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Chapter 95

Qin Feng reckoned he should not be too full of himself when he recalled that the Emperor Knight was at F8-tier .

 He reminded himself not to evaluate the current situation based on his past experience as an A-tier warrior . Emperor Knights were a formidable foe that was still too difficult for him at his present state .

 Qin Feng loosened up a little after he thought it through . ‘Getting stronger should be my priority now . ’

 He worked relentlessly the next few days to exterminate as many F-tier zombies as possible . Nonetheless, the invasion did not show signs of slowing down .

 Qin Feng had indeed become stronger . He was currently as lethal as an E-tier fighter . Both the number of zombies killed and his points increased exponentially as the days went by .

 On the other hand, the Dark-Robed Rippers seemed to have become equally desperate . The more zombies the humans killed, the more frequent the spatial rift appeared . The humans and the beasts were locked in a seesaw battle .

 In the past few days, not only the zombies but the human force had also suffered considerable loss . A handful of ability users had fallen in the hands of the enemy . Chengyang city was able to hold only because they had hauled in large reinforcements from other colonies . Besides, the authorities had covered up the number of actual casualties, thus not many knew that they had already lost close to four hundred comrades .

 Qin Feng was aware of the actual situation . Hence, other than essential rest, he had been hunting non-stop up at Zimu Mountains . His point reward was a whopping 80,000 credits now, which far exceeded the rest of the troop .

 At the mountains, Qin Feng leisurely beheaded another fiery zombie in front of him .

 The core inside the zombie skull was an ability core . After Qin Feng had absorbed it, the core granted him a small number of fire runes .

 Unfortunately, even with the great numbers of runes, Qin Feng still found it difficult to enhance his consciousness .

 He could not do anything about it . Most of the dark-robed entities had been killed by him and he had run out of ingredients to power up his consciousness .

 “Why didn’t the Ripper let more dark-robed entities slip through?” Qin Feng murmured .

 He actually understood why . Ability users that could manipulate runes were a rare breed . If it were uncommon among the human race, then it should also be the case for other species . The dark-robed entities were probably a rare and valuable asset in their world as well .

 Qin Feng chuckled and was suddenly alerted . A dark-robed entity had just appeared not very far ahead .

 “Speaking of the devil!” Qin Feng dashed up to the beast quickly .

 Bai Li sensed the anomaly and cautioned her master . “Dear, be careful . It’s a beast king . ”

 Bai Li had learned about the human classification of beasts after mingling in the society for a while now . The dark-robed entity in front of them was not the common beast Qin Feng thought it was .

 Qin Feng was startled . “The Dark-Robed Ripper?”

 The moment he made out the enemy’s identity, it was already dashing toward him .


 The Ripper revealed its look . Different from the black skeleton and skull usually seen on common dark-robed entities, the Ripper’s face was scarlet . It looked exactly like a skinless creature with its flesh exposed . There were no whites in its eyes, which made the creature both peculiar and hideous .

 He seemed to have found out that the culprit behind its underlings’ massacre was the human in front of it . The beast raised its arm and rays of dark bands soon covered Qin Feng .

 ‘Dark laser?’ Qin Feng knew exactly what those rays were . The other dark-robed entities had used the same trick on him before but since he had absorbed the hell stone, Qin Feng was immune to all types of dark ability .

 However, Qin Feng decided it was best not to expose his ability with so many surveillance drones flying around .

 Unfortunately, the Ripper’s dark ray traveled too fast and shrouded a huge area owing to the abundant dark element surrounding them . It was simply not possible to evade them all .

 ‘You are not the only one with a laser!’ Qin Feng reacted calmly and raised his fingers . However, the beam coming out from it was not the dark laser but a blazing spark .

 ‘Fire beam!’ Qin Feng learned the skill immediately after he mastered the dark laser since both skills were based on the same principle . To a certain extent, the fire beam was even more devastating than the dark ray . Unlike the debilitating effect of the dark laser, the fire beam features scorching heat and explosive impact . With such dense energy packed into a single beam, the fire element actually had a bigger advantage in a direct collision between the two .


 The fire beam met the dark laser straight on in mid-air . The two forces pushed against each other evenly . But slowly and steadily, Qin Feng’s fire beam began to push back the dark laser .

 ‘Go all the way!’ Qin Feng enhanced his consciousness and gathered more fire runes in the air . He finally amassed enough energy to completely overwhelm his opponent .


 The flame hit the Ripper’s body and sent the beast flying .

 “Hmm?” Qing Feng was baffled .

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 Because of the attack, the Dark-Robed Ripper was no longer able to hide its presence . The communicator picked up the beast’s signal and rang abruptly .

 “Alert! Beast king has appeared . The detected creature is F3-tier . It is 42 meters away from your current position . Be cautious and retreat immediately . ”

 Qin Feng’s new communicator was able to analyze nearby creatures with better precision .

 ‘The Dark-Robed Ripper is only an F3-tier? Then why are those E-tier users still unable to defeat it? What a bunch of thrash!’

 Qin Feng turned grim as he instantly comprehended the true reason behind it . Since the situation was largely under control now, E-tier fighters only needed to fight once or twice per day and would be given a great reward . They certainly did not hope to see this end too quickly . This was because the longer the war dragged on, the more benefit they would be able to reap .

 As a result, those who put their lives on the line were not the E-tiers but users from G-tier and F-tier .

 ‘I will gladly take what you have let loose . ’ Qin Feng marched on furiously . The Ripper was obviously a powerful ability user . Such a creature certainly had high consciousness . Qin Feng could not wait to reap the reward from killing it .

 The Ripper was greatly agitated by Qin Feng . To the beast, Qin Feng was just a measly fly that did not know his place .

 It pointed at Qin Feng furiously . A dark circular object promptly appeared at the tip of its finger and enlarged rapidly .

 Qin Feng side-stepped and evaded the attack agilely .

 The dark energy ball could pry away a human life force . It worked almost the same way as Qin Feng’s skill, only that the Ripper had stronger consciousness and could release the attack at will from a further distance .

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 Qin Feng moved extremely fast by triggering his inner force . He relayed most of the force to his leg, which enabled him to skip past the ball of death .

 At the same time, five fire beams exploded simultaneously .


 The Dark-Robed Ripper protected itself with a dark barrier and resisted Qin Feng’s short-range attack .

 The two of them scaled up the assault as both sides refused to back down . It was hard for the drone not to notice the barrage of massive attacks executed in this battle .

 Inside the base, most of the E-tier ability users received the live footage almost at the same time .

 “What’s the big fuss?”

 “It’s the Ripper . Someone seems to be fighting it!”

 “I recognize him . It’s Qin Feng . Why did he attack the Ripper?”

 “He is actually capable of exterminating an F-tier beast king . That’s bad . We have to stop him now!”