Master of the Stars - Chapter 100.1

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Chapter 100.1

Chapter 100: Heart-Lock Prison (Part 1/2)

Translator: Strivon

Cat Eyes's expertise laid in her long-ranged perception . This was also a kind of mental sensing . With her all-encompassing perception, she could cover a range of fifty to seventy meters . However, this was different to Luo Nan's clairvoyance-type sensing .

Her level of sensing was primarily focused on the region where the mental and the material planes mutually interacted . She was unable to sense the deeper parts of the mental plane, so it was hard for her to reach a target that hid in the extreme depths of the mental plane that was far from the material plan—such as the Human-Face Arachnid .

However, Cat Eyes intrinsically possessed an extremely high degree of sensing precision and powerful penetration capabilities at her level of sensing . She was just like a high power active radar system that was powerful enough to cover the entire city .  

Huang Bingzhen could not endure it because her output power was a bit too much .

"What the hell?"

Cat Eyes reacted quite quickly and she soon became aware that something was amiss . She retracted her mental senses and restrained it to an appropriate level . This prevented Huang Bingzhen from burning along with the exterior layer of protective shell .

However, it was not easy to completely retract a mental attack spurred by telepathy . On the spot, Huang Bingzhen let out a miserable howl in the mental plane . The protective shell around his weak soul jolted twice . Its structure had seemingly taken damage but the shell was not broken, for better or worse .

If this guy was smart at all, he would have taken this chance to immediately slip back into his own fleshly body, thereby ending things .

But today was bound to be filled with matters . Huang Bingzhen had not been tempered by the seas and its winds—he was still inexperienced . He was not familiar with the workings of the mental plane . When he was hit by the attack, he just froze there in foolishness . He did not advance nor did he retreat . Additionally, his miserable howl had traveled some distance on the mental plane . He had more or less broadcasted a signal .

Cat Eyes and Luo Nan looked at each other in dismay as a storm suddenly erupted on the mental plane . Tyrannical mental senses came cutting in from a long range . It first broke through Cat Eyes' all-encompassing perception with its radius of seventy meters . The powerful pressure caused Cat Eyes's expression to suddenly change color .

The enemy's mental attack came steamrolling in, as if there was no one to oppose it at all . Cat Eyes might have been an expert of perception but she was lacking in her ability to defend on the mental plane . She would not be able to meet force with force there . However, such a powerful action by the opponent also conveyed one's position extremely clearly .

The enemy's mental senses cut through the private room in an instant and the enemy examined the room's inner situation unimpeded . Its power pressed against Cat Eyes’s senses and  reduced the range of Cat Eyes’s senses .  

"A formidable foe, one with a mental enhancement focus . . . "

Cat Eyes telepathically left a message in the encrypted channel—his was the quickest and most effective method of exchanging information since it was instaneous . However, the channel refreshed with new messages the instant she left her message . "The enemy's main body has entered within forty… thirty meters of range . The enemy's speed is very fast and the enemy possesses great power and energy . Damn it all! It's an All-Rounder type!

"Avoid direct engagement . Order the special police forces to provide assistance . Pertinent orders and privileges have been issued . " He Yueyin responded .

He Yueyin had masterfully conducted the deployment and mobilization of personnel from the very beginning . Even though Luo Nan had not listened to her orders and had gotten involved in the situation, He Yueyin was constantly performing appropriate adjustments in real time . She was utilizing nearby resources to maximum efficiency so as to increase the operation's margin of safety .

Cat Eyes obviously knew that avoiding direct engagement was an excellent decision . The problem was that the opponent would not spare them even if she wanted to pull back!

Huang Bingzhen's miserable howl might have touched upon a sensitive nerve of this opponent because the mental senses instantly transformed into an attack after scanning the entire room . It was like a wave . It was like a storm . The might of an assaulting attack was truly displayed .

There was a problem though . Such actions would cause disaster to befall not on others but on Huang Bingzhen!

The previous inadvertent release of mental senses by Cat Eyes was almost too much for Huang Bingzhen . The opponent's current mental attack, which was like the raging seas and stormy waves, came pressing over . From Huang Bingzhen's perspective, he would drown and perish . His already-weak defenses were just like a soap bubble—it could burst at any moment .

No matter how stupid Huang Bingzhen was, he knew that he was in dire straits now . He immediately let out another howl of misery .

However, this action was useless . His bubble-like defenses burst and a wisp of smoke spread out . At first, it was very hard to make out Huang Bingzhen's appearance but the smoke soon lost its form as it trembled and dispersed .

Luo Nan knew that after Huang Bingzhen's soul had come out of his body, the structure of his soul was not resilient enough—he had stuck too close to the material plane . As a result, he was dispersed by the power that interfered between the mental and material planes .

Huang Bingzhen was an ordinary person . He had never trained in the mental domain . He could not even have his soul take form by himself . As such, when he had lost his protective shell, his soul did not have any ability to exist any longer . In addition, the external world was like a whistling storm . The environment of the mental plane was vile to the extreme .

The opponent had heard Huang Bingzhen's miserable howl at this time, yet they had no intentions of stopping their attack . The mental attack continued and it completely suppressed Cat Eyes . Cat Eyes's sensing range was shrinking smaller and smaller, it was to the point that her range was now confined to the room . She had lost all perception of what was going on outside the room .  

"Damnable fiend!"

Cat Eyes grit her teeth in anger . She was bad against these kinds of brute force mental attacks . She was most accustomed to combining her hyper sensory perception with her nimble and strong body in order to fight for the initiative during high-speed movement . But right now, she had a half-useless fool by her side . She could not even draw out five percent of her ability in fear of causing friendly fire . She felt extremely wronged .

The opponent was extremely keen as well . As soon as the decisive moment had occurred, the opponent did not give Cat Eyes any chance to adjust . The rapidly approaching figure turned erratic in Cat Eyes's perception due to the all-around suppressive force . It made Cat Eyes quite worry about when and where this powerful enemy would be coming from .

Cat Eyes cast a glare towards Luo Nan . She should have known that nothing good would come upon following this fellow .


A marvelous trembling sound shook forth and proliferated the mental plane . Cat Eyes's scalp went numb the instant she heard this sound . Her defenses, which were already in danger, instantly fell to pieces .  

Right when the recoil was about to strike her, a similar vibration responded from the depths of the structure of her body and soul . Incorporeal chains activated from a state of hibernation to erect a framework in an instant that was too marvelous to describe with words . It was like the stable frame of a building . The frame towered unmovingly, no matter how wild the gales blew .

The life-threatening recoil from her broken defenses was dispersed for some odd reason and the tyrannical mental attack did not seem to be as strong as before .

Although Cat Eyes lacked the strength to counterattack, it was as if she was completely immune to the mental attack . The extremely atrophied range of her mental senses began to regain their lost area . They began to expand outwards layer by layer .

"Hm?" The powerful enemy also discovered this situation . A low nasally sound was transmitted not on the mental plane but on the material plane, letting everyone in the room hear the sound very clearly .  

So the enemy was extremely close already .

Cat Eyes finally got the chance to catch her breath and immediately went to complete He Yueyin's series of orders to the very end . She spoke loudly, "Captain Xue, put all your energy into being vigilant . The killer is close by!"

She did not care about being completely factual . It was best to just get the point across . In any case, Huang Bingzhen's soul was scattered . He was 90% dead anyway . It wasn't really a lie .  

But as soon as Cat Eyes spoke those words, dark chains came surging across like a giant raging python . They pierced through the void and struck Huang Bingzhen's near-dispersed smoke-like soul dead on .