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Chapter 77

“Oh? You knew?” Qin Feng was surprised .

 “We just learnt about it this afternoon!” answered Zhou Hao .

 Qin Feng just realized that although they shared the same course structure, he did not go to the class .

 “The Greenhill copper mines cover a wide area, but they haven’t found a need to gather all its ores . The colony has no plans to tame the area . The mines have always been inhabited by the giant bats . Killing two hundred of them would be a piece of cake, else we would have to spend more than three days just to look for ultra beasts!” Qin Feng explained briefly .

 Hunting down threadsnakes over at the plantation area was not a bad option as well, but Qin Feng would not hear any of it . There would be an overpopulation of giant rats that would cause tremendous damage to the crops .

 Zhou Hao’s face was sallow . “Why are you so calm? We’re not merely talking about two hundred ultra beasts . It is said that up to tens of thousands of bats live in the Greenhill caves! Each one of them are G3-tier, how can we defeat them!”

 Qin Feng was unshaken . “Believe me, if we can’t overcome them now, the Corpse Corps is going to be much worse, you won’t even be able to step foot there!”

 Zhou Hao gritted his teeth . He was now more determined .

 “I guess you’re right, let’s go!”

 Qin Feng’s car was in hovercraft mode . The ground surface was untraversable so they could only hover forward .

 The sun had set after an hour when they finally reached the Greenhill Copper Mines .

 There was a large hole on the ground that led to the copper mines . There was still a railway track that had rusted away which was used to transport copper ores .

 “Here, put this on!”

 Qin Feng took out a silver-colored body armor and an energy gun .

 It was the Beast King Armor made by Qin Feng . Qin Feng’s body was now parallel to an ancient martial artist that had a fortified constitution . Naturally, he did not need the armor .

 “This?” Zhou Hao was astounded . It was a silver runic gear that he had never encountered .

 Even a touch of the armor made him grow attached to it .

 “How about you, don’t you need this?”

 Although Zhou Hao was touched, he did not put it on immediately out of concern for Qin Feng .

 “Quit yapping, these giant bats won’t do me any harm!”

 “I’ll be wearing them then . Hehe, if people knew that I have a shiny armor like this, they’d die from envy!”

 Zhou Hao wore the armor inside his shirt and he felt much safer .

 A while later, they had reached a dark region of the cave .


 A fire lit up!

 It was Qin Feng’s fire ability .

 He was able to see in the dark but that did not mean that Zhou Hao could do the same . It was better to have fire to light the way .

 Qin Feng then took out a crossbow and walked ahead .

 “I’ll catch one for you to kill in a while, remember to use Obsidian Gale Kick!”


 “Remember to switch on your recorder!”


 They needed to record their hunt . How else could they prove that they had slain two hundred ultra beasts?

 Zhou Hao had a grim expression on . He was no longer smiling as he gathered the internal forces around his eyes and ears . It gave him a boost in his senses .

 Shortly after, they could hear the flapping sound of the bats’ wings .

 “Here they come!” Zhou Hao clenched his fist anxiously .

 Qin Feng was much more tranquil than him .

 After all, these bats were only at G3 tier . They could not do anything to him .


 Qin Feng pulled the trigger . The bolt traveled into darkness, hitting two bats at once .


 The bats were hit in their heads and fell to the ground . Another bat circled mid-air for a while after it sensed that something was amiss . But in a short moment, the bat charged toward Qin Feng and Zhou Hao’s position .

 “I’ll leave this one to you!”

 Zhou Hao could finally see the giant bat .

 The videos he had seen did not do the bat justice . It was much more terrifying in real life .

 The bat had a huge body . Its body was almost half a meter long and looked like a rat . The muscles were stout and powerful . It had a wingspan of around one and a half meters . The bat looked frightening .

 The bat’s bloodied eyes and fangs sent shivers down one’s spine .

 “Obsidian Gale Kick!” Zhou Hao leapt upward and swung his leg on the bat .

 The giant bat evaded his kick and flapped its wings . Its claw scratched Zhou Hao’s shoulder .

 If it were not for the silverlight armor, his flesh would have been ripped apart .

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 “Aim for the wings, stay calm and look for an angle to go in!” Qin Feng said in a low voice .

 Zhou Hao circled around and found a good spot . His kick landed right at the center of the giant bat’s wing . Another kick followed, rupturing the bones in the giant bat’s wing .

 The attack incapacitated the bat!

 “Try flying, you scum! You’re gonna die anyway!” Zhou Hao pulled out the energy gun from his waist . He aimed the gun at the giant bat’s head and pulled the trigger .

 The shot pierced through the giant bat’s brain . It was dead .

 “Collect the blood in its heart and the wings! The tail as well!”

 Qin Feng reminded him .

 The most prized item of the giant bat was the blood in its heart chamber . It was a simple potion that could strengthen a person’s constitution . It had better efficacy than a G-tier strengthening potion and therefore should not be wasted .

 A pair of bat wings could fetch about 2,000 yuan . It was not that appealing to Qin Feng . For Zhou Hao, however, it was considerable wealth!

 The tail was of the smallest size . It was used to turn in the mission .

 Zhou Hao took out his dagger and a syringe to collect the required materials . The battle had given him great confidence .

 But of course, it was due to the strength of his silverlight armor as well .

 As the two of them went in further, the number of giant bats increased as well . Qin Feng would leave Zhou Hao a bat to deal with everytime . Zhou Hao’s killing speed became faster .

 Zhou Hao had strong talents . He was also using a B-tier internal neigong and a martial arts technique . He had no problems dealing with the G3 ultra beasts .

 Three hours later, Zhou Hao became exhausted . He could no longer proceed!

 His internal forces were not strong enough and he had hardly ever used them . He was at his limit .

 “We’ll stop here for today!”


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 Zhou Hao did not put on a brave face . He carried his loot and was ready to leave .

 However, as they went back to the car, he became excited once again .

 “I think I’ve just killed fifty giant bats just now!” Zhou Hao counted his kills briefly and realized that he had managed to achieve a great outcome in just three hours . Also, his frantic manner in the beginning had obviously wasted some of his time .

 At this rate, the mission to slay two hundred ultra beasts did not seem that hard now .

 Zhou Hao suddenly felt that the test was too easy .

 Had he suddenly earned the ability to survive in the wilderness?

 Right at this moment, Zhou Hao felt that his world had changed! The world was now a wider place!

 It was only twelve at night when they reached the colony . Qin Feng brought Zhou Hao to the Wanzong equipment store .

 Wanzong operated 24 hours a day .


As soon as Qin Feng entered the store, he saw Little Sun in a smart-looking suit . His hair was neatly combed . There was a silver nameplate on his left chest .

 Sun Yu! The position written there was manager .

 Qin Feng was taken aback . He did not expect Little Sun to be promoted to a manager in just a few days’ time .

 “Mr . Qin!” Sun Yu’s eyes lit up when he saw Qin Feng . He immediately went forward to greet him .

 At this moment however, Qin Feng’s communicator started vibrating .