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Chapter 78

The familiar vibration made Qin Feng survey his surroundings subconsciously .

 Even though it was midnight, there were still trades going on in the Wanzong equipment store . People trade in the evening and fight during the day .

 There were still five people inside the large store .

 Qin Feng glanced at his communicator without showing any expression .

 [Attention bounty hunter! Criminal confirmed: Liu Jiaming]

 [Attention bounty hunter! Criminal confirmed: Liu Jiaxing]

 [Attention bounty hunter! Criminal confirmed: Liu Jiafu]

 It was not Qin Feng alone that was looking around . Even Zhou Hao raised his hand and started panicking .

 Zhou Hao had downloaded the Bounty Hunter Network as well after Qin Feng’s episode with Viper .

 As Zhou Hao was about to say something, Qin Feng signalled him with his hand . Zhou Hao became silent .

 “Little Sun, it’s only been a few days and you are now a manager! Congratulations!” said Qin Feng .

 Sun Yu immediately replied,” It was all thanks to you, Mr . Qin, that my sales increased by leaps and bounds!”

 Sun Yu was able to become a manager because Qin Feng had ordered a silver light weapon, the Verdant Emperor Saber from him . Qin Feng spent more money afterwards which contributed to Sun Yu’s sales and made him stand out .

 The Wanzong headquarters immediately decided to make Sun Yu the manager .

 By doing so, it not only affirmed Sun Yu’s capabilities, but it was also because of a customer like Qin Feng .

 As Qin Feng became stronger, his spendings wound increase as well . A normal salesperson might not have enough access to some wares and Qin Feng might feel underappreciated . They would not want to lose him as a customer .

 This was how Wanzong maintained its edge .

 The previous middle-aged lady storekeeper had to force a smile while showing wares to the other customers . She was demoted from her shopkeeper position due to her incompetence . If it were not for her relative that was an ability user, she would have been let go .

 “No need to thank me, you did a fine job . I’m here to sell some stuff this time!” Qin Feng pulled out a large parcel .

 Even though the wings were foldable, Qing Feng had killed more than a hundred in one night . It was more than enough!

 “Alright, I’ll ask my men to count them!”

 “Good, my friend has some as well . Please count them separately!”

 “Understood . ”

 The workers started to get busy . The price of giant bat wings often fluctuated . If they were sold individually, one would fetch around 2,400 yuan . But Wanzong would buy them at a cheaper price at 2,100 yuan per piece .

 The workers quickly finished counting the stock .

 “Mr Qin’s wares can sell for 275,100 yuan while Mr . Zhou’s can sell for 111,300 yuan . Is there anything else you’d like to purchase?” Sun Yu asked .

 Qin Feng pondered for a while . “I’ll have a T7 battlesuit!”

 The T7 battlesuit was much more expensive than the T3 battlesuit at 150,000 yuan but the quality was much better as well . Qin Feng’s battlesuit had worn out during his fight with He Li in the laboratory .

 Zhou Hao was not in the mood to buy anything .

 “I’m good!”


 Qin Feng tried on the new battlesuit and he nodded in satisfaction . After deducting the price of the battlesuit, Sun Yu closed the deal with Qin Feng and Zhou Hao .

 “Let’s go!” Qin Feng gestured to Zhou Hao .

 Zhou Hao wanted to say something to him but he did not argue with Qin Feng . The two of them left the store .

 Once they stepped out from the door, Zhou Hao could not hold it in anymore .

 “Qin Feng, why didn’t you do something, those three were only at G tier!” said Zhou Hao .

 Qin Feng had killed even Viper . What were these three to him?

 Qin Feng shook his head . He replied, “They were looking at guns!”

 Before Zhou Hao could reply anything, Qin Feng continued on . “I’m sure they wouldn’t dare to rob anything from Wanzong’s store, but the guns are loaded . We would be jeopardizing the lives of innocent people if we were to do something!”

 After all, the employees in Wanzong were just ordinary people who did not know how to fight . The salesperson who was serving them was just a twenty-year-old woman .

 Zhou Hao subconsciously looked back to check the condition of the store . He was subtly concerned .

 And then he saw the three men coming out . They looked like they were not paying attention but they were actually headed for them!

 Zhou Hao was a bit startled .

 “Ha!” Qin Feng laughed gently . Did they take them for an easy meal?

 Qin Feng was dressed in branded casual wear while Zhou Hao was in his school uniform .

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 The two of them did not look like combatants at all . Instead, they looked like rich people or procurement personnels for some mercenary groups .

 These fugitives would never believe that Qin Feng was able to gather all those items by himself to sell .

 They would naturally believe the first possibility .

 Because this was the real target of the Liu brothers .


 The trio often employed kidnapping as their tactic according to the bounty hunter network . They would then defraud their victims’ relatives of their ransoms . After the relatives had transferred the money to them, they would kill off their victims .

 The modus operandi was an effective one . The trio was already involved in many cases!

 “Here!” Qin Feng whispered to Zhou Hao . They did not go back to their hover car . Instead, they went to a side street .

 The trio looked at each other . One of them drove a car while the other two rushed toward Qin Feng and Zhou Hao .

 Afterward, the head of the Liu Brothers, Liu Jiaming, brandished his sword and he was about to slash Zhou Hao .

 Zhou Hao could no longer hold it in . He gave him a back kick .


 Liu Jiaming flew three meters back after being kicked by Zhou Hao .

 “F*ck, you little b*stard!”

 Liu Jiaming did not expect Zhou Hao to resist at all . He let out a furious scream . Zhou Hao did not give him any chance at all . He reached for his energy gun at his waist and fired .

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 “Arghh!!” Liu Jiaming wailed in agony . A bloodied hole emerged on his thigh .

 Teacher Yang from the university was right about one thing . Guns were very useful, especially when you were at a low tier .

 Therefore even a practitioner of the ancient martial arts would carry a gun with them when they were just starting out .

 Next to him, Liu Jiaxing was about to reach for his gun as well . But Qin Feng would never allow that to happen .

 Qin Feng appeared behind him like a ghost . His hand fell onto his opponent’s shoulder .

 Ka-chak! Ka-chak!


 His opponent’s shoulder was immediately ruptured by his grip!

 The last fugitive, Liu Jiafu, who was driving a car was about to turn around and flee!

 “Still thinking about running away? Too late!”

 Qin Feng gave a cold smile . He pulled out the energy gun at his waist . It was not the gun he bought from Xue Xingfu . It was one of the loots from He Li .


 At the sound of gunshot, the bullet pierced through the car’s back window and made a web-like crack . In the next moment, the bullet pierced through the head of the final fugitive .

 He lost control of the car and crashed into a pole . The car finally stopped .

 They were not fighting in some far off desolate place . People started screaming and running away terrified!

 For ordinary people, although the colony was safe, it did not mean that they led a peaceful life .

 Fights could break out at any moment within the colony . Fights between humans were inevitable . More ruthless, even . Anyone could be involved easily without any warning given .