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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:34:58 PM

Chapter 75

Qin Feng’s movements were swift . The components changed form at his slightest touch . Upon further observation, it was actually his sequence of reassembly .

 Ka-chak, ka-chak!

 Qin Feng’s hands were so quick it almost seemed to form a mirage!

 His body was enhanced whether in terms of strength or speed or agility .

 Furthermore, Qin Feng had once absorbed the consciousness of an F-tier gunman . He had a strong sense of perception .

 Hence, he already had a complete understanding of these machineries when Teacher Yang disassembled them!

 Before Qin Feng was reborned, he had undergone extremely tough training to become a high tier Ancient Warrior . In his early years though, guns were always by his side .

 After all, guns were a long range weapon . Even an Ancient Warrior had limitations in terms of his range .

 Qin Feng started from nothing . Being a gunner was an almost exclusive job for the rich . Servicing the guns alone would attract a huge cost . Therefore, Grimm had always serviced the guns himself . Disassembling it was but a menial effort .

 The rest of his classmates had a tough time learning the gunslinging ability . In his hands however, the gun had transformed into a different object .

 Teacher Yang who was nonchalant at first was about to raise his head and throw out mocking insults . Yet, he saw that Qin Feng was halfway done in assembling his gun .

 How long had it been? Five seconds? Six seconds?

 Teacher Yang’s eyes were wide in disbelief . His hands began to move faster . In his state of chaos, however, his movements were far from his best .


 Qin Feng was done assembling his gun .

 “Tick, time: 9 . 31 seconds!”

 Immediately after that, Teacher Yang heard a gunfire .


 Qin Feng raised his arm . He did not seem to have aimed the gun properly yet he was able to hit one of the targets .

 ‘Must be a lucky shot!’

 Teacher Yang thought as such deep down, while expecting Qin Feng to miss the target .

 But there was no fooling the mechanical voice that rang through .

 “Ten points!”

 Bam! Bam! Bam!

 “Ten points!””Ten points!””Ten points!”

 Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

 Sounds of “ten points” kept coming in . The gunfire was ear-piercingly loud . But the phrase “ten points” was like a huge insult .

 At this moment, Teacher Yang had not even finished assembling his gun yet!

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 Qin Feng calmly placed his gun on top of the bench and the sound of it woke Teacher Yang up from his dazedness . He could feel his face heating up like a surge of hot air rushing into his head . If only there were a hole he could crawl into .

 “Teacher Yang, does this mean that I get full marks in the test then?” said Qin Feng calmly . “Of course, the previous bet was just a sudden outburst on my part . Don’t take it seriously!”

 Teacher Yang’s expression was sombre .

 This student was actually adding fuel to the fire .

 Even if he were to treat it as a joke, he had already lost all the pride he had!


 He threw his gun components onto the workbench . “I can’t teach a student like you! You can teach this class instead!”

 The teacher spat those words and turned to leave!

 Teacher Yang slammed the door and then there was dead silence in the range .

 “Qin Feng, you’re amazing!” Zhao Yu’s eyes were filled with admiration .

 Teacher Yang showed off his skills yesterday, but he only got four ten-points and one nine-point . In the end, he even said that he was not at his top form .

 However, Qin Feng’s casual ten shots were not riddled with hesitations at all . His reassembly of the gun was quick as well . Compared to Teacher Yang’s skills, it was a clear victory .

 “Qin Feng, teach us!”

 “Yeah, Teacher Yang is gone anyway . ”

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 “What kind of teacher is he, so irresponsible . Did he think he could blow us off? We are ability users . ”

 “Yeah, it feels like Teacher Yang is always looking to start a fight with us . ”

 Qin Feng looked on as his classmates complained about the teacher .

 However, Qin Feng had driven the teacher away . He was not sure if Teacher Yang would still attend the coming classes, but one thing was for sure; he was not coming back for today’s class .

 “There’s still ten minutes before recess, I’ll show you the basics!”

 The crowd cheered when they heard that Qin Feng was going to teach them . However, some of them were quite dismissive about it . They felt that Qin Feng was just trying to show off .

 The ability users came from a wide range of personalities even during their middle academy years . Most of them who were enrolled into the top class of the advanced academy were merely lucky to have awakened their abilities .

 There were those who enjoyed learning, but there were also those who loathed it . Qin Feng could care less about it .

 “You’re just going to need to practice assembling and disassembling the gun . However, shooting makes up a big part of our advantage . Ability users do possess some naturally awakened consciousness in them and can often become better than gunners . The gun is just a tool, the most important part is the user!”

 Qin Feng explained to them how to inject their own conscious energy into the gun . The crowd became adept within a short period of time . Some of the students with higher consciousness could hit eight-points consistently .

 Since the teacher was not there, there was no limit to their use of ammunition . The students fired away excitedly . Even those who were previously dismissive of Qin Feng had fun shooting away .

 The afternoon class was an introduction to geography . Qin Feng returned to the library without hesitation . Yet, he was called to the counsellor’s office by Cheng Chao .

 Although Cheng knew that he was hard-headed, he did not know that he would be hard-headed to such an extent . It was only the second day and Qin Feng had already driven the gunner teacher away .

 “I heard that you used only nine seconds to completely reassemble the T1 pistol, and your shots were all ten-pointers . Where did you learn that from?” asked Cheng Chao .

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 Qin Feng replied bluntly, “I didn’t learn it from anyone . I have a photographic memory, and isn’t it easy for people with high consciousness to hit the targets?”

 Cheng Chao was speechless . He knew that Qin Feng had an S-rank consciousness level .

 “Sir, I have some questions to ask as well!”

 Qin Feng would never miss a chance like this . He asked away all the doubts he had encountered while studying about runes . Some of them were highly difficult .

 Cheng Chao began to answer his questions that kept on coming . As time passed, the alarm bell for the school’s dismissal sounded .

 “Sir, sorry for taking up so much of your time . I’ll buy you dinner tonight!”

 “Tsk, are you trying to bribe me? Go home!”

 “Alright then . Thanks teacher!”

 Qin Feng did not mind being polite to Cheng to leave a good impression . Cheng Chao had a gentle nature but he was serious and reliable . He was definitely a good teacher .

 But he was too kind a fool!

 Cheng Chao was still thinking about Qin Feng’s questions even after he had left, which left him startled .

 “Didn’t I call him over to talk about Yang Feng? How did he brush them off? I even gave him tuition!”

 Cheng Chao did not know if he should cry or laugh .


 At the other end of the school gates, Qin Feng and Zhou Hao had met up .

 “Come on, psycho . Tell us how to join in the hunt against the Corpse Corps . I’ve been gathering information about that in the past couple of days!”