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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:34:39 PM

Chapter 84

It was as if the place had become an entirely different world . The hilltops were unsightly, having become black as if scorched, and it stretched on for miles .

 In the video previously shot by a drone, Qin Feng only saw a large number of the corpse corps but the area affected was definitely not so large .

 Perhaps there had been a major change in the past two days, or perhaps that the video filmed was only the tip of the iceberg as it was the first form of media about the matter at hand .

 It seemed that the situation was more of a crisis than initially imagined .

 Qin Feng did not even have time to lament as a dark ray of light burst out from the top of the mountain in the distance . There were also eight rays of light that were surrounding the main one, reaching up into the skies .

 And then, up in the air, a disc appeared .

 “Rift! Spatial Rift!”

 Qin Feng’s and Zhou Hao’s communicators were connected, which made it easy to contact each other for emergencies like this . It was Zhou Hao’s frantic voice that came from the communicator .

 “It’s not a spatial rift, but a spatial passage!” Qin Feng exclaimed

 The spatial passage opened up, and what quickly poured out were countless creatures . There were zombies and bone beasts, and the numbers were terrifyingly large .

 The rift was only opened up for a few minutes, but several new figures had appeared . These people were equipped with gliding wings, well-equipped and their strength was definitely far from weak .

 “Outta my way!”

 One of the voices arrogantly called out before extending an earth-shatteringly huge palm outward, striking the ground below .


 After that one strike, the black light in the sky disappeared and the waves from the spatial passage began to stabilize .

 Soon, a tall figure with dark runes covering its body appeared, and below its torso there was a thick black mist that resembled a warhorse made out of shadows . The upper body was clad in heavy knight-like armor and it held a pike in its hands .


 “Bang bang!”

 The two began to exchange blows .

 Qin Feng’s eyes narrowed, he recognized the figure on the horse as the F-tier beast king he saw on the video . Even if he was a kilometer away, he could feel it . This beast king was in the F8 rank .

 The one who was fighting with it was not a slouch either, he was an E-tier powerhouse .

 The two of them were inextricably locked in battle and their fight gradually shifted from the mountain top .

 It was at this moment a roar came from the horizon, reverberating through the air . Yellow, steaming artillery shells that were crossed in a perfect arc in the sky landed on the mountain top .

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 The shells suddenly exploded, and the force of the vibration could be felt a thousand miles away . This was definitely the work of a powerful firearm user .

 The remaining seven beams of light and one main beam of light in the sky became momentarily twisted, then were cut off . The originally stable spatial rift began to tremble before closing in on itself, causing the countless undead coming through to have their bodies crushed to death .

 Up ahead came the sound of people cheering .

 “Let’s get into position first!” Qin Feng’s voice rang out so that he could snap Zhou Hao out of his daze . The battle was quite entrancing for him . Zhou Hao, who had thought he had reached the big leagues, just realized that everything he had experienced up until this point was merely child’s play .

 The two cars started up again, and soon they saw the presence of the other people .

 One thousand kilometers away from the edge of the Corpse Corps, assembled with traps and protective measures set up, the open ground was messy and full of domestic litter with tents of all shapes and sizes scattered around .

 From time to time, the sounds of gunfire could be heard as a measure to prevent the corpses from wandering too close . Moreover, there were people moving about, some of their faces had blackened, apparently infected by the plague .

 However, the body of an ability user was not weak . So long as they had left the area, they would recover from it .

 “There are so many people!!”

 For a moment, Qin Feng and Zhou Hao could not find anyone from Chengbei’s advanced academies . However, Qin Feng did not come here to fight alongside those from the advanced academies!

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 “Let’s find Xiao Jing first!” Qin Feng said . Xiao Jing was now part of Chengbei colony’s garrison troop . Due to her talent and willingness to work hard, she had mixed in quite well with the rest of the troop after half a month, and had been promoted by team leader Li Wen to the rank of vice captain!

 The world respected the strong, just because Xiao Jing just recently joined the garrison troop, it did not mean that she was to be underestimated . So long as she was strong, they would even make her a general!

 While waiting for Xiao Jing to arrive, the surrounding people began to discuss among themselves .

 “That firearm user from Dongling colony is way too strong, he is an E-tier firearm user who can take the enemy down from a thousand miles away!”

 “If Liu Ba from the Xita district weren’t in the front, he wouldn’t have it so easy . Don’t forget that his energy beams were reflected by that king tier knight, resulting in the death of more than a dozen aptitude users!”

 “If you ask me, we should let the ability users move out!”

 “What are they waiting for?”

 Zhou Hao felt a sense of admiration . “That Liu Ba is really powerful!”

 “It alright,” If he really were powerful, they would not have been repelled, the enemy was just momentarily impeded . Not only that, Qin Feng knew that Liu Ba was pinned this time and he could be injured!

 “Qin Feng, Zhou Hao!” Xiao Jing’s voice rang out, and the two of them turned to the direction of the sound . They found Xiao Jing wearing a garrison troop’s uniform, seemingly having grown more mature, raised in a manner that men would look up to . Heroic and dashing .

 “Haha, Xiao Jing, you’re exceptionally good looking in that outfit . I didn’t find you this attractive before!” Zhou Hao blurted out .

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 Xiao Jing rolled her eyes, “Shut that witty mouth of yours, the situation is dire . I will go on patrol soon and I’ll first arrange a place for you to stay!”

 The frontlines must never be chaotic, if there were a crisis happening then it would also affect the support system .

 The more they were pushed back, the harder it would be for them to escape .

 Soon, Qin Feng and Zhou Hao were arranged to stay in a place further back from the frontlines . Two floating tanks were parked there with a tent set up in the middle, which became Qin Feng and Zhou Hao’s temporary residence .

 “You guys could make do with some food, and there’s no need for you to keep vigil tonight . Tomorrow’s the big siege!”

 Xiao Jing gave some food to Qin Feng and Zhou Hao, though it was supposed to be a simple meal, what she gave them were all first rate ultra beast jerky .

 “How are things looking now?”

 “Not good . ”

 Xiao Jing opened her communicator and passed the exact map location over to Qin Feng and Zhou Hao . “The Corpse Corps is getting closer to Chengyang City and has occupied three mountain tops . The occupied area resembles the word ‘character’*, so the higher ups have coined these three mountains as Zimu Mountains .

 There were already symbols marking the mountains, and not only that, there were also large and small colored dots . Among them, a dark-red dot was on the ‘mother’ mountain which was in the centre, representing an extreme degree of danger . The ‘child’ mountains were also in red, with the outermost one being orange .

 This represented the numbers of the F tier and G tier ultra beasts respectively . The sizes of the dots represented strength . The huge dark-red dots represented the king-tier, but on the map, there seemed to be two of those king-tier dots .

 *Translator’s note: The occupied area resembles the Chinese character 品, meaning ‘character’ . The name Zimu Mountains is directly translated from 子母山 meaning ‘Child and Mother Mountains’ as the 口 character resembles a mother with two children when stacked together .