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Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Xiao Bai Attacks


The sound emitted was no longer the previous thumping sound of a fist hitting a body . Instead, it sounded like a smoldering sound caused by flames burning a cloth .

Hellfire broke through the barrier of flesh and blood in just an instant . As Qin Feng thrusted his fist inward he incinerated everything around it!

“Uh… Gurgle…” Barbarian unwittingly made a sound before his eyes lost their glow .

Qin Feng withdrew his hand . Without his support, Barbarian fell backward instantly .


Barbarian’s huge figure fell onto the ground, and it seemed to stir up a gust of wind and swirl up the surrounding dust .

After he had completely fallen onto the ground, everyone could see a huge hole that had appeared in Barbarian’s chest, with the insides burned charcoal black, and his heart burned to ashes!

Barbarian was dead!

For a brief moment, a deafening silence enveloped the arena!

In the next moment, a state of frenzy and chaos broke out!

Mad Fox won .

Barbarian, who seemed to be extremely powerful in the eyes of everyone, was finally defeated .

For a while, everyone cheered in unison .

“Ten straight wins, ten straight wins!”

“How satisfying!”

“The Defying Mad Fox!”

Everyone cheered, while both the referee and the emcee once again fell into a stiff and stricken state .

This one scene, which had a striking similarity to the night before, had just happened once more .

The referee had not announced the victor yet, and the force field was not deactivated, but Qin Feng had disappeared in a flash .

Dark Shadow!

Qin Feng took it upon himself to leave the arena first, disregarding the referee’s judgment and the reward that came with .

After all, his objective had been achieved .

A tremendous internal strength was entrenched within Qin Feng’s body, nearly causing his dantian to burst . He had to either advance to the next tier or swallow the internal force immediately!

The moment Qin Feng appeared again, he had already reached Bai Li’s side .

Jiang Shaoyang’s people standing guard around her had no clue how Qin Feng had appeared, all they saw was Qin Feng trying to take Bai Li away!

“Kill him!”

Through the earpieces came Jiang Shaoyang’s roar .

The situation that was both originally on the cusp of victory and an assured win was once again crumbled by Qin Feng . Being provoked by Qin Feng once again, Jian Shaoyang was unimaginably infuriated .

And this time, he had no plans to toy with Qin Feng anymore; he wanted to kill Qin Feng with his very own hands!

The thugs of the Eagle Clubhouse stepped forward to stop Qin Feng .

As for killing Qin Feng, they naturally knew that it was impossible . After all, the other party was the one who killed Barbarian and had emerged unscathed .

They were no match for him!

“Out of my way!”

Qin Feng’s internal strength was at the brink of an outburst, and it was way more vigorous than usual . Whenever he attacked, he would use Asteroid Assimilation, sending these Ancient Warriors, who were only G8 or G9 tier, flying in the air!


Qin Feng was like a ticking bomb; wherever he went, explosions would ensue .

He took Bai Li and quickly stepped up the safety ladder .

After several steps, Qin Feng had reached the first floor and was dashing out .

A group of people were in hot pursuit .

With the appearance of the group of malicious people, the slums were thrown into a chaotic mode, everything was turned upside down .

Qin Feng slipped into a dark alley . Wanting to get out of the sight of these people, he wanted Bai Li to cast her spatial teleportation and escape the siege of these people .

In the next moment, a person in front was blocking the road .

This human figure was ghostly, and his aura was also incredibly powerful without any attempt to cover up his powers .

F7-tier Ancient Warrior .

This was practically a target that Qin Feng had no way to challenge .

“Die!” Jiang Shaoyang roared, and a shadow burst out from the sword in his hand .

The sword’s shadow enveloped Qin Feng, seemingly wanting to tear him into pieces .

This was actually a powerful type of martial arts!

Qin Feng had a great sense that his life was in mortal danger!

“Xiao Bai!”

Qin Feng shouted unwittingly, wanting Bai Li to activate her spatial teleportation to flee from danger, and Qin Feng could then take the opportunity to kill the other party .

In the next moment, Bai Li’s entire body suddenly flashed in silver .

Bai Li’s dress swayed, and her long hair danced along with the wind . It was unclear from where the moonlight shone through as the alley was lit seemingly out of nothingness, surrounding Bai Li’s figure .

In the next moment, four silver light rays emerged!

How familiar this light was; this was definitely the Space Rune .

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“Space Blade!” Bai Li tenderly shouted, pointing at Jiang Shaoyang . “Go!”

The light flashed and disappeared, and Qin Feng’s pupil shrank suddenly .

When the silver light reappeared it was by Jiang Shaoyang’s side .

Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff!

Jiang Shaoyang’s body shook violently a few times!

The sword’s shadow disappeared in mid-air . Not only that, Jiang Shaoyang could not maintain his balance and instantly fell to the ground .

All his limbs were cut off; the wounds were very neat and clean-cut, as he was practically cut into a human stick .

Qin Feng could not help but feel stunned!

“Master, quickly absorb his internal strength!” Bai Li urged .

Qin Feng took a deep breath and finally came to his senses .

He had truly underestimated Bai Li!

After all, the current Bai Li was but an F-tier beast king!

Dealing with an ordinary F-tier Ancient Warrior who rarely fought in the wild was a piece of cake .

And at this time, Jiang Shaoyang fell to the ground, still alive . He tried to lift his neck and look at Bai Li .

A great sense of incredulousness flooded his eyes .

“You! Who the hell are you?”

Jiang Shaoyang had never seen such a horrifying move . Even though he wanted to evade just now, he did not manage to dodge, it was as if the attacks had erupted directly from within him .

Moreover, he also heard the words that Bai Li spat out!

‘Space Blade! Is this a Space Rune? Which means that this woman is actually a powerful spatial ability user?’

This was not even a part of the ten major departments, only some powerful ultra beasts could possess this ability .

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“You don’t need to know who she is!”

Qin Feng said coldly, and he could obviously see Jiang Shaoyang’s greedy eyes when he was looking at Bai Li just now .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

He pressed Jiang Shaoyang’s abdomen with one hand, and a force of absorption burst forth, swallowing all of the internal strength in Jiang Shaoyang’s body .

Jiang Shaoyang wanted to resist, but he had no way to do so . His limbs were gone and there was too much bleeding . Even if Qin Feng did not attack, there was no way he would have survived .

Now, even if he wanted to use the communicator to call for help, it was already impossible!

After absorbing Jiang Shaoyang’s internal strength, Qin Feng’s dantian was thrown into a violently turbulent state .


Qin Feng suppressed the violent internal strength . With a burst of his ability, traces of Jiang Shaoyang’s body were obliterated .

Jiang Shaoyang was thoroughly reduced to ashes in a blaze of fire!

The owner of the Eagle Clubhouse for this generation, and the dark influential overlord behind the slums, was dead .


Crackling sounds came from the string of Buddha beads on Jiang Shaoyang’s hand, which was quickly burned to crisp . However, a grey bead rolled out, with a special pale silver glow appearing on it .

This was actually a Space Rune equipment .

If Qin Feng did not burn the other party’s body, he would have thought that it was only a silver accessory among the beads!

“Let’s go!”

Qin Feng picked up the bead and said to Xiao Bai, and the two disappeared from where they stood .

Until the thugs of the Eagle Clubhouse came over to investigate, no one noticed the insignificant ashes in the dark alley . And little did they know that this was the place where their boss was annihilated!