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Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Dispatched to the Wild

With Bai Li’s teleportation, in less than one minute, Qin Feng had returned to his house in Qinghu Garden .

Qin Feng immediately sat cross-legged, viewing inside his own dantian .

The situation today was better than yesterday’s . The internal forces might be a pile of mess, but Qin Feng had exactly 62 threads of internal force which were strong and powerful, and occupying the lead role . The other messy internal forces could not cause a ripple from within .

However, those were the internal forces that his dantian could accommodate . Now, there were too many of them, they made Qin Feng feel that his dantian was about to burst at the seams .


Qin Feng began to swallow today’s harvest like a whale .

The five people on the ring had sufficiently given Qin Feng 51 threads of internal force which were now squeezed to the point where they were nearly deformed .

What was more terrifying was Jiang Shaoyang’s internal force which had precisely 63 threads .

After a burst of his absorption skill, the threads of internal forces were swallowed whole, quickly strengthening his meridians .

Afterwards, the internal forces became pure again and returned to his dantian .

Qin Feng’s existing 62 threads of internal force began to rise .

73… 86… 99…

The strong and powerful internal force threads were practically displaying a state of diffusion, occupying his entire dantian, and was unable to squeeze in even the tiniest thread .

Yet, the internal forces had not all been fully restored yet .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

Qin Feng tried multitasking and mustered his Asteroid Assimilation .


There seemed to be an explosion within his dantian .

His dantian had expanded to its utmost limit, and it could now accommodate even more internal forces .

Whereas all the threads were completely shattered!

Then, the internal forces condensed into a cloud of mist!

Qin Feng closed his eyes, and a cloud of smoke was practically fuming from his forehead . The aura he was exuding was suddenly increased exponentially .

‘G-tier Ancient Warrior, internal strength like silk!’

‘F-tier Ancient Warrior, internal strength like mist!’

At that moment, Qin Feng was finally promoted from a G-tier to an F-tier Ancient Warrior!


Qin Feng let out a long breath .

He opened his eyes, and his eyes were glowing .

At this moment, he could feel the extent of his own strength!

However, the feeling receded as quickly as it came . After all, before rebirth, Qin Feng was one who had reached A-tier .

Once he had calmed down a great deal, he then frowned .

If the fact that Qin Feng had killed the five Eagle Clubhouse guards yesterday was not able to cause an uproar, what he did today was assuredly going to turn the place upside down .

Once those people discover that Jiang Shaoyang had disappeared, they would surely be able to trace it back to Qin Feng . There might even be people who were already after him right now .

All of this was trouble for him!

Qin Feng thought about it, raised his hand and dialed a person’s communicator .


Xue Xingfu was already in dreamland but he was still awakened by the sound of his communicator, especially by the tone that he had set himself .

He looked at the time and it was already 2 o’clock .

“Dear, who is it!”

“It’s okay, just sleep!”

Xue Xingfu was slightly annoyed but he had to answer the phone, so he gently patted his wife who was by his side and walked out of the room .

“Bro, it’s late . What’s the matter?”

This was neither evening nor morning, and this kid, Qin Feng, really had too much energy!

“Yeah, I wanna tip you off!” Qin Feng said, “For you guys, it should be good news!”

Xue Xingfu became wide awake at his words . When he thought of Qin Feng murdering He Li previously, he had also said that he wanted to give Xue Xingfu some good news .

What he did not know was, who was the one with such bad luck this time around?

No matter who it was, Xue Xingfu was excited .

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“Wait a moment, I’ll go meet you right away! We’ll discuss when we meet!”

Some things naturally could not be conveyed via the communicator . Xue Xingfu hung up his communicator, put on a piece of clothing at random and went to Qinghu Garden .

After half an hour, Xue Xingfu was sitting in Qin Feng’s living room in a daze as he could not believe his ears!

“Say that again, who did you just say it was? Jiang Shaoyang? You killed Jiang Shaoyang?”

“Yep, of course they probably do not know that Jiang Shaoyang is dead, and there’s no evidence to prove that I killed him . However, they may get to the bottom of this! Can you put them in a tight spot?”

Qin Feng lifted his cup and took a sip nonchalantly, as if what he had just said was nothing out of the norm .

Xue Xingfu saw that Qin Feng did not seem to be joking around . However, this time, he could not sit still .

“You said that you killed He Li, I believed you . But now you are saying that you killed Jiang Shaoyang, how the hell am I supposed to believe you? Jiang Shaoyang may be a scum, but he’s also an F7-tier Ancient Warrior!”

Upon seeing that he was refusing to give up until all hope was gone, Qin Feng took out the silver bead at that exact moment .

“This is Jiang Shaoyang’s Spatial Rune equipment . I didn’t use anything inside, you can take it!”

Jiang Shaoyang’s Spatial Rune equipment was actually smaller than He Li’s, only one square meter wide . However, there were a lot of stuff in it .

Firearms, both blue and purple glow rune equipment, even a huge pile of drugs, and a nameless black card .

There were about 50 million yuan in the black card, and Qin Feng kept it with him . After all, Qin Feng was in the ring yesterday, and the Eagle Clubhouse did not pay him what he was owed .

As for the rest, Qin Feng had no interest in them . Jiang Shaoyang was not very good at fighting . Those rune equipment were all standard ones and not custom-made . Obviously, Jiang Shaoyang did not care much, and Qin Feng was also not willing to use something that other people had used before . As such, he would rather give it to Xue Xingfu .

Xue Xingfu looked at the Spatial Rune equipment . He had been battling against the deputy mayor’s men for so many years, as such, he knew the deputy mayor’s F-tier ability user underlings like the back of his hand .

Xue Xingfu shivered for a while, his blood was rushing to his brain, and his eyes were excited when he looked at Qin Feng .

“You, kid, did something huge!” Xue Xingfu started going into deep thoughts and paced back and forth, constantly thinking about the matter at hand . And soon, he came to realize one of its most crucial key points .

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“As for Lin Zheng, you don’t have to be afraid of him . Although he’s the deputy mayor, he’s not as powerful as Mayor Zheng . And he’s now been dispatched to encircle and suppress the Corpse Corps!”

Qin Feng frowned . “He went to the wilderness?”

“Yep . I don’t know whether you know this or not, but a large number of zombies has appeared outside Chengyang City . I’m afraid that their leader is probably an F-tier beast king . As such, the four zones and Chengyang City have all dispatched E-tier ability users!”

“I know!” Qin Feng nodded, he naturally knew that .

The existence of the beast king level, if it were a human of the same level, required tens of thousands of them to encircle and suppress it in order to win . Furthermore, there would be countless deaths and injuries .

As such, in order to win at minimum cost, humans would definitely dispatch the strong ones .

E-tier ability users battling against an F-tier beast king was a battle with an uncertain outcome .

That was also the reason why Bai Li had just killed Jiang Shaoyang so easily today .

However, if Lin Zheng had gone to the wilderness, and he also planned to go there afterward, it also meant that Qin Feng would have to face off against him sooner or later .

After thinking about it for a while, Qin Feng was decidedly not bothered about it .

As long as these people were not sure that Qin Feng was the one who killed Jiang Shaoyang, Lin Zheng would have no reason to come for Qin Feng .

However, to Lin Zheng, an Ancient Warrior who had just awakened for a month was just like a baby who had just learned how to crawl .

When the time came, as long as Qin Feng did not specifically attract Lin Zheng’s attention, Lin Zheng would not attack Qin Feng in the wild!