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Chapter 94

Chakra Pills were a vital supplement an ancient warrior needed to enhance his or her internal force . The pill consisted of various precious ingredients and could greatly boost the user’s strength after consumption . The internal power would further heighten once its nutrients had been completely assimilated .

 Aside from aiding one’s training, the pill could also be employed to restore vitality during a battle, though it was rather wasteful for the item to be used this way .

 That must be why Chakra Pill appeared on the list . Normally, this item could only be found in Chengyang City . It was rare to see Chakra Pill at Chengbei Colony since it could only be used by an ancient warrior of F-tier and higher .

 “I would like to exchange for fifty Chakra Pills . ” Qin Feng decisively used 5,000 points to redeem the pills .

 He did not use the remaining 600 points as the Chakra Pills were more than enough for him to endure the coming days .

 Qin Feng then checked his communicator and found that he had 140 million yuan in his account .

 Among them, 50 million was from the black card that once belonged to Jiang Shaoyang, another 50 million was the money found in the Spatial Rune also originally owned by Jiang Shaoyang (thanks to Xue Xingfu), 10 million bounty reward, and 30 million was earned from hunting down the bat beasts a few days ago .

 “Let’s get you these two,” Qin Feng said while pointing at the communicator .

 Bai Li had gotten a knack of using the communicator recently . They could check the new items posted online in real-time after connecting to the Wanzong Auction House .

 Normal F-tier energy cores usually cost only tens of thousands . However, Bai Lee only wanted cores from Beast Kings which would require a preposterous sum .

 Judging by the amount of effort they poured in to conquer the Emperor Knight this time, it was justifiable that the energy core of the beast king rank was priced so high due to its rarity and enormous potential .

 F5-tier King of Giant’s core, price 53 million .

 F7-tier Broodmother’s core, price 83 . 1 million .

 “Sure! Thanks, dear!” Bai Li thanked him happily .

 Qin Feng raised his eyebrow . “A simple thank you would not cut it . ”

 Bai Li blinked as she did not understand what Qin Feng meant .

 Qin Feng was tempted to tease Bai Li more after meeting her pure and innocent eyes . His guilt was easily overcome by his rush of desire .

 “Kiss me . ” Qin Feng tapped his cheek with his finger .

 Bai Li immediately closed in . However, instead of kissing, it was more of a lick . The way a fox would express joy was no different from other canines .

 “Alright, alright . ” Qin Feng stopped her and realized it was not a good idea to tease Bai Li after all . She often overdid it . Nevertheless, the grin on his face showed that he was pleased and enjoyed the exchange .

 After he received the package from Wanzong, Qin Feng made his way back to the colony . There was laughter coming from beside his and Zhou Hao’s cars .

 “Zhou Hao, get the barbeque wing cooked quickly . I am starving!”

 “You already had five and I haven’t eaten anything . What kind of stomach do you have in such a small body?”

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 “It is exactly because of my small body that I need to eat more so I can grow taller . ”

 “You are seventeen and way past puberty . Be done with false hopes . ”

 “Screw you . I am going to finish everything here today and leave nothing for you . ”

 When Qin Feng walked over, he saw Lu Meng and Zhou Hao fighting over the chicken wings on top of a grill rack .

 “That smells heavenly . ” Qin Feng approached them .

 “Come help me now you nut . We have a big eater over here . ”

 Qin Feng was surprised by how the two got along so well this quickly but he asked nothing and promptly joined them .

 Bai Li was also attracted by the smell and crouched down . The food on top of the grill seemed to be more delicious than the energy core they had just purchased .

 These things were brought over by Zhou Hao . His car was larger and he had installed a small fridge in the boot . Other than that, there were also a lot of life necessities, including the grill rack .

 While they were eating, Qin Feng finally understood how the two came together .

 Zhou Hao and Lu Meng had formed a team after Li Yaoyao ditched the latter for Gao Linhan .

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 Lu Meng was impressed by Zhou Hao on the first day . They had both killed two hundred G-tier zombies combined . The number of points gathered was no less than when she teamed up with Li Yaoyao .

 Qin Feng was glad that Zhou Hao found himself a rich female partner . This way, his buddy would face less risk in the wild .

 The dinner lasted for an hour . Bai Li had also eaten a lot of chicken wings . She could have eaten ten more kilos if they had not run out of meat . Yet, Bai Li was still satisfied with the delicious wings and she eased her hostility toward Zhou Hao a little .

 ‘I am not going to hunt tonight . ’ It’s no longer necessary for Qin Feng to go out in the night after he had exposed his true strength earlier . He might raise suspicion if he continued to battle .

 ‘It’s about time I focus on upgrading my power!’

 Qin Feng closed his eyes and unleashed his consciousness . He indulged himself in the experience he had gained during the day .

 He killed six dark-robed entity in a row today . That had upgraded his consciousness by several tiers and it was now F1-tier .

 “Xiao Bai, take everything out and you may go rest,” Qin Feng ordered .

 “Roger that!”

 Bai Li emptied the Spatial Rune, and a large pile of red marbles immediately appeared and rolled all over the floor . These were the energy cores they had gathered during the day . Within them, there were a few rusty bones and six black color ability cores .

 ‘Dark energy core that belongs to a beast general!’ Qin Feng had earned more than the points could provide today . These things in front of him were equally valuable though they could not be turned into money .

 Other ability users might need a machine to extract the rune but Qin Feng could conveniently skip that step .


 ‘Absorb! Absorb! Absorb!’

 His consciousness evolved into the next tier after he swallowed the six ability cores .

 F2-tier consciousness achieved!

 Not only that but Qin Feng had also found new ways of rune arrangement among the cores that he had just absorbed .

 Since he owned the Hell Stone, his dark ability held ten times greater potential than other users . At this rate, even the dark-robed entities would not be his match .

 After he was done with the cores, he opened his eyes and laid them on the strange bones .

 He knew just how resilient these bones were through the battle today . These were great stuff .

 Qin Feng remembered the broken arm he obtained before and activated his absorption ability once again to consume the bones .

 He was busy absorbing and evolving the whole night . All his attributes, including his consciousness, physical strength, internal force, and warrior tier had reached F2-tier in just one night . Furthermore, his F2-tier was definitely stronger than other equivalents by a few notches .

 Qin Feng exhaled slowly when the first light of dawn lit the sky . He had made a giant leap forward and was no longer the same man he was the day before . His power had grown significantly overnight .

 ‘I wonder whether I can solo the Emperor Knight now?’ Qin Feng clenched his fist and was eager to try out .