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Chapter 81

Though at this time, Zhou Hao and Qin Feng were very calm .

 The sound was no longer densely packed, there was only one!

 “Hey hey, looks like there’s a straggler . You’ll serve nicely to show my accomplishment!”

 Zhou Hao’s legs flashed and he quickly took down the giant bat .

 Qin Feng had already killed the stipulated number of bats before they came out of the tunnel . Zhou Hao had managed to kill almost a hundred, but there were still another hundred G-tier ultra beasts he had to take down .

 If they could no longer hunt in the mine, Zhou Hao might have to skip school tomorrow!

 Just after Zhou Hao had slain the bat, another one flew out from the cave!

 This time, even Zhou Hao found it strange .

 “I’ll go check it out!” Qin Feng gave prior notice before walking into the mine .

 At this time, the dust in the mine had settled . The position fifty meters into the mine had been blocked off by the fallen rock debris .

 However, there was a crack in the ground near the blockage .

 It was no bigger than the size of two palms . The giant bats could not fly out of it but it could fold its wings and crawl out, though it would require some effort on their end .

 Yet, the body of the bats were flexible, and another one popped out rather quickly .

 Qin Feng immediately shattered its skull with a shot and pulled out the giant bat . After it was pulled out, another started to appear .

 “Master, you want some fruits?” Xiao Bai was on the sidelines watching the show, not understanding the appeal of some little winged rats .

 She was chewing on some bludcatarrh fruit, and the faint sweet breath that came from her made the crawling bat more agitated .


 The bats that were blocked off also let out a collective harsh shriek . They had also smelled the bludcatarrh fruit .

 “Qin Feng, what’s going on?”

 Zhou Hao had handled the previous bat outside and he walked toward him, coming upon this unexpected scene .

 “Hahaha! These giant bats are so dumb . Quick, let me have a go, I happen to need about a hundred more and I can literally just take them on here one by one!” Zhou Hao excitedly exclaimed .

 Qin Feng shook his head .

 “It’s better for them to have appeared from the trapped mine before killing them, the video won’t approve it if you kill them like this . ”

 Those who did not know the actual situation would have considered this fraudulent, and if it were a machine that was auditing it, there would be random spot checks .

 Zhou Hao thought about this and felt that it made sense so he did not reject Qin Feng’s suggestion .

 For all the giant bats that appeared after, Zhou Hao fought them in person . In Qin Feng’s spare time, he wielded the Verdant Emperor Saber, killing whichever giant bat that would appear .

 Even if the second bat that came out knew that the giant bat before it was dead, it could not head back . There must be countless giant bats pushing against it, all tempted by the bludcatarrh fruit .

 Not only that, there was still the possibility of a potential king figure among them .

 Zhou Hao’s hunting speed was fast, but killing one hundred was something easier said than done . After an hour, he had already run out of power, yet there were still thirty G-tier ultra beasts he needed to slay .

 At this point, he had already exceeded the extent of his ability!

 “Xiao Bai, give him a bludcatarrh fruit!” Qin Feng ordered .

 Bai Li reluctantly rewarded Zhou Hao in a manner as if she were gracing him with a fruit .

 “Just one! I’m not giving anymore!” Bai Li said .

 “Thank you, little princes!” Zhou Hao said sweetly, taking the fruit and directly swallowing it .

 Suddenly, a pure burst of energy surged through his body, merging into all four of his limbs . The previously sore and weak muscles became full of vigor as if they were being activated again .

 Zhou Hao’s physical strength had advanced into G3 tier!

 “Come! Let’s go!”

 Zhou Hao once more launched himself into combat with the giant bats .

 After half an hour, Zhou Hao reached his goal of thirty but it was obvious that the two did not intend to leave the area anytime soon .

 “Kill them all! This is all money!” Zhou Hao already had an extra dagger in his hand, just waiting for the next giant bat to appear .

 Qin Feng thought for a moment, before asking Bai Li for another fruit and handed it to Zhou Hao .

 “You stay here and keep killing, I’ll head over to see the other side!”

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 Qin Feng intended to end these giant bats .

 Although for Qin Feng, these giant bats could not add too much benefit to him due to their strength only being G3 to G5 in tier, but they were in large numbers and they could strengthen themselves!

 “Roger that!”

 In the previous battle, Zhou Hao was made aware of Bai Li’s strength, and the ability to instantaneously move was simply the perfect solution for a quick escape!

 What he did not expect was that Bai Li’s ability for instantaneous movement was an incredibly rare spatial ability .

 At this time, Qin Feng and Bai Li had reached the other end of the tunnel, two hundred meters away .

 Since reaching the power of an F-tier beast king, even movement within one kilometer could be achieved, two hundred meters was a piece of cake!

 Qin Feng could already clearly hear the sound of giant bat wings flapping .

 “This time, let’s try out the power of the darkness ability!”

 Qin Feng had been stewing in the library for a couple of days, reaping in great reward . The giant fireball he had managed to toss out earlier came from such .

 Of course, previously when chasing down Viper, Qin Feng had already utilized fire ability . Yet, it was not as big as it was this time, clearly it was not just a slight improvement .

 Qin Feng came from around the corner, directly behind the swarm of giant bats . Since they were all preoccupied with the bludcatarrh fruit that Zhou Hao was holding, they completely ignored the two .

 Qin Feng’s consciousness began to mobilize and dark runes spread from his body .

 At this moment, Qin Feng was not shrouded in flames, nor would he be radiant . Quite contrarily, he would be shrouded in darkness and become more elusive .

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 A black sphere appeared in his hands, and then, it gradually became larger .

 Runes kept flooding into the sphere, making the dark orb grow into a terrifying three-meter-wide orb which consumed everything within sight . Qin Feng’s vision was shrouded in complete darkness, even his sight had become pitch black!


 Under Qin Feng’s command, the dark orb silently flew forward .

 It was completely silent, there was no screech like when the fireball impacted against the giant bats, nor the sound of an explosion .

 Under the amplification of the hellstone, the power of the dark orb reached its fever pitch of horror as it swallowed the giant bats in the blink of an eye .

 Wherever it went, the giant bats landed one after another, completely drained of any vitality .

 The dark orb advanced ten meters and as the bats were so condensed in a single area, it killed up to five hundred giant bats .

 Qin Feng stared on and seemed to understand the power behind the dark runes .

 “So this is the dark rune . No wonder my senior said that the strongest dark ability was called the Finger of Death . It’s because dark runes represent death just as light runes represent new life!”

 “Once more!”

 Qin Feng would not just stop because of the ominous implications behind the dark runes . On the contrary, he did not believe in such a thing as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ ability, it was only the person using it that was strong or weak .

 The dark orb was gathered once more!

 Without a word, without a sound, the swarm of giant bats was consumed .