hit by the Barbaric Fist, even a leapfrog aptitude user would be shattered by him .

However, Qin Feng was as slippery as a fish, swiftly avoiding the oncoming attacks whenever possible . If Barbarian did not use his Barbaric Fist, Qin Feng would take the chance to attack again .

On the ring, it seemed as if Barbarian was forcing Qin Feng to retreat and defend . It was more accurate to say that Barbarian had no other choice, otherwise he would get attacked by Qin Feng!

“What’s the matter? Out of energy? So that means that it’s my turn now, eh?” Qin Feng said coldly .

Barbarian’s heart felt a sudden jolt as he felt that something bad was about to happen .

And at this time, a great absorption force burst forth from Qin Feng’s body .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

Barbarian practically staggered two steps forward . Like a puppet drawn by its master, he moved toward Qin Feng who placed his palm on his dantian .

In the next moment, Barbarian’s internal strength was like flowing water, rushing out and being absorbed by Qin Feng in the blink of an eye .


Barbarian did not even have time to react in anger as Qin Feng’s other hand was raised, everyone could see that Qin Feng’s fist had become black in an instant, and there were even flames surrounding it .

Barbarian’s physical strength was indeed strong . Qin Feng’s fist alone was naturally unable to perform a critical strike, but what about his abilities?

Hellfire wrapped around Qin Feng’s fist, and in the next moment, it was blasted through Barbarian’s heart .