Master of the Stars - Chapter 100.2

Published at 11th of October 2017 09:15:15 AM
Chapter 100.2

Chapter 100: Heart-Lock Prison (Part 2/2)

Translator: Strivon

Since Huang Bingzhen's soul was near the material plane, Luo Nan's dark chains were also close for the sake of controlling him . Therefore, the chains could not be hidden from Cat Eyes's direct gaze .

Cat Eyes then cast Luo Nan a somewhat odd look . It partly because he looked like he was ‘kill stealing’ . Another part of it was due to the chains themselves .

Well, it did not matter what Cat Eyes thought . Luo Nan knew what he was doing . The instant the dark chains had struck their target, the mass of soul smoke was not destroyed . Instead, the mass had oddly coalesced together .

At this time, the unseen foe continued to unleash powerful mental attacks . A slice of area in the private room was completely enveloped with powerful storms on the mental plane . Any power that wished to face this attack would be instantly and utterly defeated .

The problem was, who would face those attacks head on?

Luo Nan already possessed ample experience of attack and defense on the mental plane through the Human-Faced Arachnid and through Elder Mo Lun of the Bloodflame Order . He knew where his superiority laid in .

Whether it was the format of ‘My heart’s a prison’ or tempo of soul breathing, they were all layouts formed by one's self . They did not need to be driven by external forces .

Though the mental plane screamed with a storm, Luo Nan's dark chains merely trembled a few times . The chains did not try to wrest away power, did not try to take up ground, and did not try to forcefully obstruct the storm . Instead, the dark chains stably erected those layouts .

Luo Nan's body and soul structure was like this from inside out, supported by the dark chains . . . Aside from his fleshly body, which was lacking .

The pressure was certainly still there . His nervous system was being stimulated and there were effects on his skin, flesh, and organs . But this was nothing compared to yesterday night where he had nearly died from the imbalance between body and soul due to the Wraith Sign's power boost .

He coughed a few times and breathed steadily . Huang Bingzhen's maimed wisp of a soul was affected by the chains' format and was stabilized . Faint light smoke billowed all around the soul, a portion of which came circulating back . A bit of the figure's outline was restored .  

The chains then forcefully pressed down on this mangled smoke of a soul back into Huang Bingzhen's body . Flesh and soul merged into one at last but only god would know of any residual effects .

"Tsk . . . "

The pressure on Cat Eyes plummeted, allowing her senses to become much more responsive . Her eyes captured Luo Nan's entire series of actions and no matter how awkward she found it, she was forced to exclaim in admiration . "This is a Soul Quelling Technique! You took up a nice stance!"

Huang Bingzhen may not have been a person worth saving . Luo Nan may not have had a good opinion of him but he had acted because he did not want to see a living person die like a candle being blown out .

In addition, this was more or less a stance, just as Cat Eyes said . He wanted to convey the following to the powerful enemy—your methods of mental storms are useless against me and those who I protect .

Cat Eyes was an example and the 90% dead Huang Bingzhen was an example as well .

Luo Nan's declaration on his stance was effective . The mental storm began to dwindle down when Huang Bingzhen's soul returned to his body . Subsequently, the enemy would occasionally cause the storm to resurge but these should be a series of tests against Luo Nan's grounding . The enemy was testing to see how it would break through Luo Nan's structures but the enemy found no success in the end .  

The mental attack was withdrawn but the senses still remained in existence . The enemy did not conceal its target at all . The enemy's mental senses were similar to Cat Eyes's high power active radar as they constantly covered the interior of the room . The enemy was dead-fixed on watching Luo Nan down to a penetrating level .

In any case, the turmoil on the mental plane had calmed down a bit but the tension of the material plane's atmosphere was just getting started .  

Although Luo Nan's skills on the mental plane were truly inconceivable, ultimately they were not applied on the material plane . Ability users could see what he did but it was hard for ordinary people to see . They were on a completely different tempo .

Guo Ju, who had been constantly yelling to vacate the area, denounced Cat Eyes even further when she cried out that there was a killer . He proclaimed that Cat Eyes was making things up .

He was correct in a certain sense but unfortunately, his actions were meaningless .

Xue Weilun was absolutely disinclined to take heed of him at this time . What Xue Weilun was focused on was Cat Eyes's warning and the nasally grunt that was brimming with ill intentions .

The more time passed, the stranger Cat Eyes' and Luo Nan's actions became—they were clearly a bit nuts . However, Xue Weilun had more or less some knowledge and understanding of these ‘certified professionals’ . They accessed a level that was different to that of ordinary people .

Out of consideration for the safety of those involved, Xue Weilun pro-actively deployed personnel and arranged a police cordon . Of course, he did not forget to ask the technicians to go search for the origin of the nasally grunt .  

Xue Weilun shifted focus . Guo Ju did not look too happy on the surface but Xue Weilun still sighed a breath of relief . From his perspective, it did not matter if the situation was in a deadlock or if there had been any changes in the situation . They were not important . What was truly important laid in the robots that followed their programmed operations .

Three multi-function robots had already finished completing their transporting task . The last remaining human body was none other than Huang Bingzhen . They put him on a stretcher . Their metal bodies were driven by their programming as they moved out the door .

The people on the scene were disinclined to pay attention to the three hindering robots . In any case, the scene of the incident was nearly completely destroyed . It did not matter how many people the robots moved—it would not make a difference .

Guo Ju, on the other hand, felt like his heart was about to burst . He looked out from the corner of his eyes and his focus was always on the body of the robot in front . He saw it make its way ahead as it dragged the stretcher . He finally let out a mental sigh of relief when the robot and the stretcher gradually left the room .  

He made it past!

His relief had not lasted for more than half a second when an enormous force attacked the stumpy metal machine in the next moment . The hundred kilogram body flew through the air with a bang, colliding fiercely against the ‘companion’ behind it .

The three robots were struck flying back one after another like several dominoes falling down all over the place . Their running operation was turned into a complete mess . They just struggled on the ground but they could not climb back up at all .

Worst of all was the stretcher on the robot in the middle . The entire module was ejected and Huang Bingzhen laid on the stretcher like a duck without feathers . He flew halfway across the room through the air and fell hard .

The stretcher module was in the air a bit longer than Huang Bingzhen . When it fell, it just so happened to smack Huang Bingzhen in the face . After a muffled thud, there was actually the sound of moaning .

He's alive?

The situation had suddenly changed and Cat Eyes could not help but be distracted for a moment . Her gaze swept onto the naked duck and she gasped once again in admiration towards Luo Nan's brilliant skill .

Just based on this alone, Luo Nan's achievements in soul studies was enough to cause Mr . Bai, an authoritative scholar on the soul, to raise his brows in shock .

Indeed, this fellow was quite the hidden boss . Who knew what sort of items were hidden in his stomach .

But soon, Cat Eyes had to quickly focus her mind since there was someone who was gradually walking through what had been an empty entrance .

A dazzling white was displayed under the dim lights .

The person who arrived was wearing a snow-white loose-fitting robe, looking incompatible with the lively activity going on in the scene of reality . The person was wearing the robes of a priest, one that would only appear in religious events .  

Compared to standard clothes, the color of the robes was really excessive . Even though the lights were of messy colors, it seemed that all of the mottled rays were able to be reflected off, leaving behind a dazzling and pure white .  

Guo Ju was not too far away from the entrance . The collision and damage to the robots made his heart feel like it was about to burst . Now that he saw the dazzling white, a person suddenly came to mind . His beating heart instantly choked in his throat, clogging his throat so much that he would soon suffocate .