Master of the Stars - Chapter 102.2

Published at 17th of October 2017 05:39:51 AM
Chapter 102.2

Chapter 102: Debating the Truth (Part 2/2)

Translator: Strivon

Luo Nan had thought of Rui Wen when he had opened his mouth .

On that night, Rui Wen had broken the encirclement of Deep Blue Walkers . She possessed the power to seamlessly shift between the material plane and the mental plane to form absolutely powerful bursts of strength . She also possessed an unmatched ability to change tempos . Luo Nan could never forget this in his life .

Luo Nan had yet to truly experience Fairchild's true strength but Rui Wen was above Fairchild just based on tempo harmonization .

Fairchild lacked a merged-as-one tempo . This made the pressure that Fairchild gave off in their confrontation on the mental plane intermittent and fleeting . It was hard for the mental storm attack to reach the level of Rui Wen's explosive power . Fairchild's tempo was even lacking when compared to Elder Mo Lun's of the Bloodflame Order .

However, was the gap between Fairchild and the two that obvious? Even without comparing Rui Wen, a young girl, why was it that he felt this Ears of Truth possessed an aura greater than that of Mo Lun?

This was what Luo Nan was puzzling over . If he were to purely use speech to express himself, he would touch upon various contexts and secrets . Even if he used over 100 sentences or 1000 sentences, he still might not be able to express himself clearly . Instead, he just used two or three sentences .

Then, Fairchild just simply replied . "Why?"

He had simply repeated one of Luo Nan's words . Then he took a step forward, causing the entire room to practically shiver in this moment .


This was not an illusion . The equipment, the furnishings, and the human bodies that were standing, sitting, kneeling, and lying down jolted a bit . The three wrecked robots made squeaky shaking sounds .

A dazzling halo emitted a glow from Fairchild's body . The lights defused from his chest outwards to instantly covered his entire body and illuminate the entire room . Every corner was without shadow . Every detail could be seen .

And at this moment, the encrypted channel exploded with information .

"Ah, ah, ah . It's the Shield of Truth!"

"He's gone hysterical . One word and he's off . "

"He's really courted death . He's screwed…"

"The negotiations? Back him up?"

"Kitty run fast . Run fast!"

Cat Eyes unconsciously took a step backwards but in the end, she did not make any further steps . This was because Luo Nan, who was in front of her, did not make a single movement when facing against Fairchild's terrifying pressure . At most he coughed twice .

The pressure that Luo Nan faced was far greater . However, it was on the mental plane so he could manage it . He squinted his eyes slightly and watched the dazzling lighting and sound coming from Fairchild's body .

It was inevitable for the surrounding area to be influenced by Fairchild's aura when unleashed . The shaking was not limited to the room . It seemed that the entirety of Frost River Reality was shaking .

Was Fairchild going to make his move? Luo Nan did not think so .

At this moment, all that appeared before his eyes was an operational structure of energy and information erected upon a fleshly body as a foundation . It was limited by the material plane . This structure could not be directly observed like those built on the mental plane . The details and the like were unable to be clearly seen . Yet, most of its principles were transparently displayed .

The material plane and the mental plane pressed and squeezed against each other . They mutually interfered with each other to form a vortex that could exist simultaneously on both the mental and material planes, spinning together to form a dynamic yet stable framework . Fairchild's mind and human body were merged as one within this framework . They supported each other and mutually affected each other .

This was Fairchild's response .

Perhaps it was hard for Fairchild to achieve Rui Wen's tempo of body and soul merging, of harmonized unification . Despite this, the state of his body and soul was erected as a stable and powerful structure . It gave one the feeling of a nuclear reactor containing an enormous power . Within this, the mental and the material interfered with each other and intense collisions occurred at every operation . It was precise and harmonic . It was perfection .

Luo Nan was dumbstruck for a time . He only understood the level of Fairchild's power just now . Additionally, this power far exceeded what Luo Nan had seen in any other person .

If he had not seen this with his own eyes, he would have never imagined that an ordinary human could actually contain such an astonishing energy within their body .

In the end, the storm set off on the mental plane was only the overflowing radiating heat of this nuclear reactor .

Likewise, Fairchild's answer, if translated into words, would require 1000 sentences to be described thoroughly . The step he had taken now made things utterly clear .

The basis of these two's conversation was their confrontation on the mental plane . The dark chains and the mental storm . One attacked and one defended . They were striking each other at all times, probing each other .

Everything they did was just to reveal a bit of their conversation . Using words to repeat what they had said . Compared to their exchanges on the material plane, perhaps what occurred on the mental plane stuck closer to their real intentions .

Luo Nan was forced to admit that he was perfect for this type of communication . It was simple and direct . It saved many meaningless words . Moreover, he did not need to display a certain attitude . All of his intentions were displayed clearly within the mutual attacking and probing on the mental plane .

There was only one problem . This kind of communication method was very tiresome . Luo Nan's soul could bear it but this did not mean his body could .

As such, he tried to use words this time . First, he wanted to apologize for his mistake in judgment towards Fairchild's mental storm . "Apologies…however, I don't feel that my grandfather's theory is not systematic . The state that is manifested has its problems in only the method chosen . I am lacking in depth of understanding due to inexperience . "

Nothing else really mattered besides one point, and that was Fairchild's evaluation— he had called the Formatting Theory unsystematic . It made Luo Nan very discontent .

The format of ‘My heart's a prison’ was the result of systematic research . It was only that Luo Nan had chosen an unorthodox method…He had taken psychotropic drugs to gradually reconstruct the format of his nervous system in order to obtain his abilities in the end .

In this process, he had neglected the issue with his body . And also, he did not have a true understanding of the nature of the operational structure of energy and information during his previous five years .

He was convinced that if he had time, if he could start over, he would be able to harmonize his body and soul much better . At the very least, the unbalance he had currently would not have occurred .

While justifying himself, Luo Nan pointed to his own body and pointed to Fairchild's body with a gesture . He used clairvoyance to observe his own cranial nerves, spinal nerve structure, and nodes, which he had polished for a near week . If he had given these regions extra stimulation and tempering during these last five years, then perhaps the results would have been completely different .

"Damn, the hell is he doing?"

"Is this an apology or is this an explanation?"

"What is his grandfather's theory? Does anyone know?"

Within the encrypted channel, the group of zealous people were all looking stupefied . Luo Nan's disconnected phrases and gestures were bizarre no matter who looked at them . He was incomprehensible .

They all speculated, but if they were the ones up there, they would certainly have dropped the ball . But in Luo Nan's case, it seemed that Fairchild had yet to make a move… Not only did he not make a move, his dark gray eyes were cast upon Luo Nan's body in seemingly utter concentration .

The heck was this? Communication between a nut job and a mad believer?

Huh, they were surprisingly in tune with each other!