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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:34:26 PM

Chapter 90

“As expected, there are more of them today!”

 As Qin Feng sensed the increased presence of the F-tier zombies, he became enraged .

 “Kill!” There was no hesitation in him . He started to slay away .

 He soon killed all the zombies that were surrounding him .

 Bai Li was wielding a dagger . With reluctance, she collected the energy cores from the zombies’ head and placed them in a combat backpack .

 Qin Feng slaughtered away and was able to finish off all the F-tier zombies in the surrounding area in just one hour .

 “Let’s go deeper!”

 He did not feel tired since he had the absorption skill . He could sustain in combat longer than anyone else . Even though the zombies provided very minimal energy, it was enough for him to recover!

 However, as he went closer to the mother mountain, the Corpse Corps became even more menacing .

 Suddenly, a person in black robe came into sight .

 He was taken aback and quickly hid behind a large, dead tree .

 ‘Is that the Dark-Robed Ripper?’ A thought flashed across Qin Feng’s mind .

 However, he did not sense the aura of a beast king . He did not even sense danger .

 He carefully observed the situation once again . He noticed that although this dark-robed entity was strong, its surrounding aura was only at the level of a beast general .

 “Hang on, could it be the Dark-Robed Ripper’s assistant?”

 When Qin Feng first arrived at the encampment, he saw the Dark-Robed Ripper channeling dark energy pillars . There were eight other energy pillars that were supplementing it that made the spatial passage twice its size!

 But on the other night, only five dark pillars appeared . It was either because these dark-robed entities needed to recuperate or they were finished off by an E-tier gunner .

 The Corpse Corps obviously needed no rest, so the second scenario was the only possibility .

 ‘That means that these dark-robed entities are not as strong as we thought!’

 Strong or not, Qin Feng decided to test it out .

 He started to approach the dark-robed entity silently .

 “Shadow Cloaking!”

 Qin Feng melded into the shadows and quickly reached behind the dark-robed entity .

 They were only ten meters apart .

 Suddenly, the dark-robed entity turned around .

 Its hood was facing Qin Feng . Qin Feng could immediately witness a horrific scene .

 It was actually a black skeleton underneath the dark robe . Within the eye sockets of the skull were a pair of eyes lit up in emerald flame .

 Luckily, Qin Feng was unfazed . When he saw that the dark-robed skeleton had seen him, he charged ahead without hesitation .


 The Verdant Emperor Saber in his hand made a perfect arc .

 At that moment, the dark-robed skeleton raised its finger and launched a dark beam at Qin Feng .


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 The beam landed on Qin Feng’s body .

 He could clearly sense that it was an ability that belonged to the dark runes . Its ability was to lower the body’s vitality and make them feel weak . From there, illness would come in, followed by death .

 However, Qin Feng had the dark stone that made him immune to any dark abilities . His enemy’s ability had no effect on him .


 His Verdant Emperor Saber landed on the skeleton’s neck, producing a metallic clang .

 The dark-robed skeleton realized that its dark abilities were useless against Qin Feng . It reached out its skeleton hands and wanted to grab Qin Feng .

 Qin Feng dodged to the side . He had quite a scare when he saw the darkened finger brushing past his side .

 That finger was infectious . Those who were scratched by it would turn into a zombie .

 “Another slash!”

 Qin Feng raised his saber once again and started to slash at his enemy endlessly .

 “The Verdant Emperor Saber can’t cut its skull!”

 Qin Feng was agitated . Even though it was a good weapon, it was still made using F-tier materials . The weapon could no longer keep up with him .


 Another beam shot out from the dark-robed skeleton’s finger . Qin Feng evaded it and the dark beam hit the dead tree behind him .


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 The large, dead tree instantly turned into ashes .

 Qin Feng was shaken but he did not show it on his face . He raised his hand as well .

 “Do you think you’re the only one who knows how to use abilities?”

 Triggering his consciousness, thousands of flame runes emerged on top of the flaming starglobe right next to the diamond starglobe .


 Flames were hurled out from Qin Feng’s hand, hitting the dark-robed entity .

 It was like an oil barrel had been ignited, erupting into a fiery explosion . The skeleton’s robe burnt furiously .

 “Arghhh!” The dark-robed skeleton wailed in agony . The soul fire within its skull pulsated frantically, demonstrating its pain .

 The zombies were afraid of light . They were also afraid of fire as well!

 Especially Qin Feng’s flame that carried dark runes . It could also burn away soul energy . Even the dark-robed skeleton was not spared .

 Qin Feng seized the chance and launched multiple attacks .


 Finally, the dark-robed skeleton’s neck was severed . The skeleton collapsed in scattered pieces .

 At this moment, Qin Feng could clearly sense that his absorption ability was throbbing . Immediately after that, the soul fire within the eye sockets of the skull that had not quite vanished completely was forcefully pulled out . It turned into an energy that melded into Qin Feng’s body .

 Qin Feng could feel that his consciousness was rapidly increasing!

 “Killing the dark-robed skeleton had actually increased my consciousness level?”

 Not only that, the increase in consciousness was no lower than the time he killed He Li .

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 He could also sense the increase in his level of consciousness . When he absorbed He Li’s consciousness, his consciousness level was at G5 . But now, his consciousness level had increased tremendously to about G7 .

 “What a wish come true!” Qin Feng smiled joyfully . After collecting the spoils of war, he once again went in search of dark-robed skeletons .

 While Qin Feng was slaughtering away here, in Chengyang city where the aptitude users of the five great areas had come together, some of the most powerful people in Chengbei colony were gathered inside an armored car .

 The armored car was like a trailer . There was a room inside . There were screens hanging on the wall and the images on the displays kept changing .

 They were images from the recon drones .

 Other than the guards, there were four other people who were all E-tier aptitude users .

 E-tier light elemental ability user, the Dean of Chengbei University—Deng Nian .

 E-tier ancient warrior, Deputy Mayor of Chengbei Colony—Lin Zheng .

 E-tier gunner, Commander of Chengbei Colony garrison troop—Han Jian .

 E-tier beastmaster, Commander of the Wilderness Rangers of Chengbei Colony—Yang Sanhu .

 Each of these four people could stomp their feet and the whole of Chengbei Colony would feel the quake .

 But now, all four of them were troubled .

 “It’s looking bad!” Yang Sanhu said in a low voice as he glanced at the display . He spent most of his time in the wilderness . The mortality rate of the rangers was always on the rise but that had also trained his fiery pair of eyes .

 Just one glance and he could assess that they were in a dire situation .

 But then again, if the situation was great, they would not be sent here .