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Chapter 85

“There are approximately thirty thousand G-tier zombies, however, we only have five thousand aptitude users here, and the thousands of F-tier mutated zombies are even deadlier as it would be extremely difficult to deal with their high movement speed and distinct aptitude!”

 Qin Feng frowned unwittingly .

 Zhou Hao, mouth wide agape, asked, “How many F-tier aptitude users do we have here?”

 Obviously, G-tier aptitude users were not of great importance in this situation, and higher tiers would be their only hope left . However, the answer from Xiao Jing left Zhou Hao disappointed .

 “There are more than one hundred of them, from the joint forces of Chenyang and the 4th district, and requests for backup are now being sent to other districts!”

 Xiao Jing also sighed heavily .

 Qin Feng knew that it was already an incredible number!

 Many of the F-tier aptitude users had now taken up multiple roles, with Xue Xingfu as an example, being the team leader of the patrol team that had to protect the safety of the colony, it would be impossible to expect the leader’s presence here .

 “What about E-tiers? Wouldn’t it be an easy task for E-tier aptitude users to destroy these zombies?” Zhou Hao could not resist the urge to ask as he greatly sensed the unfavourable situation and had on a worried expression .

 Xiao Jing nodded as it had finally come to a piece of good news . “There are approximately ten E-tier aptitude users now, our Chengbei Colony has mobilized deputy mayor Lin Zheng, and also director Deng Nian from the university, ahh, yes, you should know them as you are students from the university!”

 “That’s great, I thought that these monsters would invade into the Colony!” Zhou Hao felt relieved .

 On the contrary, Qin Feng did not seem at all relieved by that particular news .

 “What was with the black lights and the stable spatial passage earlier on?”

 Xiao Jing let out another sigh unintentionally .

 “I was about to mention this, the F-tier beast king that all of you are looking at now is not only the Emperor Knight that was seen earlier on, there is another extremely powerful Dark-Robed Ripper that is also an F-tier, it is able to open the spatial passage and release even more zombies, the number of zombies is now increasing daily!”

 It was extremely taxing to open the passage externally, however, it could be easily opened from within .

 Qin Feng had already figured out the root cause of all these, it was most probably caused by the giant beast that had lost one of its hands after being cut down by Xiao Bai .

 He could have started by releasing the Dark-Robed Ripper, and used it to open the passage that had allowed monsters to enter .

 Whereas the owner of the skeletal hand was either too powerful to enter, or perhaps it did not want to consume his own energy to travel through the spatial passage .

 If he were to enter into the suppressed space, it could restrict his powers to that of below one ten thousandth .

 “Well then, just kill the Dark-Robed Ripper!” Zhou Hao became impatient as he spoke .

 Xiao Jing shook her head .

 Qin Feng kept an emotionless expression . “If killing it were viable, what else do you think could possibly stop Liu Ba?”

 Xiao Jing forced a smile and nodded . “Yes, the ten aptitude users that came earlier thought that they were capable of capturing the king and ignoring the pawns so they went straight up to the Zimu Mountains, however, they were attacked by the Dark-Robed Ripper and lost most of their combat power; with the presence of the Emperor Knight, four of them were heavily wounded, and now there are only a few E-tier ability users left!”

 Zhou Hao who was just feeling slightly relieved earlier on felt that the situation had become dire once again .

 As time passed by, most of the capable fighters had been eliminated by the enemy .

 Qin Feng knew with certainty that the situation had become intense!

 Dark-Robed Rippers were named after those man-like creatures that existed within the rift, this intellectual ethnic group was more horrifying than the others with their great abilities, which also explained how they got their name .

 Their bodies were covered in blood that would absorb energy and persist through long periods of combat, and they would release dark abilities to attack their enemies .

 They were the greatest enemy of the human race .

 “What is the colony doing besides just observing? Are there any other plans?” Zhou Hao asked .

 Xiao Jing replied, “The higher management did announce a battle plan, however it serves no purpose!”

 Xiao Jing lowered her voice when she spoke as it would be better to keep a low profile when discussing such contents .

 “The higher management has decided to install an internal space stabilizing device to prevent the rift from destroying internally . However, the zombies here all have to be killed before the installation, and as the colony does not have such internal capabilities to do so; hence, the situation now is at a deadlock!”

 The space stabilizing device was a highly valuable device as presence of such a rift would pose a threat to every colony and the community that was within its range, and it was for this reason that the stabilizing devices were installed; and as time went by, the colony was gradually formed around the area to prevent others from destroying the device and also to ensure that it did not go to waste .

 However, it was obvious that any colony that was formed would be situated on top of a volcano that might erupt at any time .

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 “Damn, how could that be!” Zhou Hao was angered by the inappropriate decision made by the authorities of the Chengyang area .

 Qin Feng had sunk deep into his thoughts .

 “In other words, they would still perform the attacks, have those aptitude users recovered?” Qing Feng asked .

 Xiao Jing was surprised by Qin Feng’s analysis and continued saying, “Yes, they have recovered from their wounds and will resume combat tomorrow, both of you must get enough rest and be extra careful during the combat tomorrow . ”

 “I am heading back now, there is still stuff to be taken care of!”

 Xiao Jing waved and left, while Qin Feng noticed the dark circles under Xiao Jing’s eyes and realized that she had not gotten enough rest .

 “We will also head back to rest, let’s continue the combat tomorrow!”


 Both of them had been busy round the clock for two consecutive days to obtain the G-tier aptitude user badge, they were exhausted by the task, and Zhou Hao headed back to the tent to rest after he had his meal .

 The night light shrouded the area as intense spotlights were turned on to light up the surroundings and prevent the Corpse Corps from closing in, while the garrison army was constantly guarding the area .

 The wind at night was brisk, while the beastly roars from the zombies could still be heard once in a while .

 Qin Feng who was sleeping in the tent opened his eyes .

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 He looked at his wrist and saw that it was already 10 o’ clock!

 Qin Feng woke up and headed out into the dark where nobody would notice his presence .

 Qin Feng walked toward the left side of the Zimu Mountains, it was known as the Dazi Mountain, while the other smaller one was known as the Xiaozi Mountain .

 Every flower and plant on the mountains had died and were black in color, it was this particular scenery that had added on to the spookiness of the surroundings . Qin Feng had only headed out for fifty meters but it felt as if he was a thousand miles away from the base, and it was like he had entered the mouth of a giant beast .

 “It all started because of me, I will contribute as much as I can in this!”

 Qin Feng walked into the mountain .

 Night time was the most favoured time for the ultra beasts, the zombies would also gain extra combat power without the hateful sunlight .

 Although the zombies might be strong, Qin Feng was stronger .

 Being a dark ability user, Qin Feng also felt that the dark night was when he was able to conquer .

 “Xiao Bai!”

 Qin Feng lightly shrugged while Bai Li in her small fox form jumped down from his shoulder and landed on the ground, then it turned into a human being .

 Moonlight shone upon her body, and she seemed like a beautiful fairy that had descended upon the world .