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Chapter 76

“Simple, just show them a G-tier Aptitude User Badge!” Qin Feng started up his car .

 Zhou Hao’s mouth was wide agape . Perhaps Qin Feng’s suggestion was workable, but still…

 “Could we do it?” Zhou Hao was not confident .

 Zhou Hao already had the capabilities of a G-tier . But when it came to fighting the creatures from the rift, he had only encountered them once when they fought the razor-fang infants .

 He even hit a razor-fang infant with a baseball bat!

 Still, the G-tier trial would require him to slay two hundred G-tier ultra beasts for him to be certified .

 “With me here, you won’t have to worry!” Qin Feng consoled Zhou Hao .

 Zhou Hao started mumbling . “Don’t make me sound like a piece of trash, I don’t buy it! It’s just two hundred ultra beasts . ”

 Qin Feng smiled gently . He did not argue with Zhou Hao .

 Qin Feng and Zhou Hao entered the Great Hall of Certification in the Chengbei Colony . They both looked very young and attracted the attention of many around them .

 “Getting their certification at such a tender age? They’re probably just trying out!”

 “Tsk, they’re not gonna pass the test!”

 “They’re here to burn money, don’t care about them? If they do succeed we’ll just get them to join us!”

 “Let’s see how it goes!”

 These people were looking for party members in the great hall of ability users . There were also small-sized mercenary groups and headhunters from large companies!

 Qin Feng and Zhou Hao went to register . Getting an ability user’s certification was serious business . Once they have registered, they would have to fork up 10,000 yuan . They would not get a refund if they were to fail the test .

 “That’s expensive!” Zhou Hao felt a pinch, although Qin Feng was the one who paid . “I’ll ask my dad to reimburse you!”

 At this moment, Zhou Hao did not care any longer!

 Qin Feng casually waved his hand . “After tonight, you won’t even care about such an amount!”

 Zhou Hao thought that Qin Feng could confidently pass the G-tier’s test . If they really were to succeed, they would officially become recognized ability users . Even if they were to not do anything, they could earn 10,000 yuan per month by just putting their names up on the board at the colony . As their strength grew, and as they kept getting more certifications, they could earn 90,000 yuan every month if they were to reach the tier of G9 .

 This was just the base rewards . There were still many other benefits to take into account . These were all tactics employed to retain the ability users in the colony .

 The colony needed these people to ensure their safety .

 “Strength test, number 231, come forward!”

 “It’s my turn!”

 Zhou Hao went forward and threw a punch at the testing machine .

 He actually did a test three days ago . At that time, his punch scored 516 points .


 The number rose rapidly in one punch .

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 In just three days, his strength had increased by more than 150!

 Even Zhou Hao was surprised . He did not do any special training these past few days . All he did was practice Qin Feng’s Obsidian Gale .

 Zhou Hao was overjoyed . This was evidently the work of practicing the Obsidian Gale technique . Although he knew of the power of the Obsidian Gale, he did not expect the effects to be that good . He thought that he would have to train for another one or two years!

 After that was the speed test . His speed had been doubled compared to three days ago . The increase in speed was much larger than the increase in strength . The Obsidian Gale technique was an internal kungfu that emphasized agility .

 “You have passed the test . Please hand in proofs and recordings of two hundred ultra beasts in three days’ time . If you fail to complete it after three days, we will regard it as a forfeiture . The next period for submitting your registration would be one month after that!”

 Zhou Hao, who was overjoyed at first, turned pale .

 Two hundred ultra beasts in three days, that would be a tough feat even if they went looking in the wilderness!

 Qin Feng had also passed the test . With the power that he possessed right now, a single punch would probably score more than ten thousand points . Hence, he restrained himself and threw a gentle punch . He only demonstrated a little bit of his speed to pass the test .

 “Let’s go!”

 Qin Feng tapped on Zhou Hao’s shoulder .

 “Go where?” Zhou followed Qin Feng as he asked eagerly .

 “We’re going to kill ultra beasts!”

 “Now?” Zhou Hao’s eyes grew wide .

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 It was already five in the evening . The early spring day would soon turn dark at 7pm . It was the time when ultra beasts were the most active, and they were going to hunt down ultra beasts now . Would it not be suicide?

 Right at this moment, some people had gathered around them . “You must be Zhou Hao, we just saw your test results, you have great potential . Wanna join our mercenary legion?”

 “Join us, it’s only two hundred ultra beasts, we’ll take you through it . We guarantee you’ll be able to finish the quest!”

 “Hmph, us Dacheng Group has a branch in the Chengbei Colony . Join us to enjoy the best offer!”

 The smaller mercenary groups that were persuasive at first could only abandon their hopes . After all, it was a big corporation they were talking about!

 They did not expect a big corporation to recruit them . But then again, Zhou Hao’s potential was for all to see .

 “Hehe, sorry guys, I’ve got other matters waiting, I’ll go on ahead!” Zhou Hao apologized to them and started running . “Wait for me, Qin Feng!”

 The human resource executives of the Dacheng Group had a stern expression . They coldly said, “Zhou Hao, don’t get cheated by your friend . You’ve got better talent than him!”

 Zhou Hao waved his hand and let out a bitter smile . ‘Better talent than Qin Feng? Are you joking? Qin Feng is an ability user!’

 Zhou Hao hopped on the co-driver’s seat . As the hover car made its way to the wilderness, he could not help but get excited . His mouth did not stop yapping along the way .

 “It’s my first time going to the wilderness! I’m a bit excited by the thought of it!”

 “Hey, Qin Feng, do you think that the Dacheng Group really wants me?”

 “We’re heading out of the city!”

 Qin Feng smiled gently . He was in a good mood as he drove the car .

 The energetic Zhou Hao made him feel comfortable .

 It was the kind of perfection he seeked for in this life after rebirth .

 However, after they left the city, Zhou Hao’s face turned from excitement to one that was grim . Finally, he stopped talking .

 He could feel a dangerous presence all around him .

 The car sped up after they had left the city . They were finally utilizing the potential of the car but they did not stay on the highway for long before going off the beaten path .

 There was not any tree along the track . One could even see a faint dark green rust . It must be a road from the olden days .

 The road would have been very wide then, pristine even . Else, it would not have made it until today!

 “This road leads to the copper mine of Greenhill!” said Qin Feng .

 Zhou Hao’s eyes changed from confusion to bewilderment!

 After attending university, geography lessons were no longer about the five great oceans and eight great continents of the world . Instead, the lessons started to teach about the areas starting from Chengbei Colony .

 These were all roads that they would take in the future .

 The copper mines of Greenhill, this was what Zhou Hao had just studied!

 His face turned pale!

 “You, you’re not thinking of killing the monster bats in the Greenhill Copper Mines, are you?”