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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:34:31 PM

Chapter 88

The Emperor Knight was frantically in search of something in the middle of the Zimu Mountains but turned up empty handed .

 In a fit of rage, the knight leapt and charged toward the human’s encampment .

 As he came closer, the aptitude users’ communicators vibrated in a violent manner .

 “Retreat, retreat quickly!”

 “Low-level aptitude users, leave immediately!”

 “It’s a King-tier, a King-tier is charging in!”

 The camp descended into chaos .

 At this juncture, a brilliant light appeared within the darkness .

 “Great timing!”

 An old-sounding yet powerful voice appeared . Innumerable amounts of runes exploded glaringly in the sky; turning the dark night into day .

 The old but stout figure of a man emerged a hundred meters away from the camp .

 “It’s the Dean of Chengbei University, the light-elemental ability user, Dengnian!”

 Dengnian was a light-elemental ability user . His power was tremendous, but so was his age .

 He was the champion of Chengbei colony . His absence from the previous battle had caused quite a stir among Chengbei Colony . They were afraid that something had happened to him .

 After all, there were creatures like the Ghoul Assassins in the Corpse Corp that could take Dengnian’s life .

 But now, as the Emperor Knight charged onward, Dengnian was delighted and sprung into action .

 He released streaks of light turned into projectiles that aimed for the knight .

 “Hahaha, so nice of you to be here, stay awhile!”

 The E-tier ability users began fighting the Emperor Knight .


 Qin Feng’s communicator went into a frenzied vibration .

 It was Zhou Hao .

 Qin Feng took the call .

 “Madman! Where are you? Where did you go!”

 “I went jogging!” Qin Feng just got his Starsteel Spear . He was joking around since he was in such a good mood .

 “Well, don’t come back to the camp just yet! The Emperor Knight is charging toward the foothills . I’ll move your car, you be careful out there!”

 “But I’m already back!”

 Qin Feng did not think that Zhou Hao would actually believe his words . He thought that it was funny .

 Any other person would have doubted Qin Feng, thinking that he ran off on his own!

 Qin Feng strode toward his tent . Zhou Hao had tied up the ropes and was ready to push Qin Feng’s car away . He was looking around and saw Qin Feng walking toward him . He hastily waved his hand .

 “Run now, or we won’t even know how we died!” Zhou Hao started the engine .

 Qin Feng and Bai Li went in the hover car . She followed him into the car without changing back her appearance .

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 Although Qin Feng was able to lure the Emperor Knight down the foothills and caused a commotion while he was at it, it was still a good move given the whole situation . It was now up to the E-tier aptitude users to do their jobs .

 The battle started from three in the morning and was still ongoing at the break of dawn . The encampment they had set up had been reduced into rubble .

 “Listen, it’s quiet now!”

 “Have they finished the fight?”

 “How does it look ahead?”

 They were anxious to know .

 Qin Feng was still taking a wink in his hover car . Although his power had increased overnight, he would never forget to train . Now that there were no more ancient warriors for him to hunt down, he was working hard on his internal qigong to prevent his internal forces from dropping .

 At that moment, there was a knock coming from his car window .

 “Qin Feng, come out for a while!” There was a hint of joy in Zhou Hao’s voice .

 Qin Feng did not know what had happened but he still opened the door .

 “What’s up?”

 “Haha, look, I’ve gathered our party members!”

 Qin Feng noticed that there were people around Zhou Hao . It was Li Yaoyao and Lu Meng .

 Not only that, there was a G-tier symbol in front of Lu Meng’s chest . She had also become an aptitude user .

 “Qin Feng, you’re finally here!” Lu Meng was overjoyed . “Yaoyao said that she saw you in campus last time . We haven’t seen you for the past few days!”

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 “Mengmeng!” Li Yaoyao shyly nudged Lu Meng . Although she had good feelings toward Qin Feng, she was still a reserved girl .

 “I don’t really go for classes . ” Qin Feng answered calmly .

 “I guess with your abilities, you won’t even need to attend classes . Even your friend is now a G-tier aptitude user!” said Lu Meng . She glanced at Zhou Hao with a tinge of jealousy .

 This little man was a year younger than her, he was even her junior, yet he was already a certified G-tier aptitude user .

 Indeed, she had spent a considerable amount of money to get all the help she needed to kill two hundred ultra beasts to become a certified G-tier aptitude user .

 Zhou Hao was a little unhappy . “I went through the G-tier test on my own . Who knows how many ultra beasts I’ve killed!”

 “Are you saying I was cheating? Junior, are you still thinking about hanging around in our school? Don’t you know how great Big Sis Mengmeng is in the school?” Lu Meng chided with both hands on her waist .

 Zhou Hao almost broke into laughter . He was one point eight meters tall, and Lu Meng was about one point five . Her height was only up to his chest, how could she call herself Big Sis Mengmeng?

 They were about to get into an argument when Qin Feng interrupted them . “Have they finished the fight? What’s the outcome?”

 Both of them stopped quarrelling after Qin Feng’s interjection . Finally, Li Yaoyao had a chance to join in on the conversation .

 “They’re done fighting, the E-tier fighters have made the Emperor Knight retreat!”

 Qin Feng furrowed his brows . “They didn’t kill it?”

 “How could they! That knight has a shield that is probably equivalent to a golden runic gear . It could even block out Dean Dengnian’s light projectiles . It was like a group of people beating up a tortoise . ”

 Qin Feng was speechless when he heard this .

 These people were trash!

 The Emperor Knight’s main battle skill was his defenses . Qin Feng was immediately reminded of the Starsteel Spear that had been stored away by Xiao Bai .

 How he wished to have that gun for his own .

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 1“Qin Feng, why don’t you join us for the day!” Li Yaoyao proposed .

 Qin Feng’s thought was interrupted, yet he shrugged decisively .

 “Did they change the battle plans today?” he asked .

 Too many F-tiered zombies had appeared last night, as well as the Ghoul Assassins and Burning Ghouls . Qin Feng felt that if he were to continue to conceal his real powers, there would be no end to the killing .

 If they were not killed off completely, the dark runes on their bodies would spread uncontrollably .

 The day was already bright . They could see the dark clouds gathering on top of the Zimu Mountains . It seemed to be spreading wider .

 They could still afford to wait but not the frail children in the orphanage .

 “They haven’t updated it!” said Zhou Hao .

 As soon as he finished speaking, they saw a drone turn back . All of their communicators beeped in unison shortly after that .

 The map had been updated .

 Qin Feng looked at their faces . Their expressions were grim .

 As expected, a bigger threat had appeared!

 After the spatial rift had been opened up last night, approximately two thousand F-tier zombies managed to slip in while they were fighting the Emperor Knight . Their original camp was destroyed and had to be moved further back!

 “Zhou Hao, you should join them today . I’ll be heading to Zone F!” said Qin Feng .

 “Umm, alright!” Zhou Hao nodded . He was aware of Qin Feng’s true power . He must have his own reason for being confident about going to Zone F .