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Chapter 74

Chapter 74: The Imperious Gunslinging Teacher

Qin Feng ate a bit of dried meat stored in Xiao Bai’s space at noon, then he continued searching for more information . This time, he was looking up for information on the runes of other departments .

Especially fire runes . After all, Qin Feng himself also possessed mutant fire runes .

When he was so wrapped up in his reading, his communicator vibrated .

Qin Feng looked at it, and it was actually Zhao Yu who had just added him .

“Monitor, what’s wrong?” Qin Feng asked casually .

“Qin Feng, why did you skip class again? The Gunslinging course teacher is checking your attendance . You have already skipped class twice, and our teacher is upset . Are you still in school? Hurry up and come to class!” There was also a bit of fear in her voice .

Qin Feng was silent for a moment, and he seemed to have thought of the scene where the class monitor was being berated because of a student like him .

After all, the Gunslinging course teacher was a teacher who would vent his anger on everyone!

“Alright, I’m coming now!”

“Okay, okay . Come quickly, we’re at the shooting range!”


The shooting range of Chengbei University was built on the topmost level of the sports hall . It was called a range, when in actuality it was an indoor venue . After all, there were many places to gather .

The gymnasium also had eight floors . When Qin Feng arrived by taking the elevator, the course had already gone on for twenty minutes .

When Qin Feng walked in, all the students looked at Qin Feng, and the teacher naturally looked over .

“Which class is this student from? What brings you here? Are you taking this class?”

The Gunslinging teacher said sarcastically .

Zhao Yu was not only afraid that Qin Feng would be ousted, but she was also afraid of their teacher losing his temper . She quickly said, “Teacher Yang, this is a student from our abilities class . He is here to attend your class!”

“What happened to the abilities class?”

Mr . Yang suddenly raised his voice, to the extent where it was almost deafening .

“Don’t think that you’re awesome just because you have awakened your abilities . When your strength is low, what can your abilities do? Can you light a cigarette? Can you sip a drink? Can you plant wheat and tighten a screw? Going through the Gunslinging course may be supplementary for you all, but this is a life-saving ability! If you don’t wanna learn, then buzz off ASAP!”

Teacher Yang’s tone was improper, and there were even traces of jealousy in his eyes .

He was very grumpy . In the first class yesterday, he gave his students a taste of the wrath of God, using an old-school pistol, he did not even instruct them to put on their earplugs before proceeding to hit a few targets, causing their ears to buzz terribly .

In this way, it left a deep impression on the students, and they were even be a little afraid of him!

At this time, Qin Feng slowly walked forward and glanced at the bench which had guns laid on top of it .

Qin Feng said coldly, “Teacher, what you said weusing firearms to protect ourselves is not wrong . However, we have the freedom to learn whatever we want in this university . Therefore, I think that this course is not useful to me at all . Why should I still come for this class?”

“Not useful at all?” Teacher Yang was enraged as he glared at him . “What the hell do you mean not useful at all? You’re bonkers, kid! Are you now a G-tier ability user? If not, just zip it! Without firearms to protect you, then what good will your abilities do? Even in the future, you will be protected by other people like a precious animal! ”

The students in the class clearly did not agree with what he said .

It was recognized that ability users were the strongest among all combat professions, yet it sounded like something that was despicable based on what he said .

They were all ability users so what Teacher Yang said was actually directly demeaning them .

These people had awakened their abilities, and they were still proud of their luck until now!

Qin Feng laughed coldly, his voice laced with mockery .

“Teacher, I’m not actually talking about guns . All I’m saying is that I don’t need to learn what you are teaching!”

“What?” Teacher Yang was utterly livid . He had never been treated like this by a student before .

Qin Feng have notmust not have seen the ability that he had displayed the day before .

“Kid, believe it or not, I won’t let you graduate . The Gunslinging course is the second most important course for the abilities class, yet you have the audacity to say that what I’m teaching is not worth learning!”

“Oh? Graduate?” Qin Feng thought about it for a while, and felt that these words of Teacher Yang, who was roaring like a mad dog, finally managed to threaten him . “Well, in that case, why don’t you just assess my abilities . If I pass the assessment, I will not come for class in the future, and you have to fill in my report card with full marks . What do you think?”

Teacher Yang grinned savagely .

“Fine, you’ve got quite the guts . I’ve never seen such a crazy person like you . Your name’s Qin Feng, right? Let’s do this assessment . If you fail, then get the hell out of Chengbei University immediately!”

The surrounding people suddenly exclaimed out loud, apparently not expecting Teacher Yang to say so .

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“Teacher Yang, I don’t think that’s a good idea . It’s better if you just punish Qin Feng and he’ll come for your class everyday!”

The other students in class dared not speak up, but they all felt that Teacher Yang had gone a bit too far .

“Am I the teacher or are you the teacher? Step aside! I can’t teach such a student; I do not want him in my class!”

Upon being lashed at, Zhao Yu hunched down timidly and lowered her head with her eyes all red .

At this time, Qin Feng’s face was entirely frosty .

Teacher Yang was really way too much!

However, without waiting for him to say anything, Teacher Yang pulled out a gun from the machinery . It was just a pistol .

The ability users would learn how to use pistols which were easy to carry around .

But obviously, the workmanship of this gun was much more complicated than the other firearms, and it looked way more powerful .

“Assemble this gun under 30 seconds, and then aim it at the bullseye . An average score of eight points in ten shots will be counted as a passing mark!”

Everyone was silent once again as they did not expect the content of the assessment to be so difficult!

After all, when they were in secondary academy, the most that they did was to attend some combat classes and would not come across Gunslinging classes .

Yesterday, they had just learned to take apart a basic pistol .

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As for this pistol that was so complicated, and was soon disassembled, they were not able to tell what it was .

Qin Feng nodded, and his face was calm .

“Teacher Yang, why don’t you also join me in this assessment? If you fail, then you can get out of Chengbei University too . What do you think?”

“You, kid, refuse to give up until all hope is gone, eh!” Teacher Yang sneered, thinking that Qin Feng had wussed out .

The other party must have just failed to clearly see his movements, and now he wanted Teacher Yang to take part in the assessment with him . In this way, he could imitate his movements to assemble the pistol, and then hit the bullseye at random . As long as all the shots were above eight points, this bet would be Qin Feng’s victory!

However, Teacher Yang had no intention of rejecting his challenge .

“Alright! I’ll show you who’s the real gunner here!”

Teacher Yang flicked his fingers and made cracking noises . He took out a firearm of the same model and dismantled it on the bench .

Zhao Yu came up with red eyes and became both a referee and a timekeeper .

“Ready, go!”

With those words, the duo made their move at the same time .