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Chapter 82

However, Qin Feng’s consciousness had its limits . After firing about ten dark orbs, he started to feel a bit weaker .

 Even Qin Feng himself did not know how many giant bats he had killed by now . It was at that time that the giant bat swarm experienced a shock, giving up on trying to squeeze through the crack and instead started to turn around in retreat .

 “Let’s go!” Qin Feng’s expression changed, he was losing power and his face was wane . Definitely not a match against a group of giant bats .

 Bai Li quickly grabbed Qin Feng and brought him back to the exit of the collapsed tunnel .

 Zhou Hao’s dagger arm was starting to feel weaker!

 Looking at the time, it was already 3am in the morning!

 In these past few hours, Zhou Hao’s kill score was equally huge, having killed up to eight hundred giant bats .

 “No more?” Zhou Hao’s arms were trembling, truly slaying ultra beasts until his arm was going to fall off!

 “Don’t deal with the bodies yet, let’s go back to the car and get some rest,” Qin Feng said .

 “Okay, I will call my dad and let him know I’m okay!” Zhou Hao saw the messages on his communicator and quickly dialed back to tell his parents that he was well, but he would not be able to go back today .

 “Eat the rest of the bludcatarrh fruit, you’ve just violently expended a lot of energy . Don’t fall asleep just yet, meditate first!”

 “Got it!”

 Zhou Hao returned back to his off-road vehicle, this time realizing the benefits of having such a big space . The back seats could be retracted in order to make a huge space . Zhou Hao sat inside and began to meditate on his internal power .

 In the blink of an eye, two hours had passed . Zhou Hao, who had been meditating his internal force, took a deep exhale . His eyes gleamed as he felt his exhaustion being swept away, obviously he had received a large gain .

 “Haha, looks like I advanced again!”

 A heavenly treasure, enough to speed up someone’s progression . Zhou Hao now had the strength of a G4 tier!

 In just one night, he was promoted nearly twice, Zhou Hao seemed to have uncovered the secret behind Qin Feng’s strength .

 Only in constant fighting, training yourself, adventuring and taking risks to retrieve treasures would one be able to make rapid progress .

 Qin Feng was also done resting and the two began to sweep up their spoils . After all, this was a lot of money .

 Qin Feng asked Xiao Bai to take him back into the depths of the tunnel and began to clean up the corpses of those beasts .

 The number was beyond imagination .

 He could not waste these materials, and had them all sorted out . In the end, he found the body of a beast king .

 “I… I actually killed a beast king yesterday?” Qin Feng was very surprised .

 The strength of this beast king during its lifetime was almost the same as the herbivorous giant rat king, but regardless of description it was still a beast king . Yet it had its lifeforce silenced by Qin Feng’s dark ability and died here .

 “No wonder those bats started fleeing yesterday!” Qin Feng thought about the scene yesterday and believed it to be the reason .

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 In fact, the beast king died in a cruel way .

 It came here with a large number of children and grandchildren but were all buried together . It tried to use sonic waves to get the bats to spread apart, but due to the lack of space, it ended up getting stuck in the center .

 When Qin Feng let loose his dark ability, it tried to hide, yet there was no way to avoid it and was put to death while still standing .

 “The darkness ability is really powerful!” Qin Feng thought, feeling elated .

 He began to pick up the corpses from the ground, not only was there a beast king, there were also six more beast generals among the three thousand corpses .

 Including Zhou Hao’s number, it looked like the giant bats of Greenhill mine had just suffered a gigantic loss!

 The fight did not take long, but collecting the rest of the bodies took up to three hours .

 Zhou Hao’s side gave him a full harvest, his car brimming with loot and Qin Feng’s things were hanging off from the side . The number was absolutely terrifying .

 By the time they returned to the city it was already 8am . With a huge load of goods, they went to the Wanzong equipment shop first .

 It was the only kind of store that would be able to afford their goods anyway .

 “You should check the goods first, we still have other things to do . You can transfer the money our way after you’re done checking!” Qin Feng said .

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 Sun Yu nodded excitedly, previously he was still thinking that the quality of the things Qin Feng sold to him were quite low . Today, he found out that Qin Feng made up for that with quantity, and the quantity was staggering .

 Not only that, Qin Feng harvested the materials from the giant bat king so it could be made into a cloak and a dagger .

 Since the abilities of the giant bat king was to hide in the dark, the rune equipment made out of its wings had a certain concealment ability . Qin Feng did not need it but Zhou Hao did .

 This would greatly increase Zhou Hao’s survivability . In combination with his Obsidian Gale Legs’ escape potential, it would be impossible for people to keep up with Zhou Hao .

 After bidding Sun Yu goodbye, Qin Feng went to the ability certification hall .

 It was eight in the morning and the hall had just opened its doors, yet there were people going about already . It was certainly busy here regardless of the time .

 After all, the ability certification hall also posted missions, unless there were special certification machinations in the area, the frogmen, wolves and so on that Qin Feng had killed before could be certified at the hall, increasing one’s points and acquiring something that they would not usually be able to buy .

 Qin Feng and Zhou Hao had just appeared, which attracted the headhunters that stayed around the certification hall all year long .

 Zhou Hao and Qin Feng were here the day before yesterday, and some people would not forget young men with such potential . Yet, they were wondering what these two were doing here .

 Not only that, both of them were carrying combat backpacks .

 “Am I just imagining things?”

 “How’s that possible, didn’t they just apply the day before yesterday afternoon? In this case, it’s only been two days!”

 “Not two days! It’s only been forty hours!”

 Nobody was certain what was going on, until they saw that Qin Feng and Zhou Hao were indeed there for certification .

 Zhou Hao took out two hundred giant bat tails and at the same time submitted those with the video .

 [Beep Beep . Certification passed . Congratulations on obtaining the G-tier ability assessment . Join the house of ability users!]

 Qin Feng’s side displayed the same .

 “Qin Feng, do you want to do the attack power certification? We can raise our ranks!” Zhou Hao said excitedly . He was thinking about how he had gone up to G4 tier in one go, which would surely shock a lot of people .

 After obtaining the G-tier aptitude user badge, you no longer needed to hunt monsters to upgrade yourself . As long as there was enough data, the badge would rank up automatically .

 Moreover, the higher your rank, the better your welfare .

 “Don’t need it yet . ” Qin Feng understood that the greater the power, the greater the responsibility .

 Zhou Hao might have the strength of a G4-tier but he definitely did not have the experience of being one . He was afraid that later on Zhou Hao might be assigned to an area that was too dangerous for him .

 He could not tell him that reasoning though .

 “If you get to G4 now, how are you gonna get along with our seniors?” Qin Feng made a joke .

 “Haaah! You’re right!” Zhou Hao felt even more pleased after hearing Qin Feng’s words .

 The thoughts of getting a rank certification was instantly dispelled .

 As the two turned around, they realized that they were surrounded by a group of people . In the next moment, they were enthusiastically promoting their organizations .