Master of the Stars - Chapter 101.2

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Chapter 101.2

Chapter 101: Fairchild (Part 2/2)

Translator: Strivon

Cat Eyes must have forgotten that she had praised Luo Nan for adopting this stance . As for her current question, Luo Nan knew the answer to it .

Luo Nan swept his gaze across the ground where Xue Weilun had fallen . He sighed a breath of relief as he confirmed that Uncle Xue had only received a mental attack and was not in any fatal danger .

Luo Nan's gaze then fell onto the three scrapped robots . He pondered whether or not the special storage unit was still retrievable . The ‘Faith Product’ inside was installed for the sake of Huang Bingzhen, Guo Ju, and similar people . It was also the cause of today's matter .

The unconscious Huang Bingzhen was blessed . The awake Guo Ju was stuck in a complete tragedy .  

Guo Ju's body was just like a shaking sieve right now as he gazed stiffly forwards . Fairchild stood behind him and whenever Fairchild asked a question, Guo Ju would answer . Not a single thought of whether or not his life could be saved crossed his mind . Fairchild's voice was like a fist that endlessly clenched and squeezed out everything inside Guo Ju's head . As for what would be left behind, only Truth would know .

Thanks to Guo Ju, Fairchild's attention still remained elsewhere . Luo Nan and Cat Eyes had the chance of respite .

Cat Eyes yelled into the encrypted channel, "Where's everyone else?"

The encrypted channel began to flood with messages . A fellow named Red Fox, who was dispatched after Cat Eyes, arrived at the scene . He had already started to give up and retreat . "Fairchild? If I go in its a free kill for him . There's no point even if Kitty's there . Do we have any other comrades who want to go die?"

Bamboo Pole, who Luo Nan had worked together with once before, had also been one of the people dispatched . "(Fox + Cat) x 2 is still a freebie for him . You guys actually still have enough life in you to send out information . It really is quite astonishing . "

Another person called Papercut divulged some practical information . "I've personally witnessed this earless man in action . He took on the master of the Metal Storm head on . The Shield of Truth is simply broken . Are you sure you're still alive?"

Bamboo Pole concluded . "Be smart about it . First, kneel . Make it easier for this dude of the Order of Justice to kill you . Make it a swift death . . . "

At this time, He Yueyin transmitted more detailed information . "Though Fairchild is an All-Rounder type ability user, he's still the strongest in his power of faith . He is one of the few mad believers who is able to receive the holy force of the Scales of Truth and form the Shield of Truth . He becomes unyielding and unshakable for at least ninety minutes, gaining defensive ability on the level of an Extraordinary . ”

Cat Eyes's eyes twitched just reading all of this . "Hey, this information is useless . First, tell us how to deal with him?"

"To all those dispatched for the operation and have yet to arrive on the scene, change your destination to the neighboring Haipu Hotel on Yulan Block . "

" . . . What's the meaning of this?"

He Yueyin responded calmly . "Fairchild has a tendency to go hysterical while executing his purification work . Currently, there is no one who is a match for him among the deployed personnel . They will just cause unnecessary stimulation for Fairchild . Thus, we must redeploy and avoid tactics that add oil to the fire . I've already informed the Society . Powerful supporters will be simultaneously engaging in negotiations . "

"It's better to negotiate . This person may engage in great slaughter within the Order but he keeps a low profile on the outside . "

Bamboo Pole proposed the following . " Kitty share your perspective with us . Let's put our heads together and make a plan . We haven't engaged in direct confrontation yet . If we can reason with him and give each other some leeway, then things would be for the best . "

Luo Nan was unable to participate in this kind of conversation . After all, the target of this operation was no longer the Human-Faced Arachnid . There was a more immediate trouble in the form of Fairchild .

But he was not being completely idle right now since Fairchild had his eyes on him constantly in a way others would find hard to comprehend .

Luo Nan was on the receiving end . He had to endure it .

At last, Guo Ju's calamity had ended . Fairchild approached from behind his back, no longer paying any mind to Guo Ju .

Only now did Guo Ju bend his knees . His entire body kneeled softly to the ground . He watched Fairchild from behind in a daze . Fairchild swaggered within a dazzling white light . Finally, Guo Ju's head struck the ground as he lost consciousness .

"Good news!"

"There's a way out!"

"You have to hold on . "

Several pieces of information appeared in the encrypted channel . Guo Ju's narrow, difficult, and lucky escape instantly gave the members of the Society some hope . Today, this Ears of Truth did not seem to have an especially intense killing intent .

However, several people soon felt baffled . They had been watching from Cat Eyes' shared perspective and had noticed something . Fairchild's gaze deviated from their direction by a minute angle . It gave them a feeling of discomfort from just watching it .

"Kitty, who are you looking at?"

"Mr . Luo . " Cat Eyes replied simply .

Only now did several people realize that Luo Nan, the person who had begun the operation and had everyone gathered, had yet to speak for a long time since everyone started coming into the channel .

"Hey hey, he's still alive right?"

Bamboo Pole, who had once worked with Luo Nan, had a deeper understanding of Luo Nan than the others .

From Bamboo Pole's perspective, Luo Nan was a professional in his field, being a psychic . At the same time, Luo Nan was an extremely young and inexperienced student . His psychic drawings were astonishing, but he did not display any particular talent in handling affairs . On the night they worked together, every one of their actions was planned by Bamboo Pole and He Yueyin . Occasionally, Luo Nan would reveal something extraordinary like the time when Cat Eyes had courted disaster with him .

This was to be expected though, now that he thought about it . If a 16 years old high school student—who immersed himself in self logic as a psychic most of the time—was able to coordinate social conversations, handle affairs, and do all kinds of things, they would not be a genius but a monster .

Bamboo Pole had very practical concerns . Would this half grown kid be able to endure facing against the number one executioner of the Order of Justice?

Not only did this require courage, it also required intelligence, experience, training, and even a little bit of luck .

Luo Nan had yet to respond . Everyone in the encrypted channel was unsure if he had noticed these messages .

"Kitty, what's up with your partner?"

"Mmm, he has a lot of pressure . "

Cat Eyes shifted her gaze as she replied, letting everyone in the encrypted channel see Luo Nan's appearance .

His appearance was just as Cat Eyes had described . Luo Nan's body and his face were clearly a bit frozen . His expression appeared lifeless; his gaze stared straight ahead, meeting with Fairchild's gray pupils .

Both of them were expressionless but Fairchild's body language was lively . His body was in harmony from top to bottom, revealing calmness, callousness, and might .

As for Luo Nan, the muscles of his entire body were completely paralyzed . Anyone could see his tenseness and pressure .

"Hey, hurry up and wake up . Breathe and relax!"

"He can't hear you . "

"We're screwed . He's completely suppressed . "

"It's already quite decent for him to meet Fairchild's gaze . How old is he?"

"Fairchild won't give a damn about his age . That Huang Bingzhen isn't that much older than him!"

Within this fuss, some people were baffled . "Why is he concentrated on Luo Nan? What is Fairchild thinking? Is he able to tell that Luo Nan is a psychic?" 

"Their order is absolutely not lacking in psychics . They were founded on them in the first place…"

Waves and waves of information streamed through the encrypted channel . Some people used text . Some people used speech . Some simply used their thoughts . It was a mess of different methods of communication that formed a chaotic soup .

But then in the next instant, all the chaos froze . Fairchild had opened his mouth . His deep voice clearly circulated within the enclosed room .  

"Chains… Not bad . "