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Chapter 97

However, they found nothing in sight .

 Not only Qin Feng but the Dark-Robed Ripper was also nowhere to be seen .

 ‘Darn! How could we have lost two targets in an instance?’

 ‘We can’t let Qin Feng escape . He is a student of Chengbei University . He is not to join the evaluation next month . ’

 ‘His potential is beyond the chart . He is going to disrupt the power balance in Chengyang at this rate . My uncle is one of the strongest candidates to run for mayor next term . We can’t afford to let him mature into our future threat . ’

 ‘Damn you, Qin Feng . You should pay with blood for killing my underling!”

 The members of the “search and kill” team might have a different purpose in mind but they all had one common target—to put an end to Qin Feng’s meteoric rise .

 Nevertheless, none of them could locate Qin Feng .

 They were not to be blamed . Most parts of the Zimu Mountains had now turned into bare lands . Rotting trees were consumed by dark runes and would soon turn into bewitched plants . This caused the Zimu Mountains to be stained by the black color of death . Both Qin Feng and the Ripper were dark ability users so they could conceal themselves in the environment without being noticed .

 However, they could clearly sense each other . After all, they were almost equal in power, with Qin Feng perhaps slightly stronger overall since he was also an ancient warrior .

 ‘Let’s get this done quickly . ’ With this thought in mind, Qin Feng pursued the Ripper with Bai Li on his side .

 The Dark-Robed Ripper could sense the imminent danger and dashed toward the peak hastily .

 At the mountain peak, the Emperor Knight was annoyed by the flies that had suddenly occupied the sky of his turf . Without its spear, the beast could no longer launch ranged attacks and thus it could only wait for its prey to come down .

 The beast’s attention was distracted by the search team and it had also failed to realize the presence of the Dark-Robed Ripper in stealth mode .

 ‘Gotcha!’ Qin Feng sneered and intercepted the Ripper with his well-built body .


 The Dark-Robed Ripper took the hit and was bounced into the air . It landed hard on the ground and continued to roll down the hill before it was stopped by a giant tree .


 Qin Feng quickly followed up with his Verdant Emperor Saber .

 He did not expect that the Ripper’s robe was also made of runes . It exploded into a dark mist as soon as the saber came into contact with it . Qin Feng felt like he had hit on a large pile of fluffy cotton instead of the Ripper’s body .


 The Dark-Robed Ripper was infuriated and evoked all its power .

 Without being watched by drones, Qin Feng neither retreated nor evaded this time .

 Though his saber was unable to cut through the Ripper, Qin Feng still had plenty of tricks up his sleeves .

 Qin Feng retracted the saber and wrapped his hand around the robe .

 “Absorb!” The dark runes of the robe disappeared into his palm under the effect of his innate ability .

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 With the mist protecting the Ripper gone, Qin Feng finally managed to grab its body .

 “Asteroid Assimilation!”

 This secret art not only could devour the enemy’s inner power but it also exerted ten times the force in return . The impact created by the two opposing forces was especially suffocating .

 It was the Ripper’s arm that Qin Feng was gripping at the moment .


 The arm exploded under the grinding force . There was no blood but only flesh that burst into pieces along with the black robe .


 Qin Feng heaved and forcefully tore the remaining arm apart from the Ripper’s body .

 The noisy battle did not go unnoticed . The ancient warriors on gliders finally discovered Qin Feng’s whereabouts and began to descend .

 Not only that but the Emperor Knight had also sensed its demised comrade .


 The Emperor Knight was enraged . Its Umbra Stallion dashed through the air and entered the battle zone almost at the same time as the ancient warriors’ arrival .

 “Stop the knight!” Liu Ba from Dongling colony bellowed yet he himself jumped on the Dark-Robed Ripper .

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 Nobody cared about the Emperor Knight right now . They were all here to take advantage of the dying Ripper .

 ‘Bunch of hooligans!’ Qin Feng triggered his inner force once again .

 ‘Asteroid Assimilation!’ Instantly, a vortex of energy appeared around Qin Feng .

 “What the hell is this?”

 None of the ancient warriors had experienced the power of Asteroid Assimilation before . They panicked and were horrified to find that their inner power was disappearing rapidly as if it were being sucked out by an external force .

 Nonetheless, these were E-tiers with massive battle experience . They knew that this vortex was either Qin Feng or the Ripper’s doing . There was one simple way to escape the vortex, which was to back off until the edge of the affected area .

 The E-tier aptitude users were indeed powerful enough to escape the strange whirlpool easily .

 ‘Too late!’ Qin Feng leered . He had foreseen the attack of the Emperor Knight .

 Since no one was slowing down the knight, it charged in with its shield and knocked an ancient warrior out of its way .

 The ancient warrior spilled blood but luckily it was not too serious . Even so, he had lost the ability and stamina to compete with others now .

 Unfortunately, a ghastly figure suddenly appeared behind him .

 “My dear sir, why did you gang up and attack me just now?” Qin Feng asked rhetorically .

 The face of the fallen warrior paled rapidly . Before he could defend himself, Qin Feng had laid his hand on the warrior’s dantian .

 Asteroid Assimilation!

 His rich inner power was devoured by Qin Feng .

 If the internal force of an F-tier ancient warrior was described as thin mist, then that of the E-tier ancient warrior was as thick as a sea of clouds .

 Qin Feng digested the sea of clouds swiftly inside his own dantian and turned them into ten patches of energy mists . These, of course, were still not as dense as Qin Feng’s original energy mass .

 Regardless, it was better than naught! This could greatly amplify his training speed .

 “What have you done to me?” The E-tier ancient warrior was devastated after he realized that his dantian had been emptied and could no longer generate any internal strength .

 “My respected senior, I only require your explanation . But since you are heavily injured, I will let it slide for now and we shall get to it when we are back in the base . ” Qin Feng said righteously and turned to the others .

 Those who had besieged him before were now being pursued by the Emperor Knight .

 Qin Feng’s skill earlier on had critically derailed them . Yet, some of them were able to remain unharmed, such as Lin Zheng and Han Jian .

 “Haha, good job, Qin Feng . ” Han Jian laughed hysterically . He was here to stop the others but figured that he was not needed after all .

 While Lin Zheng had restrained himself from making a move in front of Han Jian, he was not shameless to the point where he would publicly kill a comrade from the same colony .

 “We have to kill the Emperor Knight together or none of us are going to get out alive!”

 Liu Ba growled and charged in first . Others knew that what he said was true . If they were to still refuse to work together now, then the whole team might be annihilated . Hence, everyone cooperated and brought out their best attack .

 These individuals were actually capable fighters but they were overwhelmed by the Emperor Knight before because each of them were fighting for their own lowly intentions .

 Why had they given up on the Dark-Robed Ripper? Because the beast had once again blended into the dark surroundings and the ancient warriors had lost trace of it once more .