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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:34:24 PM

Chapter 91

The battle that had waged on last night as well as the spatial passage that was opened up for quite some time had resulted in the large increase of the Corpse Corps . Chengyang city once again requested for reinforcements from the large colonies .

 Even the commanders of the garrison army and the wilderness rangers had been moved to the frontlines .

 There were now at least sixteen E-tier aptitude users in the frontlines .

 “I’ve become old!” Deng Nian sighed .

 Last night was a rare chance . How could he let the Emperor Knight escape!

 It really left Deng Nian in distraught .

 “Hmph, what a useless bunch of people!” Lin Zheng exclaimed in a grim manner . The colonies were disunited . They were afraid of getting injured and their teamwork was lacking .

 It was the reason why their plan to surround the Emperor Knight had failed .

 Not only that, Lin Zheng was wounded .

 It was really enraging .

 Beep beep beep!

 There was a beep from the device . A map had been refreshed .


 Yang Sanhu turned his head and looked at the map with furrowed brows .

 “Show me the same map from three hours ago!” Yang Sanhu said .

 The operator immediately opened up the map from three hours ago . There were obviously more red blips compared to the one now .

 Especially in a certain area .

 “There are two hundred less F-tier zombies . Did an army go in for the kill?” Yang Sanhu asked in confusion . Two hundred zombies were not that many, but it was odd for two hundred zombies to suddenly disappear from one place . Moreover, they were F-tier zombies .

 There were also a bunch of G-tier zombies in the surroundings . It would be difficult to suddenly barge into the Zimu Mountains .

 “Get the drones to feed images from this area!” ordered Yang Sanhu .

 After that, the drone circled around and was able to pinpoint Qin Feng who was still in combat .


 Behind the Dazi Mountain, Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Sabber was like the scythe of a Grim Reaper, harvesting the lives of his enemies .

 “The third one!”


 As he slashed away with his saber, the third dark-robed skeleton had perished in Qin Feng’s hands .

 Its consciousness melded into Qin Feng’s body rapidly . His power was increasing by leaps and bounds .

 At this moment, Qin Feng could feel everything around him with great clarity . His consciousness had permeated hundreds of meters and he could ‘see’ everything around him clearly .

 Not only that, the elemental core of the diamond starglobe was revolving endlessly . The brilliant elemental particles within it started to vibrate before turning into a whole new form .

 A new combination that was previously unknown and could not be understood had turned into a whole new ability!

 “Dark beam!”

 The new ability that Qin Feng had learnt was the same ability that the dark-robed entity had used against him .

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 It was probably because the dark-robed entities had used this ability multiple times against him . His body and consciousness were able to recall this ability .

 However, the ability was not too helpful given his situation .

 Qin Feng was immune to the dark beam but at the same time, the Corpse Corps that were made up of zombies were also immune to it .

 “Perhaps, can this ability be changed into a fire ability?”

 As he thought about this, he started to recollect his consciousness . He was able to quite fortunately discover a fire version of this ability in the fire elemental core .

 This meant that Qin Feng now possessed another fire ability, the fire beam!

 As Qin Feng became excited of the prospect of testing it out, he sensed something from his consciousness . He unwittingly looked up and saw the unmanned drone flying above him .

 He frowned at the sight of the drone .

 His strong consciousness meant that he was able to discern that the unmanned drone was pointed at him . Not only that, the drone was taking only images of him even though it was circling the area .

 Did he cause a ruckus by killing too many enemies?

 Still, Qin Feng had no intention of hiding his kills . He was also recording his own kills that could be used to exchange for rewards .

 However, it was probably best for him not to reveal any abilities!

 Qin Feng ignored the drone and set forth once again in search of the dark-robed skeletons within the Corpse Corps .

 Within the commanding car, Yang Sanhu and the others had turned their attention completely to Qin Feng .

 “It’s him!” Han Jian called out unexpectedly .

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 “You know this guy? Who is he? From which colony?” Yang Sanhu quickly asked .

 The ability that Qin Feng had demonstrated was really startling .

 Even an F-tier mercenary squad had to hunt in packs . They also had to be cautious while moving so that they would not be surrounded by the zombies .

 In a stark contrast, Qin Feng was strutting away as if he wanted the zombies to come for him!

 “He’s from our Chengbei Colony, but he should not be this powerful . With his capabilities, he should be at least an F-tier by now, but…” Han Jian was hesitant to continue .

 The rest of the people had actually turned their attention to him .

 “But what?” asked Yang Sanhu .

 Han Jian shrugged . He could not believe it himself .

 “This person is called Qin Feng . He’s sixteen years old this year . He has just been injected with the awakening serum recently . A fortnight ago he made some huge achievements in the plantations!”

 “Only sixteen?” Yang Sanhu was shocked .

 Even Deng Nian’s and Lin Zheng’s hearts skipped a beat .

 Youth meant potential!

 It would be great if they could get someone like him under them .

 Of course there were disadvantages as well . Someone with his potential could become a threat .

 “You’re saying that this person is called Qin Feng?” Lin Zheng furrowed his brows . He felt that the name sounded familiar .

 Deng Nian, too, was surprised .

 He had seen the student’s name list this year, and of course he had special care toward the ability users . There were only twenty names on the list . As an E-tier ability user, Deng Nian had astounding consciousness . His memory was almost photographic . He recalled that there was really someone named Qin Feng in the new ability user class .

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 Could it be a coincidence?

 Han Jian who was now looking at the monitors let out a sigh .

 “That should be him . It really is him . Who knew that he would have so much growth in such a short period of time . Wang Cheng and I previously tried to recruit him into the garrison and the Tiger Flame Troop but he rejected us . Said he wanted to enrol in Chengbei University . Old Deng, is this true? Don’t keep this a secret now!”

 Deng Nian laughed at his words .

 “Should be, he’s a student in our ability user class!”

 For a moment there, Deng Nian was proud .

 After all, such a high-potential student was hard to come by . Moreover, he had rejected the other two commanders and enlisted himself in the university instead . That made him exceptionally delighted .

 “What a great seedling!” Deng Nian exclaimed . The more he saw the more satisfied he became .

 On the other hand, Lin Zheng’s expression was grim . There was viciousness in his eyes .

 He finally recalled who this Qin Feng was!

 A few days ago, Jiang Shaoyang had mysteriously disappeared after pursuing a dark martial artist . Lin Zheng’s Eagle Clubhouse was even investigated as a result . That made him suffer quite a huge loss .

 Was that dark martial artist not Qin Feng? Even the descriptions matched .

 ‘Previously, I never would’ve guessed that this was the person who had killed Jiang Shaoyang . Now that I see it, how could it be impossible . He’s really got the capability of an F-tier!’

 Engrossed in his thoughts, Lin Zheng could not wait to finish Qin Feng off!