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Chapter 79

Out of the three fugitives, one was killed by direct gunfire while the other two were incapacitated . Zhou Hao excitedly called in for a request .

 Within moments, Zhang Haoyang showed up with his people .

 Normally, they would not show up for a G3 ability user . However, since the Liu Brothers had committed many crimes, their victims were often rich or noble young people . Hence, although the ransoms were not much, the bounty on them was tremendous .

 Some of them offered a huge bounty while some of them offered less . They added up to 20 million yuan in total for the three brothers .

 Zhang Haoyang smiled bitterly when he saw Qin Feng . “Oh, it’s you . You can earn a fortune this time!”

 “It’s not bad!” Qin Feng smiled . He knew that bounty hunting was not profitable every time . However, he was delighted to see Zhang Haoyang’s bitter face .

 After arresting the fugitives, the mission was complete . Qin Feng and Zhou Hao each received a reward of 10 million yuan .

 “Qin Feng, I’ll transfer 5 million to you!” Zhou Hao knew that Qin Feng contributed the most for their capture . Without Qin Feng, he would not have dared to fight them .

 It was hard to blame Zhang Haoyang for being surprised to see Qin Feng as he felt that the world was small indeed . There were many ability users that were linked to the bounty hunter network but they might not necessarily take action .

 After all, if they were to fight, nobody was able to guarantee a victory . They could even end up dying or attracting gruesome revenge .

 “Don’t worry about it . Keep it and buy a car tomorrow afternoon!” replied Qin Feng .

 Zhou Hao was taken aback . “Why would I buy a car!”

 Qin Feng pointed at Xiao Bai that had not moved even once on his shoulder . “You were sitting on Xiao Bai’s seat . She’s very upset . ”

 It was not only that . Xiao Bai wanted to attend classes with Qin Feng during the day . At night, she could transform into a human and dress up in pretty clothing .

 With Zhou Hao tagging along, not only could she not transform into a human, she had even lost her seating privilege .

 The beast king’s territorial instinct kicked into play after her seat was taken by someone else . If it were not for Qin Feng, Zhou Hao would have been swept away by her claws!

 After listening to Qin Feng’s explanation, his jaw dropped .

 “Damn, I thought I was your pal, is my position lower than Xiao Bai?”

 Qin Feng contemplated for a while before answering in a serious tone . “Yes, you are much lower . ”

 Xiao Bai was recognized by Qin Feng as his girlfriend!

 It had always been gals before pals since ancient times . How could Zhou Hao be more important than Xiao Bai!

 Qin Feng chuckled lightly . He was only joking around .

 Of course they were both important .

 Zhou Hao was taken aback by his words .

 “Alright, you’re gonna walk yourself home . I need to leave as well!”

 Qin Feng did not send him home and left in his car . Zhou Hao rolled his eyes .

 On the next day however, Zhou Hao really went to buy a car . The car was even more expensive than Qin Feng’s, but it did not look too glaring . It looked like an ordinary off-road car . Still, it had a hovering system . The price was 9 million .

 Perhaps he had learned from Qin Feng’s choice . His car was a five-seater, and there was enough room to carry some stuff .

 “How’s this? My dad chose this with me . Look at how rugged it is, this is what you call a man’s car!” Zhou Hao gloated .

 Qin Feng nodded . “Your dad sure has an eye for cars . Remember to send him some money, get him a better house or something!”

 “I know, I’ll send him more after I earn some money!”

 Although Zhou Hao’s home was in the commoner’s area, it was situated too close to the ghettos . It was still quite dangerous .

 Zhou Hao was not the kind of guy to forget about his family once he had earned some money . After buying the car, he sent the rest of the money to his parents .

 After the battle last night, he was pretty shaken up .

 ‘There’s no knowing when I might die in the wilderness . Better to leave the money to my parents!’

 However, he did not voice his concern to Qin Feng . It would have meant that he had no faith in Qin Feng .

 After the class had been dismissed, they headed back into the wilderness .


 Inside Qin Feng’s hover car . Bai Li could not hold it in any longer as the buildings around her became sparsely spread . Poof! She turned into a humanoid .

 Qin Feng gripped the steering wheel tightly . He almost drove the car into a ditch .

 “Master, do I look good in this? Or that? Or this one over here?”

 Bai Li was indulging herself in a selection of clothes .

 Qin Feng replied, ” Are you going for a pageant?”

 “What’s a pageant? Is it a competition to see who’s prettier? Of course I’m the prettiest!”

 Bai Li raised her chin proudly .

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 “Get dressed quick!”

 Qin Feng was kneading his forehead .

 After some effort, Bai Li put on her clothes . She even matched it with a pair of high heels .

 They came down from their car after reaching the Greenhill Copper Mines’ entrance . Behind them, Zhou Hao thought that he had seen a ghost!

 “Qin Feng, why is there another person in your car, where did you pick her up from?” Zhou Hao pointed at Bai Li in a puzzled manner . He then felt that his actions were inappropriate and quickly retracted his finger . He was smiling like a fool .

 “How do you do, beautiful!”


 Bai Li did not harbor any good feelings toward Zhou Hao who had taken her seat . Zhou Hao was the only person who had rode in Qin Feng’s car although the car was bought ages ago .

 “Stop fooling around, she’s Xiao Bai . Just call her Bai Li . ” Qin Feng closed in on Zhou Hao . “She’s a Beast King, she knows shapeshifting . I won’t be able to save you if you misbehave again!”

 Zhou Hao was in disbelief . He looked over at Bai Li .

 A humanoid ultra beast?

 Who knew that Xiao Bai was so powerful .

 Humanoid ultra beasts were not a rare sight after the spatial rift had opened up . Instead, there were many that had blended in among humans . Some of them caused bloody massacres while some had produced many talents .

 The most famous one was Bard the Blue Dragon . In human form, he was a gentle middle-aged man . He had taught many water-elemental abilities and dragon techniques!

 And then there was the infamous Snakewoman Evergreen . She appeared as a bewitching lady and fed on men after successfully luring them in with her appearance . It was shuddering just to think about it .

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 Unsurprisingly, those who could shapeshift were all at the level of a beast king .

 “Damn son, you sure are lucky, I’m so envious of you!” Zhou Hao was impressed .

 “My luck’s not bad!” Qin Feng smiled .

 Without luck, how could he be reborned and enjoy such a strong foundation?

 The three of them entered the mines together and once again began their hunt .

 Zhou Hao was much stronger than he was yesterday . His energy had also increased considerably .

 It was due to the giant bats’ blood from their heart chambers .

 There were only one or two drops from each bat located inside the part of their heart that was still developing . They were exceptionally viscous, almost at the consistency of jelly . Hence, it was easy to gather them . After Zhou Hao went home, he diluted the blood and bathed in them, boosting his energy by a little .

 Hence, compared to the chaotic battle the day before, he was performing much better .

 “Let’s go deeper!” Zhou Hao was anxious to test himself by going deeper into the mines . There were not many bats around where they were!

 “Very well, let’s go!”

 Qin Feng nodded .

 After walking for a hundred meters, Xiao Bai’s eyes lit up .

 “There’s good stuff here!”