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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:35:02 PM

Chapter 73

Chapter 73: The Most Powerful Dark Ability

“Remember, divert their attention away from me!” Qin Feng said .

Xue Xingfu smiled wryly, he really could not figure out what kind of devious plots this young one had in mind .

Generally speaking, if someone were to kill Jiang Shaoyang, that person would assuredly be a big troublemaker . That person would have to request for either Xue Xingfu’s or Mayor Zhang’s help and support in order to protect himself .

However, the way Qin Feng sounded was rather forceful, like he was giving an order .

It was as if it was something Xue Xingfu must do for Qin Feng .

However, when Xue Xingfu looked at the Spatial Rune equipment in his hand, he let out a sigh again .

If he were to give Qin Feng this window of opportunity, perhaps within two months’ time, the item that would be handed to him would be Lin Zheng’s Spatial Rune equipment!

“Relax . With the stuff inside, I can seal off the Eagle Clubhouse completely, or even replace it!”

Even after Doomsday, these things in Jiang Shaoyang’s Spatial Rune equipment were enough to touch people’s nerves, and the final result of the legal penalty here was death .

After all, all criminals were people with outstanding strength . Often, after breaking the law, as long as they were able to avoid being captured, they would be able to live freely . Otherwise, the bounty hunter network would not be that lively!

Qin Feng nodded too upon hearing Xue Xingfu’s words, “Okay, this ought to do it . Oh yeah, it would be 50 million for your stuff . You can pay me a few days later!”

Xue Xingfu, who was talking domineeringly at first, suddenly felt weak upon hearing Qin Feng’s words .

Qin Feng really knew how to get the value he wanted!

However, the news that Qin Feng had given him was also well worth the price, even far exceeding it .

Even Xue Xingfu did not dare bargain with Qin Feng .

“Okay okay okay, let me make the necessary arrangements . I’ll prepare the money for you immediately!”

Xue Xingfu did not stay long . After all, the two had been talking for over an hour, and now it was already 3:30am . In just a while it would be dawn .

After Xue Xingfu left, Qin Feng also felt more relaxed .

After washing up a bit, Qin Feng stepped into his bedroom and suddenly stopped in his footsteps .

Even without light, Qin Feng, who had awakened the Dark Runes, was still able to see in the dark . On the huge bed, the dashingly beautiful girl who was lying on her side had entered slumberland, and there was a trace of suspicious water stains on the corner of her mouth!

Looking at her, she looked pure and lovely while charming at the same time .

Not only that, the other party had also put on the silk pajamas that Qin Feng bought for her during the day, without anything else beneath it .

Qin Feng took a deep breath and wanted to go to the guest room to sleep . In the future, he had to teach Xiao Bai that physical contact between men and women was forbidden!

With this thought, Qin Feng’s feet seemed to be stuck on the ground .

“If I leave, that little forebear will definitely be unhappy . It’s fine, she’s just a little fox anyway!”

Comforting himself like this, Qin Feng was able to finally relax as he naturally lifted the blanket and laid down .

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The little fox was sleeping semi-consciously . Feeling the familiar body temperature approaching, she hurriedly approached Qin Feng and licked his cheek at the same time before calmly resuming her sleep!

Qin Feng . “…”‘Bloody hell!’

Qin Feng controlled his consciousness, transferring it from the little fox and placing into his ability core .

Now, he had advanced into an F-tier Ancient Warrior, but Qin Feng’s ability user tier had not yet been promoted .

The biggest reason was that Qin Feng had not yet found a way to practice his consciousness!

Of course, the power of ability users was blessed, but it was also extremely difficult to promote . This was something that Qin Feng had already heard about before his rebirth . However, once an ability user was able to be promoted, the person would be an apocalyptic force, which was far beyond that of Ancient Warriors .

“Don’t tell me I have to go and kill gunners?”

Although there were gunners all over the place, it was still not easy to kill them either even if he wanted to . The Underground Boxing Arena was a special case .

With such thoughts in mind, Qin Feng could only urge his consciousness to rotate the ability core step by step, and then begin looking for the runes that could arrange his abilities according to the lecture given by Cheng Chao .


After an early morning’s torture, both Qin Feng and Bai Li, who had transformed into a little fox, stepped into the campus .

The morning course was still Theory of Runes, and there was a period of Analysis of Ultra Beasts course . The Gunslinging course was in the afternoon .

With the exception of the Runes course, the other courses were totally useless to Qin Feng .

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After the Runes course, Qin Feng was about to get up and head to the library . However, he was stopped by a girl with a ponytail .

“Qin Feng, our ability user class has set up a communications contact group . Please leave your communicator details so it’s convenient to contact you!”

“Yeah, sure!”

Qin Feng nodded and did not reject . He left his contact number and joined the ability class . The one who invited him to join was the monitor of the ability class, Zhao Yu!

Zhao Yu was a fire ability user who had achieved a B in both consciousness and elemental talents during the examinations . It would come as no surprise if she were to become the strongest one in class . After all, she had great talent .

Therefore, it was not surprising that she had been chosen as the class monitor .

Qin Feng skipped the Analysis of Ultra Beasts course and went to the library .

The library was very spacious, and there were not many books at all; most of them were pieces and pieces of chips .

“Dark Abilities!”

Qin Feng’s eyes suddenly sparkled .

There really was information on Dark Abilities .

Qin Feng inserted the chip into his communicator, and its contents were surprisingly little .

Only when he was reading through the info, Qin Feng was able to understand why this was the case .

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Chengbei University had existed for more than fifty years . During this period, only two dark ability users had appeared .

The strength of the first dark ability user was incredible . However, after graduation, he joined the Dark Coalition and became an extremely powerful convict at large . Not long after, he was killed .

This was probably something shameful for Chengbei University!

The second dark ability user appeared more than twenty years ago . After discovering that he was a dark ability user, he wanted to come to school to gain knowledge . He finally found that there were no such records in the school either . Feeling helpless, he still stayed for half a year and finally left behind all the information he had collected by himself .

[I hope that the future juniors who have awakened their dark abilities can leave their rune information here, Descendant of Fuze . ]

[In theory, the basic abilities of the ten major departments are the same, and so is the appearance of the runes . However, both the colors and effects are different . Here is the simplest example…

[After many investigation attempts, I think that the dark abilities stated above really do exist but I didn’t find the corresponding abilities of other departments…]

[The strongest one is the Finger of Death which was unleashed by a black-robed man in a rift in the west sixty seven years after Doomsday . With the finger pointing down, a black light flashed across the sky and killed an S-tier ability user, wiping him out . His body was obliterated with nothing left behind, and it scared off the three strongest S-tier elites on the spot…]

Upon looking at the news, Qin Feng could not calm himself down for quite some time .

“The Finger of Death!”

Such a terrifying ability . The Finger of Death could actually wipe out even S-tier ability users, how powerful was this ability?

He did not know whether the Finger of Death rune was among the more-than-one-billion rune archive he owned or not .