Master of the Stars - Chapter 101.1

Published at 12th of October 2017 01:44:47 AM
Chapter 101.1

Chapter 101: Fairchild (Part 1/2)

Translator: Strivon

"No no no . They shouldn't know who I am . " Guo Ju wanted to control his nervous thoughts and he did his utmost to remain calm . He wanted to turn his gaze away if he had the chance but doing so would be really suspicious .  

His only choice was to feign an expression of surprise or perhaps he should mix in a little bit of anger as well? However, the sparkling white before his eyes was the indelible source of his fear . He did his best to endure it for a second but all secondary thoughts were soon dispelled clean from his mind . He could only look over with trembling fear as he stiffly took in the information before his eyes .

Guo Ju saw the tall and sturdy figure beneath the white robes . A bit further up the body was the deep and clear silhouette of a western face . The skin was a healthy tan color . This was not enough information to identify the person .  

However, when Guo Ju's gaze rested on the side of this person's face, he saw flat scarlet red skin and flesh at the location where an ear ought to be . Guo Ju's eyes contracted entirely, as if they were pricked by a needle .

Even though Guo Ju could only see one side of the face, Guo Ju was certain that the other side would be the same .

"Truth bless . . . Oh damn, never mind!" Guo Ju could not endure it any longer . He turned his gaze to avoid further stimulation but this action was meaningless .  

For in this very moment, he felt his calves spasm and he felt a cold chill blow across his neck . The sensation turned fiery in the blink of an eye, it felt like his skin and flesh were splitting from being roasted .

Guo Ju withdrew, pretending not to notice the person coming in . However, Xue Weilun could not do the same . This fellow's sudden appearance was suspicious no matter how he looked at him, especially with those bizarre clothes . The man had to at least explain how he had gotten past the defensive perimeter arranged by the special police and had suddenly appeared within the room .

Xue Weilun placed his hand to the side of his weapons holster and was just about to interrogate the man when the sounds of a series of bodies falling to the ground could be heard coming from outside . The heavily armed special police equipped in exoskeleton armors had collapsed seemingly simultaneously .  

Xue Weilun's reactions could not be described as slow during this time . He instantly pulled out his gun and opened fire . The hand railgun designed for the special police forces exploded out with fatal bullets but the end result was just a large hole blasted through the door frame . The angle of deviation was enormous, exceeding the realm of common sense .

Xue Weilun knew what had happened . An incorporeal bullet had penetrated his brain the instant he pulled the trigger . An intense jolt had caused him to lose control over his body . He tried to recover as he stumbled a step forward but ultimately, his control over his body had become completely weak . It would be very hard for him to recover in a short time frame .

Every single attack had happened on the incorporeal and formless mental plane . The enemy was powerful and possessed an extraordinary strength . Normal people were powerless against him .

This man had cleared out the space in a few short minutes before he walked inside with leisure .

Luo Nan saw that the pupils of this man were dark gray, giving off a feeling of desolation and callousness . However, the fierce means displayed by this man increased the tension and uncertainty of the situation to its limits .

Of course, Luo Nan also noticed the lack of ears on the side of this man's face . With this sort of appearance, along with his tyrannical strength, this man must certainly be well-known in the world of ability users .

At this time, Cat Eyes also saw this man's figure clearly . She moaned in the encrypted channel .

"Big trouble now! It’s Fairchild!"

"Fairchild? Of the Order of Justice?"

"Yes . The Ears of Truth . The mad believer of the Order of Justice!"

Luo Nan was not blind . "That Guo Ju . He has responsibilities with the Order of Justice . Why does he have that sort of expression when one of his own is here?"

"Humph, it is already quite admirable for him to not cry out for his mommy the moment that the 'secular side' meets the 'truth side', when shallow believers meet mad believers, or when the 'exchangers' meets the 'executioners' . " 

The Order of Justice was like any other large-scale organization . It was hard for internal strife to not appear, especially for religious groups where equal importance was placed on holy worship and concepts of faith . It was easy for something to go awry without the quelling of a powerful ‘god’ .

The holy object of the Order of Justice was the Scales of Truth that split things distinctly into black and white . Within this order, the 'secular side' and the 'truth side' were just like opposite sides of a scale . One was black . One was white . They were split into two .

The two were as their name implied . One referred to the disorderly secular world . The other referred to pure truth .

The truth side was displeased with the secular side performing an unbalanced holy exchange . They believed that exchanging money, lust and dirty desires for the bestowment of the divine power of truth was grave blaspheme .  

The secular side scoffed at the harsh doctrine of the truth side, believing it too far exceed the realm of reality .

The truth side of this order had begun a purification project at an unknown time . They executed punishment on those who performed excessive holy exchanges .

The hatred between the two factions had been gradually accumulating and the so-called punishments had grown more and more vicious . Several Truth Executioners were born from this situation . Fairchild was one of the famous ones .

He might not be the most powerful but his customary Truth Mirror punishment caused people to pale just from hearing its description . Its basic concept was as follows: The sinner must die under the same circumstances caused by whatever ability gained through the secular exchange .

Luo Nan somewhat understood the situation now . It was no wonder that Fairchild ignored Huang Bingzhen's dying state . Looking at things now, Fairchild basically wanted Huang Bingzhen to die via soul annihilation .

From the perspective of the truth side, it was quite disgusting for there to be people such as Huang Bingzhen living in this world!

The problem was that Luo Nan had destroyed Fairchild's intentions .

Fairchild did not come to cause Luo Nan troubles immediately . He was following his duty as part of the purification project . He still had a target he needed to resolve .

Not too far away ahead of Fairchild, Guo Ju did his utmost to calm down but it was useless . His entire body was shivering with fear because he was well aware that the tall and large man standing behind him was seeking his life . This was a matter as simple as breathing for Fairchild .

Fairchild walked to Guo Ju's side and sized him up a few times . His lips opened to utter in a deep booming voice . It was a sound that seemed to directly strike the heart from the eardrums . "You don't need to worry just based on yourself for now . You didn't break away from the real purpose of the exchange with the results of exchanging for a secular item using a secular price . . . But who gave you the right to engage in blaspheming the truth?"

"I . . . " Guo Ju opened his mouth since he wanted to speak, yet he was unable to find an appropriate reason for his behavior . He did not have even an ounce of the courage he displayed before . The color of his face grew all the more paler as it neared transparency . What seeped out from within was entirely despair .

Everyone else in the room was shocked speechless for a time . No one had ever expected that Guo Ju would fear Fairchild to this degree .

The reputation and power this Executioner held within the Order of Justice was just more than one could imagine .

"Seems like things aren't good . "

Cat Eyes communicated with Luo Nan and He Yueyin through the encrypted channel . She inevitably complained about Luo Nan . "It would have been better to let that fellow Huang Bingzhen die . He's clearly scum . . . Oh right, what did they do to attract the Ears of Truth?"